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Castor oil

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Hello. I am a week over due and am curious about castor oil inductions. Is there a certain amount needed to be ingested? Do you combine it with herbs?
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I think the suggested dose is 2 oz. But I don't recommend it at all, I had a very bad reaction.
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Castor oil works by cleaning out the system. It generally causes the mom to have diarrhea (sometimes vomiting, too) and crosses the placental barrier, so that it may affect the baby that way also. From my research (and I went 3 weeks past my EDD, so I did a LOT), it often leads to a distressed mother and distressed baby (think: meconium in the water, leading to an interventionist birth, etc).
Be very, very cautious about going that route.
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GAHHH...I tried castor oil. I had had violent diarrea, horid constant vomiting and no baby. yuck yuck yuck.
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Thats horrible... think about this, do you really want to begin labour with severe diaherrea and cramping? A week overdue isn't really overdue... normal pregnancies go from 37 to 42 weeks, anything less could be considered early and anything over could be considered late... but everything within those ranges shouldn't be considered anything other than normal!

Be patient *wink* and enjoy a nice relaxing belly massage, hot shower and maybe some sex if you're in the mood! Forget about the baby and he/she will come when they are ready!
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I have never gone over before and am beginning to worry something is wrong. I am tempted to just go to the hospital b/c I am freaking.

So I thought I'd try something to get it going. But I do not want to start out with diarrhea and cramping or vomitting. Not a fun labor.

I'll give it til monday. According to the ultrasound I was due on the 12th-14th. According to my cycle I was due on the 8th. Maybe he doesn't want to be a Leo. Doesn't Virgo start on Sat the 23rd?

I'll wait it out.
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Ack! Worry is your first enemy. Your second would be castor oil. Blech! It sounds like you've gotten some great input so far. I know it must be hard to wait since you've never been *this* pregnant before.

All the best,

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Ok, this is a little graphic and theoretical:

There are many ways to help labour start naturally, but there is no reason to worry, babies come when they are ready. Mine was 3 weeks "over due," waiting is hard on mama, but perfect for baby!

I tried sex (which is proven to work,) but as far as I know that didn't start my labour.
There are three reason that making love will start labour (I think.)
* One is just simply relaxing your body can get it going.
* Another is that your orgasim causes the uterous to contract.
* Another is that there is a certain substince in semen that couses the uterous to contract and (I believe the same substince causes) the cervix to open. This substince is given to women in hospital, however it is taken from pig semen!
This substince is proven to work ten times better when taken orally. So, you can always try that.

I have not tried this, so I don't know first hand.

Ok, I may have some of these facts a little off (so someone could straiten me out,) but that's it for the most part. -Sorry if I grossed anyone out, this subject usually does. :
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Please avoid castor oil. I too had a HORRIBLE experience with it. I'm convinced that it began a downward spiral into what eventually ended up as a c. birth 4 days later. severe meconium staining, NICU and an 11 day hospital stay (very bad uterine infection from the meconium).
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I don't think it's made from pig semen anymore -- now it's synthetic. Still, what is more pleasurable, having a nice intimate time with your husband or lying in a cold sterile room with a doctor peering at and applying cold gel to your yoni. Hm. No contest for me!

But I have to mention again, it is true that orgasm stimulates the uterus into action so the stronger the orgasm, the more that is so. So do what you have to do to have your strongest orgasm! (For many women that's not necessarily PIV sex.)
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They don't use pig semen anymore? That's good to hear! I swear I just read somewhere that they were still using it, but that might have been outdated.
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I did the castor oil. It worked like a charm.

I had no cramping. I did poo ALOT. But only for about an hour. my midwife had a remedy on how to do the castor oil combined with black and blue cohosh and caulafylum/cimicifuga homeopathic tablets.

I took it it 9 and 10am. Started labor at 3pm and had him at 5:48pm. He was 9 lbs and 21 inches long. No meconium. No tears.

Great labor. I was told it will not pass the placenta as it is not a drug induced bm. But rather caused by an "oil slick".

I was really ripe so I'm sure that helped.

Thanks for all the advice. But it worked really great for me.

I also once a week had accupuncture to prepare my uterus and took evening primrose oil for a few weeks.
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One more thing. I had an orgasm every hour for 3 hours in the morning also. It helped I'm sure. Fun too!
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Get your self a nice basket of soft ripe peaches and munch away.
I read that castor oil stimulates labour by stimulating your bowels, but I had never heard/read anything good about it. So I thought perhaps Id eat peaches instead. IT could have been the peaches, or perhaps my baby and body were ready, but contractions started that night.
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Not to be woowoo, noodle4u, but you know, it could have just been your mind. Probably a combination of it all. I never heard peaches before....
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I know this is a little dated now but I just wanted to add my plug (mucus plug hahahahah) for castor oil. I used it at 10 days overdue at 4:00 pm. Had a little diarhea for 30 min at 6:30. Labor started at 8:30, dd was born at 12:57am. She did have a little meconium in the amniotic fluid which I assumed was from the castor oil but everything went great otherwise.
Also tried sex that morning and evening primrose oil but I'm sure it was the castor oil that got things moving. I took it in orange juice and didn't taste a thing.
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I know of a woman who had a terrible time with castor oil. It was difficult for her to get it down, difficult to keep it down, and by the time labor began she was physically exhausted, dehydrated, emotionally exhausted from the fear it wouldn't work, and a planned homebirth ended up a cesarean with NICU madness as well. Of course it is hard to know how labor would have gone otherwise, and the outcome might have been the same. What's really disturbing is women have to race against the calendar to avoid medical induction, when we supposedly have all this technology to test the babe and make sure all is well. Bah.

I do know some midwives who swear by castor oil. There are lots of recipes, including orange juice and vodka, godiva chocolate ice cream, etc.
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Hi momto3boys...hope this post isn't too late, maybe you're in labor already

Just wanted to let you know you're not alone, I was 'due' 8 days ago, and trust me, I've been counting those days and considering castor oil. Then I gave it a second thought and you know, considering how all women's cycles are different, I looked it up, my due date could have just been last Tues. for all I know. I think I'll wait until I'm 42+ weeks to even try castor oil.

Give us an update to see how things are going for you.
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Originally posted by lunar forest
Not to be woowoo, noodle4u, but you know, it could have just been your mind. Probably a combination of it all. I never heard peaches before....
So because you've never heard it means it doesnt exist?
There was not a combination of 'it all' , although I had also started pulsatilla as well.
I was just trying to be helpful, whats your excuse?:
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Oh, noodle4u, you're misunderstanding me!
I certainly do not think that because I haven't heard of something that it doesn't exist! I just meant, I simply haven't heard of peaches for starting labour - so it was interesting to me. I did not mean at all that it didn't work!
I meant that because your mind was ready to give birth, you did. That your mind power could have caused you to start labour, but that most likely it was a combination of all of these things - everything you did to prepare yourself mentally and physically (i.e. peaches etc.,) that started your labour.
I was trying to be encouraging, not argumentative!
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