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Holy crap batman...I know why I am sick ladies - Page 2

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That is wild!! Congratulations and blessings to baby C. You can do it
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Wow - congratulations!
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WOW that is a shocker!!! Congrats!!! Just curious...were you using any fertility drugs? Dehydration...yuck...I hope you feel better soon
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Wow! Congratulations!
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wow congrats on the twins and sorry for ur loss of baby c

i was woundering do twins run in ur family

iam sooooo hoping for twins
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Congrats!!! That is awesome. I am sorry about baby C and lots of good vibes that he/she pulls through.
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You gave me chills! Wow! How crazy and exciting!

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Congratulations! I have 2 year old twins so of course I am wondering how many babies I am carrying this time. I will find out soon enough, though. I am so sorry for the loss of baby C, but it sounds like you are ok with it. Come over to the multiples forum, the mamas there are awesome!
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Another mom of multiples here to offer support!
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Mama I am sorry about the dehydration, but congratulations on your twins - praying for baby C, too.
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Wow! That's awesome, Mama.
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I was not using any fertility drugs. The fact that it took me three months to get pregnant was crazy to me. I am usually a fertile mertle (usually!!)...and I thought something was wrong. I guess I got pregnant one for every month I tried.

I was up all night last night thinking about the babies. I hope that the two stay put and continue to grow. I am sad about my third baby, because although I know that I wasn't my fault anyhow, I feel like I willed him away with how sick I have been. I asked the baby to leave. And I think he listened. (I didn't know he was the third)It is so bittersweet. I have never asked a baby to leave. I have said I want to die, I can't do this, kill me now, take me to the hospital, never again...stuff like that, but never ever ever ever asked a baby to leave. It makes sense now that it was a third baby, not an only. I still wish I could know him. I didn't think I would be sad, but I really am.

On the one hand, I have a 3,5 and 7 year old. I homeschool, I doula, I am apprenticing to be a midwife (something that will be put on hold a lot longer then I had thought, which is sad) and I am struggling with this sickness. The thought of having THREE newborns, probably preterm babies would honestly be too much for most people to handle, and I am really okay with and still overwhelmed with the thought of two. But with two, at least I can breastfeed and babywear and cloth diaper and all of that stuff. We won't have to get a different car, things like that. We won't have to move. Our house is small, and we will have to shove a king size bed somewhere, because I think 2 babies and 3 kids and 2 adults need something bigger then a queen. Anyway, I am joyous and scared and everything you can and can't imagine.

I hope for a healthy pregnancy and two full term homebirthed babies.
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Yay for twins!

Sorry about baby C. I don't think you wished him/her away at all.
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congrats mama! on baby c
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Congratulations on the twins... for the third baby.

Don't blame yourself; you did nothing to wish the baby away...in the sickest moments, I'm sure we've all said/thought things we wish we could take back.
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