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Democracy under attack in Texas

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Please read here for the full story...

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It's going on all over...

The recall in CA, the stolen election in FL (55,000 voters dropped off the rolls), Texas' Rep. Majority Whip DeLay trying to redistrict TX even though we were redistricted after the 2000 census and he won't wait until 2010 (trying to make Speaker), and they are trying some shenanigans in Ohio. Prince of Darkness Karl Rove is behind it too.

Talk about treason!
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I am only going to post once about this situation...have more important things to do...

What is so wrong about this is that the Democrats in New Mexico are not following the law. They were elected to vote on issues and in a democracy Majority rules, the side with the most votes wins. The democrats have drawn up the district lines in Texas for the past 150 years and now that they are losing power and are no longer in the majority they took their cookies and went to New Mexico. If they came back then a vote would be taken and they would lose (the Republicans have the votes to pass the bill). How dare a small group of democrats keep democracy from working as it should just because they lose some seats. There have been lots of bills that the Republicans in Texas did not like over the past 150 years but they did not run away from voting on them - they let democracy work even if they lost!

The Texas 11 should be in jail right now for failing to do their elected duty!

So sorry, you got it backwards OP! The Democrats are the ones that are attacking democracy by failing to let it work as it should. Take a civics lesson and see how are government was designed to function (I was a government/civics teacher by the way).
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Too bad, TexasSuz, that you persist in refusing to take part in a discussion re issues - if you post something such as what you did above, I would expect that you'd return to discuss it further, if there were any takers. This is not the first time this has happened.

I personally am grateful to Sen. Ellis and the other Democrats who left the state for having the courage and determination to put a halt to the highly unorthodox and repeated attempts by the Republicans (at the state level and as coordinated and directed by Rove and DeLay) to shove redistricting down the throats of Texans. Unusual tactics call for unusual responses.

Note that if the regular parliamentary procedures were used, the Dems would not have had to leave the state, but could've blocked the vote through other, more conventional, means. Moreover, please also note the astronomical waste of money that Gov. Perry is causing by calling special session after special session, at a time when our social services and have been decimated and our state workers stripped dry by budget cuts. As such, the repeated redistricting attempts are nothing short of outrageous, and the blame for the mess falls squarely in the hands of the Republicans.
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