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No more IUGR!!!!

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We had our weekly u/s yesterday and baby has gained 20oz in 7 days!!!!! Now weighing in at 6lb15oz at 39 wks (yesterday). Measuring right on and I'm 1cm dilated, 30%effaced and have had some show today so I am extremely excited. I can't believe the growth rate! The MW was so impressed and told me to keep eating the way I have this past week (2 eggs for breakfast, 2 chicken cutlets a day and a pint of butter pecan ice cream with extra nuts during the week in addition to what I was eating to begin with). So, that's my current mission Then she joked at this rate if I go 2 more weeks the baby will be almost 10 pounds! Imagine that after all these weeks of worrying my baby would be mini!
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I am very happy for you! That is great news! I guess increasing what you are eating is really working and helping your baby to grow, grow, grow!
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Way to go Mama! Keep it up :
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oooh another one RX'd to eat ICE CREAM!!

where's the :jealous smilie! hehe

glad baby is growing nicely!
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Great news!!!!
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Way to go - glad to hear baby's out of the woods!
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That's wonderful news!
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Good job!
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yay! way to eat! seriously, that must be a huge load off!
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Thanks ladies. I am continuing to enjoy my daily egg breakfast while I can! I am now feeling nesty so dh, dd & I are about to head out to get some supplies for baby/birth/life in general. Hope everyone is doing well!
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Great news!

Oh, how I *wish* my midwife would tell me to eat ice cream.
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Thats so great! I go in monday for a u/s to check for IUGR so I'm very happy to see your post!
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Great! What a relief.
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What wonderful news, congratulations!
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So glad to hear your baby's weight is up. Keep at it Mama!
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