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Dreams during pregnancy -- What's the message?

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Hi all! I always think that dreams are so interesting especially during pregnancy. What are some of the dreams you've had while pregnant that you felt were more than just nuerons firing? Any dreams come true?

Why do I ask -- of course because I had an intense dream of sorts. (This is modified from a post on I'm Pregnant -- March mamas)

The night before last I fell asleep listening to Jude's ocean sounds. I figured I'd practice some HypnoBirthing relaxation and tried to relax more each as each wave crashed. I asked myself to talk to the baby and get to know him or her better. So, as I'm listening to the waves, I found myself floating off and eventually, I was on a boat and was face to face with a little girl. I looked at her a long time and then asked her if she was my daughter. She looked a little puzzled and said, "You have to have him to have me." and pointed to a little boy at the other end of the boat. (I've been saying for the past month, "I'm very clear that I only want two children" so I was a little confused about why there were two children) I walked over to the boy and he talked to me for a while & then I told him I had to go. He said, "Wait!" and then he ran over to where the little girl was sitting. He sat down next to her and linked arms with her. And then they both looked up at me and smiled with a twinkle in their eyes. Then, I listened to the waves some more and with great effort brought myself back again. And said goodnight to Jude.

Hmmm? It was a very peaceful dream. I felt one with my experience. To add intrigue to it all -- the day after my dream I had an appointment with my midwife. She said that she has good reason to suspect that I may be carrying twins because of my bigger than expected measurements and my only testing with a faint positive at what would be 11 weeks into my pregnancy (even though I tested a few times before then). So I'm either due Jan 13, because I'm measuring 17 weeks now or I'm due at the end of March/early April because that's when my pregnancy test came back positive. How confusing!

It leaves me wondering -- What was the message from the dream???

What dreams have you had as of late?
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Well, I'm not pg but I often dream that I am, or that I'm giving birth!

When I was pg I often dreamed about giving birth to a girl. I did end up having a girl, but I was so sure it was going to be a boy because when we got the u/s (and asked not to be told the sex) I thought the face looked like a boy's face. I dreamed about giving birth in places like locker rooms, and that it was really uneventful and painless and after the birth I just tucked the baby in my handbag.

Now I dream about giving birth in bathtubs for some reason. ???
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I too have very intense and reaveling dreams, especially during preg.

W/baby one, I dreamed that baby Buddha told me that I would have a baby before the year was over. I also dreamed w/o exception, that our baby was a girl. And she was.

W/baby two, I dreamed that I was making an escape, and needed to get DD and "the baby". (!!) I woke up thinking, "what baby!??" While my dreams were mixed during this preg., when I went over the dreams, the ones I felt were specifically about *that* pregnancy, he was a boy. And he was.

W/this pregnancy, I dreamed again, that I was preg. before we tested. I think I just dreamed simply that I had a positive preg test. I have also had one dream in which I was told the baby was a boy. So we'll see how the dreams continue, but right now, I"m planning for boy. Which is a change for me, since I always thought that our next would be a girl!

What did your gut tell you about that dream of yours? I wonder if you are meant to have more than two??
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Greaseball -- that's so cool. Ah, to give birth in a gym and carry the babe home in your handbag! Ha! Now a bathtub -- that may be more attainable! From a kid on, I've had this reocurring dream that I find a baby and instantly put it to my breast to feed it. Sometimes I feel like I've been nursing since I was 10!

Indigo -- Now you rule. Really you do! A friend of mine experienced the same thing. For her second child she dreamt it was a girl with dark hair that would come after a short labor and without pushing. That's what she ended up with! Nice! I love that you know before you test. That's really in tune!

