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Anyone want a challenge??

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Being today is Dec 26th we have 5 days left til the New Year. Does anyone want to do a mini decluttering challenge?? Each day until New Year we do a different room. We work for only 30 minutes per room. Or you can work on one room everyday for 30 minutes if you have one that needs serious help. Whaddya think??
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Do we choose the room? Or will there be a specific room each day?

Either way, count me in!
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I'm in! We start tomorrow?
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I'm in. We're going through the kids toys and clothes again. Get rid of things that are outgrown, and cycle the new things in.
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I'm good for it...

I suppose I'll start on the kitchen tomorrow!
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Great we have a GROUP...fun, fun...ok tomorrow we start...you pick your room. Tell us your goals...do you have a desk that needs serious help?..do you have a pantry from heck?...does your dresser explode when you open a drawer?

I am a little ahead because I pulled two garbage bags of clothes outta my closet earlier this week. So my clothes are OK.

I have a storage room that needs a total makeover. It will take at least 1-2hours so I might only get that completed. It contains canning jars/lids/rings, art supplies, board games, seasonal decor, some tools, WAY TO MUCH.

I just went thru the books.

I just helped the kids with their rooms.

OK for me I am doing a one room 30 minutes per day challenge of my storage room.

Here it goes....my goal is to reduce it by 50%. That will be HUGE but needed.
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Yes, I'm in! My first day will be my entryway. It is right now cluttered with all the holiday presents we received over the last few days. I have to sort out the gifts (donate, trash, exchange, return) and find homes for things we'll keep. I'm also keeping with the "one thing in, one thing out" rule with these new items.
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My Room/Area for Today: Desk

All of our paperwork is piling up again on my desk since we were busy with other stuff this week. So, my goal is to file all the necessary papers and recycle the rest!!!

(MUCH easier said than done; I always get sidetracked!)

Is it cheating if we spend more than 30 minutes?
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My spot is the "study area". Theoretically, it's a place for my children to do their homework, but in reality, it's a clutter hotspot.

My plan of attack:

*clear off all flat surfaces

*move deep freeze into the kitchen

*move "game trunk" closer to the table where we play games

*declutter all school supplies, reference books, et cetera, and put into designated storage spots

*relocate my daughter's art table into the study area (where it is now, she has no direct light)

*make a list of items needed to bring the area up to its full potential
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I'm in.

My participation may be a bit spotty, but that is better than nothing.

Today I will work in the guestroom. I have a drawer full of clothes I don't wear, there are books piled up by one wall and some can go, a closet that can be gone through again, because there are things in there I'd love to let go of, but feel guilty for sending them out of my house!

Tomorrow I will have to figure out where to go declutter next.
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Originally Posted by anthasam View Post
All of our paperwork is piling up again on my desk since we were busy with other stuff this week. So, my goal is to file all the necessary papers and recycle the rest!!!

(MUCH easier said than done; I always get sidetracked!)

Is it cheating if we spend more than 30 minutes?

Well, 30 minutes later and it's not done. It's better, but I'm going to keep at it. Go ahead, call me a cheater
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Yep, count me in! I got my tax return done and made jam last night - so that is two bit jobs out of the way that I've been sitting on and supposedly stopping me from getting into other tasks - no more excuses lol!
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I got my bathroom vanity done!! I found the shower head that I thought we left behind when we moved in August LOL!!! I started the MB closet as I decided rather than 30 minutes a room I would do 30 minutes a day in the MB or bathroom.
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I'm done! That felt good!

Ds#2 is in there sorting his books now. Pitch or keep, and they will have to go in HIS room or on the downstair bookshelf.

Woo hoo!

Oh, and I had extra time, so I sorted through part of the hall coat closet. I'll finish it tomorrow!
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my room today is the bedroom! it looks like a bomb went off in there, but it's the LEAST cluttered room of the house. I've been doing laundry for days. I have to fold sheets, and do two or three more loads of laundry and I'm caught up! I need to vacuum, dust, and change the sheets. Then go through the closet/chest of drawers and cull old clothes
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I'm in! Except I'm nesting and in crisis mode in several of these places so I'm gonna break the 30 minute rule some days and just concentrate on not overdoing it (forced breaks, etc).

Yesterday (I started yesterday, but this thread will help keep me accountable & keep me going!):

Our bedroom:
-cleaned out closet
-sorted laundry
-got rid of 4 bags and 1 box... gone and at the Thrift already! Woohoo! (I love my dh

The basement movie space!!!!

-clean up the laundry pile
-get rid of the baby clothes & my clothes that are not worth keeping.
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OK did something kinda odd to declutter. I bought something. lol. We had a kitchenaid blender (aka piece of crap), a large food processor and a small chopper. I am getting rid of all three pieces and bought a combo food processor/blender. You change the top piece depending on what job you are doing. Its by Cuisinart. LOVE IT. So out goes three for the one I brought in YEAH. Now I seriously need to work on my storage room. I also cleaned off my kitchen counter area. Yesterday I did some organizing in the pantry with all the dry foods and canned goods. So I have already exceeded my 30minutes. What a leader, lol. Tomorrow the storage area. I may start with the "manual box" and get rid of any manuals that we don't have the machine anymore.

Let's power on ladies!!!!!!!!!!
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I've managed to be productive today so far (it's 2pm in NZ). The kids have been entertaind with their Christmas gifts with me just helping out of making playdough, lego construction, setting up painting and feeding occasionally to keep things running smoothly...lol. I figure I need to do a catch up with being a calendar day ahead of y'all.

So far I've done the...

Kitchen (not including pantry or fridge though)
My bedroom dresser top
DD's wardrobe which has baby things that need getting rid of - strap on highchairs, potty, toilet insert, monitor etc.

Things are usually pretty decluttered anyway, but it's been a year since I did my last big one so it was really just a general sort through, no major decisions. No deep cleaning has been done though, just clutter.
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tomorrow's goals

Yey, just what I need to get motivated. I will start on this tomorrow. My goal for tomorrow is to get the living room clean--sweep, mop, vacuum, and take down the christmas decorations. It's actually the cleanest room since we don't spend much time in there, so 30 mins should be just enough time.
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Done for today! Well, mostly done.

I did the master bedroom. There is a small stack of theology books I need to box up and put away in the basement. Yeah, THAT basement.

So, oh well.

This is how it goes sometimes.
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