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Another New Semester Thread

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I am so looking forward to getting back to school, especially in light of my job situation (hopefully I can get WIA and they will pay all tuition and book fees- if funds are available) and I can use all other scholarships and grants for living expenses, READ: gas for car and utilities).

I have about four more semesters before graduation and that includes students teaching. I am just beyond excited.

What are you all taking for Spring of '08?

I'm taking classes on Tues and Thurs only this semester, on campus- though one class is a hybrid.

EED 384 Reading and Literature for Adolescents
ENG 368 Contemporary Poetry
ENG 402 Literary Criticism
ENG 371 English Grammar

After this I have I think 5 more classes (but can only do student teaching in the Spring because my advisor is "too busy" to observe any other time of the year).
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A friend who attends the same university called with a question regarding purchasing books online. I have never done this before, but said I would get online and take a look at the process.

I loaded my shopping cart with the books I'll need for this coming semester (11 of them) and at the check out, selected "receiving financial aid" as my payment preferrence. I entered my social (she couldn't figure out what the banner was) and received a message saying my order was complete. WOW! Very cool. The unfortunate thing is that I selected (it was already selected) the 3-7 day shipping option, but after counting days until the semester's beginning wich I would have chosen the 2-3 day delivery. I emailed the bookstore and asked if they could change it (the staff packages and ships the books directly from the post office on campus).

I know we won't use the texts for the first couple of days, but I like looking through them just to get familiarized with the readings.

Anyone else bought books yet, or done this online?
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Next semester I am taking:

• Local Government Law
• Negotiation Workshop
• International Organizations (trip to Europe during spring break!)
• Advanced Legal Writing
• Advanced Legal Research
• I'm also a sort of TA (for 1st year Civil Procedure) and on law review (blech -- it's one of these things you're "supposed" to do).

Three semesters, including this one, and I'll be done.

The schedule has me there 5 days a week most weeks, but I don't have any weird marathons or days when I have class at 8 am then nothing until 5 pm. Plus I'll only have one final exam (this last semester I had *four*--one each day for for days--and it was awful).

As for books: I usually just go to the bookstore to get the books, because I am super-picky about used books (pen markings = OK; anything more than the occasional highlighter = no). But I put it off too long to, say, get the used books I can then order the new ones I have to online at a discount (new law books generally aren't discounted more than a few dollars online anyway).

Good luck to everyone!
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I'm taking:
SW Methods IV
Social Work Research
Field and Practicum (6 sh)
Philosophy of Law
Ind Study II (Mentoring paper)

If I am allowed to finish my term, I will graduate in May. We'll see, there is a lot of extra turmoil in my life right now.
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I ordered all of my books online but only a few from the bookstores. I'm actually taking classes from three schools. Our state's public universities have a system where a student at one can take distance courses from the others and it's all ran through your home university - it's actually quite nice. I'm also taking a couple of courses at a community college because the prices is about 50% what the university price is.

Right now I am still finishing up a course that was a late start Fall course - Introduction to Statistics (the Psychology course, not the business course). My final is 1/19.

I'm also taking a Winter Intersession course that ends on 1/11 - Developmental Psychology.

In the Spring I'm registered for:

Introduction to Buddhism - 3 hours
Speech & Language Anatomy & Physiology - 3 hours
Introduction to Phonetics - 3 hours
Research Methods + Lab - 4 hours
Anatomy & Physiology I + Lab - 4 hours

All of my courses are online. The Research Methods and A&PI course require me to go to a testing center for the midterm and final.
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Originally Posted by MamaChel View Post
If I am allowed to finish my term, I will graduate in May. We'll see, there is a lot of extra turmoil in my life right now.
Fingers crossed everything works out for you MamaChel!
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MamChel- you are so close- keeping my fingers crossed for you and hoping all turmoil disappates quickly and effortlessly.

MyTwo- the friend I mentioned is taking her courses at two different schools and seems to be happy with it.

I do have a long break between classes on T and R. From 2-4 I think. BUT, I also have one class that requires classroom observations so I will use my break time to observe at a local high school- yeah me!
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Child Development
Feminist Counselling Practice
Human Sexualities
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We don't go back till the middle of january, so i haven't bought any books yet. I'm not picky at all, so i buy used on half.com or amazon typically. I'm only taking classes mon,wed, and fri in the mornings on campus. I'm taking
General Psychology
English 102
Personal Finance
College Algebra ( my third time in my life taking this...i am bound and determined to actuallly finish this class)

I'm super excited to start, i don't really like this break. I just want to go go go and finish. I've never signed up and went to my second semester so i'm anxious to get on with it. I feel too old to still be a freshman.
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I'm not very pick either, as long as all the pages are intact and readable

MyTwo- I am avaoiding the Phonetics course like the plague. It's only being taught by the same professor I took History of the English Language with and the entire semester was extremely painful. I don't want to relive that.