So, what did my gut tell me? Well, when I was there, I felt like everything was right, there was no loss, everything in it's place. I've been thinking a lot about this child since it will be our last planned babe. I have a son and always thought I'd have only boys. When I saw the girl and looked at her, it was like I experienced having a daughter for a moment. When she pointed me to the boy, I didn't feel a sense of loss that I was not going to have a daughter, because I knew somehow, I was going to have this little girl in my life, too. I just wasn't sure how or when. As I talked to the boy, I fell in love with him. He's just the brother I always wanted Jude to have. I think he will definately round out our family. After meeting the boy, I thought the point of the dream was to say, not having a daughter doesn't mean that you can't experience it sometime in your life. And, having two sons will be wonderful. Then, when he went and linked arms with the little girl, I had a momment where I thought, "It looks like they'll come here together. I don't have to wait for either of them!" It was such a blissful idea to me, I didn't want to come back, but I knew I had to. I want both of them in my life. I really would love to have two boys.

I think it would be a lot of fun and easier on everyone. But, not experiencing what it's like to have a daughter has been eating at my mind. I think that's what this dream was about. That by having two sons, I will have all the blessings I ever wanted.

But, the linking arm thing. Hmmm? I really saw that they were together.
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Wow Sparklin! I wonder if you're carrying twins. When do you find out? That would be amazing...
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Sparklin I wonder if she's your son's future partner? As my inlaws would tell you, you don't have to give birth to a daughter to get one.

I'm not having that many "pregnancy" dreams with my pregnancy, sadly. My dreams mostly seem to be anxiety dreams about lifestyle change. For example I dreamed that I was iwth my 2 best friends (and my only close friends to still be childless), and we were trying to get out of a city. I went ahead to get my car, but then suddenly discovered that I was in a wheelchair and no longer able to get to the road they were walking on. I had to go several blocks by myself, before I could meet them at the corner. It was an upsetting dream but I still woke up laughing because my subconcious mind is so blatant!!!

I've had 2 dreams about this baby. The 1st was very vague, I was just aware that I had a little girl. She was about 4 years old and blond. I've dreamed this little girl since I was 15 or so, though, so I don't know for sure that the dream was about THIS baby, you know?

The 2nd dream, I was looking across at myself and realized I could see right through my belly, where the baby was sitting cross-legged like a little yogi. After I woke up it freaked me a little becuase for a while I thought the baby was breech, but s/he's not, s/he's head down & well into my pelvis so unlikely to turn over at this point! (I'm nearly 35 weeks) but now I'm thinking the baby was telling me that s/he's confident and serene. Me too.
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Robinna -- your little yogi dream sounds great! What a neat one! Yeah, I thought about whether or not the little girl was someone we'd meet later down the line -- like his partner or his daughter. Who knows!

Mamaley -- you asked when I'd find out. We have another midwife appointment next month and after that (DH and I have gone around and around with this idea) we will schedule an US. So the end of Sept sounds like we'll know for sure. But, I'd think my midwife would have some idea, too.

At the moment I find myself not thinking of twins or one so much but more -- when is morning sickness going to be gone!?!?! I mean, it's not aweful, I'm just so tired of feeling sick. If I am actually 17 weeks, wouldn't I be feeling good by now? I was feeling 1000% better at 17 when I was carrying Jude. Of course at 9 weeks carrying Jude I felt 1000% worse. So who knows. I'm just feeling down. I want to eat again. I've lost 7 pounds so far. Yuck!
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Sparklin--my friend with twins said that she had horrible morning sickness longer than most women have! Hmmmm....
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Oh Claire I hope you feel better soon! I had a nasty month in my 1st trim... not SOOO bad as I hear from other people, jsut 24 hour nausea for weeks. I was so frustrated by the time it let up, I was more upset than nauseated... feeling sick is the worst!

but maybe it IS a twin thing... double dose of hormones after all, eh?
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Oh, Robinna, thank you so much for the well wishing. I hope I feel better soon, too!

Yeah, morning sickness just isn't fun. I know it could be a lot worse and I'm very thankful it's not worse, but I'm just so tired of being sick. I find myself getting depressed by it all and that's a bad combination. Green gills and blue heart I'm trying to monitor my attitude, since I can have a say about that. My DH has been so nice, he has the routine down now, "I'm going to make lunch. What smell is not going to make you sick?" And, he's so good he's learned to not mention food at all. And, he's gotten good at making angel hair noodles plain with chunks of plain tofu on the side.

Mamaley, maybe you're onto something! That could explain this all away.

