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Help. My dd is six months old and is having a bout of constipation. I started her on a bit of solids starting about a week ago but she really wasn't ready so I tried a couple of different things just to see and then stopped. Starting last Thursday she cried while she was pooping. She pooped Thursday and Saturday. Yesterday was the first day she showed signs of really being in pain--arching her back, turning bright red and crying.

I called her ped and the nurse said that their suggestion is four ounces of water mixed with sweetners. I don't want to give her a bottle of sugar water--it just doesn't seem right. The only liquid she has ever had (in a bottle or otherwise) is bm. Instead I gave her a little bit of prune juice last night and this morning with a syringe. Plus rubbing her tummy and massaging her rectum with a warm wash cloth.

This morning she pooped a little bit and it seemed to make her really happy for most of the day. Until about 3 when she started screaming and crying again. It is so sad. She is very tired and wants to sleep but the pain keeps waking her.

Any suggestions about how I can help her along? Thanks!