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Evangeline is here!

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Evangeline Pacific arrived Saturday, December 22 after a fast and intense labor at home! My water broke at 1:30am and baby was here at 10:14am. My birth was unbelievable, with fantastic midwives and my whole family there...more than I could've ever wished for!

She is 7lbs 2oz and 21" long, with lots of black hair and blue eyes. We are in love!

I'll post my entire birth story and pictures as soon as I can!
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YAY! Congrats!!!!
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Congratulations, and welcome Evangeline!!
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Yay, mama! Congratulations!
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Not in your DDC, but I saw this in new posts... how lovely! My mother's name was Evangeline, and she also had dark, almost black hair and blue eyes... I am so happy to think of another lovely Evangeline in the world.

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Congratulations and welcome baby Evangeline. Another birthday buddy for Riley!

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Congrats to your family
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Congratulations on a wonderful homebirth! I'm half Cajun and I loooove the name Evangeline.
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Not from your thread but congratulations... LOVE the name My daughter's name is also Evangeline and we call her "Evie" for short. Funny, she too had tons of dark hair but her eyes are brown!
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Welcome little Evangeline. Can't wait to see some pics
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Congrats mama!

I was just looking up my birth story, it's a bit uncanny, but same first name, same thread name...kinda strange. Love your little girl's name though!

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