Sorry all, here this dream thread has turned into Claire Sparklin Support thread. (And, Thank you!) Anyone else want to share a good pregnancy dream?
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When I was pregnant with twins I had a dream where I couldn't see the outcome of the second one. The baby needed assistance in breathing but then the dream ended.

Well, I told my mw and asked her to be prepared for a situation where both would need assistance.

My first came out with minor breathing issues and the second one didn't breath for a very long time. I wasn;t sure if he was going to live. My MW handled it well and he did live, and with no longterm ramifications.

I had more dreams that all in some way or another either expressed what was going to happen OR what I WAS FEARING.

I used my dreams to gauge my prayers about the birth.

God is good.
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Hotmamacita, that is amazing!

Anyone else want to share a good pregnancy dream?
Not really a good dream, but in almost all my dreams about the baby I haven't been able to breastfeed. Actually, I will be dreaming about the baby, and then suddenly in the dream I will ask dh "did you feed her? she never cries for food and i haven't fed her" and he says "no, you're supposed to breastfeed her" and then I realize that she's a few days old and has never been at my breast! I wake up feeling nervous.

I had a dream at around 30 weeks that I gave birth prematurely to 4 babies that were the size of mice, and I lost them all--as in I misplaced them. They were sent to me in the mail in yellow envelopes.
Weird thing though is that I was put on modified bedrest 2 weeks later for signs of preterm labor.
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Drats double posted again! I need to stop this!
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Wow, Hotmamacita -- that's awesome that your dream prepared you for breathing complications and you could alert your midwife. You're in my book of cool people for sure!

It is wild the weird dreams we sometimes have in pregnancy. My dreams always seem so much more vivid.

Mamely -- during my first pregnancy I had both the "Forgot to feed him" and "I lost him" dreams. I think yours being returned in yellow envelopes is pretty wild! Interesting how your preterm labor started after your warning dream. There definatly are messages in some dreams. Others seem to be our minds blowing off steam.
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I loooooooove pregnancy dreams. They are so vivid. During my first pregnancy, I had really good sex dreams at least twice a week. I had more sex dreams during that pregnancy than during the entire rest of my life. I had a bizarre dream that a woman gave birth to a baby doll and then vanished. The doll's head fell off and I was running around trying to find this woman while trying to put her baby doll's head back on. Then there was the dream that my daughter was a boy. So much for dreams fortelling the future.
Last night (second pregnancy, 8+ mos.), I dreamed that I was an astronaut. There were seven astronauts going up in a space shuttle, and one couldn't go at the last minute, and I was the replacement. I was trying to figure out what to pack: hair brush, tooth brush, something to read. During the dream, I remembered the Challenger and Columbia disasters. The Challenger exploded on my 15th birthday. I was very nervous about something terrible like that happening, but I still wanted to go fly in space. Life is nothing without risks. Later in the morning, I remembered that the boy's name we chose is Ilan, after the Israeli astronaut aboard Columbia, and the girl's name we chose is Moya, which is the name of a space ship (a living space ship) on the SciFi channel show Farscape.
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The only time I have baby dreams is when I am pregnant, which really should have tipped me off as to why I had been so sick and tired last month (duh).
With Dd, I dreamed of an infant with lots of dark hair. I also had dreams of an older child with blond curls and blue eyes. Well, thats exactly who arrived, she had a full head of black hair when she was born. Then it all fell out and she now has a head of long blond curls. I was adamant that I was having a girl and everyone made fun of me and said I was surely going to have a boy and be really surprised. I say, don't mess with mama intuition!
This time I had a dream that I was in a really beautiful bathroom (definately not the place we live in now!) and I looked in the mirror. I was wearing this white nightgown with ruffle sleeves, I was really radiant (not to sound vain), and I was holding a beautiful blond infant in my arms. I turned around and there was a tub and I thought, oh, thats where this baby was born. Then all of a sudden I looked in the mirror and screamed. I woke up feeling really awful about the scream, not sure why I did it in the dream.
I have also had REALLY disturbing dreams latley, like ones where something terrible is happening to Dd and I am unable to help her. Ugh, I hate those dreams!
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The Dreamer

I had to laugh when I saw this thread cause my husband calls me "The Dreamer". I've had a BUNCH, and they are all so vivid. Up till week 39, all of the babies in my dreams were girls with soft wispy brown hair and big blue eyes, and she was always Maya Jean (the name we picked for a girl). Most of my dreams had to do with breastfeeding, and as this is something I'm quite anxious about, that makes sense. I had a dream about going shopping with a friend, and driving away from the store, forgetting the baby there. Lots of just simple baby girl dreams, where I had this absolutely adorable baby girl and was intensely in love with her.

