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toothache help - 38 weeks!

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ive been so healthy this whole pregnancy then 2 weeks ago i came down with a bad cold..sore throat, cough so bad i was throwing up, runny nose then sinus stuffiness. it mostly waned after a week and a half or so but then i came for x-mas to my family home where other stuff was going around, now have a new sore throat, ive felt queezy and internal organ aches for 2 nights (i feel better today) and now i have a massive tooth ache in a tooth that i know needs work but has never bothered me before (its a root canal that didnt work, i have an abcess in my gum above it)

i called my midwife, and ive been checking in and seeing her about my other symptoms. i asked her if i should get antibiotics (i really dont want to) and she suggested trying some other things first. i did a hot compress and totally burned my gums , then i rinsed with hydrogen peroxide which helps momentarily, she suggested sweedish bitters which im going to go get today..but im just wondering if i should go the conventional route this time.. she didnt say not to, i just worry about thrush and all of that knowing that i could go into labour anytime (hoping baby will wait till im 100% better though)

so, any words of support, advice would be great. im just feeling so run down and over emotional already and having this sore mouth on top of it isn't helping at all.
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go see a dentist. it's not worth being in tooth pain when you're due any day!
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good luck getting a dentist to see you...last week I had a dental emergency and spent 3 days finding a dentist who would help me at 35wks. Finally found a kindhearted soul at the health dept. who just needed a letter from my midwife with the meds I could/couldn't have.
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seriously? I've had no problems getting in to a dentist in PG! They were more than happy to see me since they said infection could cause problems with the pregnancy. weird!
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you should just get the tooth pulled, w/ local anesthetic.

are you taking calcium/mag. supplements? You need stuff to strengthen your bones.
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