Then last week (at 39 weeks) I had my strangest dream. I dreamt that when I looked down at my belly, it was translucent, and I could see the baby inside. The face was all sort of squished like when you press your face up against glass, and I could see that it was definitely a boy (first time in all my dreams). I was standing in the kitchen, and a friend of mine reached over and sliced open my side (painlessly of course! LOL), and the baby slid out and all of a sudden I was holding the most incredible baby in my arms, but it was still attached to me by the umbilical cord. I started talking to the baby, asking what I should do now, since I wasn't due for another week, and the baby kept asking to go back in. I decided there was no way I was going to be pregnant for another week, and we were arguing about what to do. Then I woke up. LOL

Well, anyways, I've been in light labor since Thursday, Aug 28th, and lost my mucus plug two nights ago, I'm due on Saturday, and so I guess I'll be meeting my baby for reals sometime really soon. I am very excited, and my gut feeling says it's a girl, but at the same time, having a boy wouldn't surprise me either...
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I always had dreams during pregnancy...none of them came true.

I would dream of having a girl, and I had boys.

I would dream of having a boy and I had a girl.

I did dream of having a labor so easy that I reached for the phone to call the midwife, and had to reach for the baby instead. This never happened. I had four labors, three of them posterior, and one of the posterior ones with a deflexed head.


HOwever the dreams did express some of my desires and gave me confidence and relieved some anxiety by actually living the experience subconsciously perhaps.
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Organique Gal -- maybe you should change your name here to The Dreamer! That's so neat. What a wild dream about seeing through your belly & arguing about whethere or not the babe should go back in. That's great! Yes, so do you trust your gut or your last dream about the sex of the baby. Hmmm? Best wishes! Sounds like you'll find out soon...well, within a week maybe?

applejuice -- So much for mother's intuition! I'm hoping your future births will have a perfectly positioned babe awaiting you.

So, as far as my original dream that made me post this thread, I'm thinking that the little girl is someone that the child I'm carrying will bring into our lives. Right now I am convinced 100% that it's a boy...just one. I just have this strong feeling.
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Befor i ever had children I started having dreams that I would give birth to a very small baby girl who would not nurse and then would die from starvation. In one of the dreams the nurse rubed cream on breast to tempt her to nurse and thensaid "I don't know why she is rejecting you like this. She thinks you aren't a very good mother".

My first child was born very small and skinny 6 week premature. She absolutely refused tonurse and at onme point this awful nures squirted formula on my breast to tempt her to nurse (have they ever tasted that stuff?) After she refused that "tempting" the nurse said "I don't know why she is rejecting you like this." Totaly freaked me out.

I didn't have any dreams such as that with my second baby.

With my third pregnancy I dreamed I was at the Dr. office for some reason. I went to get a drink and my water broke. i didn't relize my water had broken because I thought the water fountain just got mewet but then there on the floor was this little baby. I scooped it up and said "hello Ava" and then upon closer inspection I said Hello little boy :LOL Anyway I just happened to have a blue sleeper in my pocket and got him dressed. everyone in the Dr.s office was laughing and celebrating and just couldn't believe I had just had a baby at the office and a boy at that.

In real life I went in for a prenatal, my water broke at the office and I had Ava 3 minutes later completely unable to believe that had just happened. As we were leaving for the hospital everyone was cheering and celebrating unable ot believe that we had just had a baby. When I had the dream I was so focused on it meaning I was having a boy that I didn't realize the whole Dr. office thing 8until several months later. I am still totlaly amazed.
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