And Dev. Psy ws one of my absolutely favorite classes- that and Abnormal Psychology Of course I was self-diagnosing the entire semester

Has anyone read any one of these texts/books?




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Oh wow, I just read reviews for most of these and I CANT WAIT TO GET THEM!!!
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I am taking thesis hours and an advanced applied anthropology seminar... 6 hours... and I will be done with my M.A. in May! And no books, as far as I know... I had a class with the applied anth professor last semester and he made a huge stack of copies for each of us, all on his dime... and that was a class of 18 or so. This is a class of two, so far, and I assume he'll just be making us copies, which is really nice of him.

He's a tough professor, very picky and gruff, and a lot of people don't like him, but I do... I want to be held to high standards, you know?

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I'm taking:

Advanced Polish
Intro Bulgarian
Indo-European Comparative linguistics

I'm teaching:

second semester Russian
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I am continuing the class I took first quarter. It is called Growing Up American and this quarter we get into contemporary issues. At the end of the quarter, we will each give a presentation on a topic of our choice in a public symposium.
Event hough it is only one class, it is interdisciplinary and worth 16 credits. I am also taking American Sign Language in the evening.
I just ordered my books off bigwords.com. OUr school doesn't usually use text books so each book is a lot cheaper, but we have about ten of them per quarter and then each one has separate shipping. I hate that!
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Fun to see what everyone is taking.

This is my last semester of law school. I graduate in May!!

I'm taking

Criminal Procedure I
Employment Law
Basic Mediation
Race and Law in American History
and am the editor of a journal

The great thing is no class Monday or Wednesday and done by 11am Tues and Fri. Evening class on Thurs.
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I don't start next semester until Feb, so I'm enjoying every minute of my break!

I'll be taking two classes, one that's super-challenging (Braille code for Math and Science ) and one that should be a bit easier. I've also asked for permission to take a third class, but haven't heard back yet.

I did get fully funded for this semester (yay!) and just need to find some money for books/fees.
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Originally Posted by MamaChel View Post
I'm taking:
SW Methods IV
Social Work Research
Field and Practicum (6 sh)
Philosophy of Law
Ind Study II (Mentoring paper)

If I am allowed to finish my term, I will graduate in May. We'll see, there is a lot of extra turmoil in my life right now.
You'll make it mama! you are amazing, you just keep plugging along!

I'm only taking two grad courses this quarter, but I'm really just alright with that. I'm taking Classical Sociological Theory and the second sequence in Stats. Spring quarter is going to be a bear so I'm alright with not taking a third course this quarter. I'm really hoping to land a TAship, or at the very least a Readership. Financially necessary......

Anyway, good luck mamas!
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I start on Monday - excited to get back after two weeks at home (though I've definitely enjoyed the break!)

My classes this semester:

Human Gross Anatomy and Musculoskeletal System
Systems Physiology
Medical Neuroscience
Human Biochemistry II
Medical Nutrition
Clinical Problem Solving
Introduction to Patient Care

Fun stuff.

I order all my books online - never had a problem getting them on time though I usually give myself a few weeks. I usually buy on amazon used - save a lot of money that way and I really beat up my books so I don't need nice new ones to start with.

Good luck everyone!
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WOW Roxiw,
You are taking a lot of classes and they look like theywould be so difficult- I so admire those who can take such full loads! You rock mama.

Actually, now that I am getting toward the end of my degree, there aren't any classes for me to take. I took four last semester, four this semester, Fall of 08 I will have three, and then Spring of 09 will just be my internship and seminar.

I even looked for classes to take during Maymester and Summer I and II- nothin

I NEED a technical course so hope it will be available this coming Fall.

I might have to pay for it myself and take it at another college or university and just transfer it back to Pembroke.
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Hey all, I start tomorrow. It should be a pretty tough quarter, but my last one, so I"m stoked! I'm taking:

Strategic Management (yuck)
Business and Corporate Income Taxes (double yuck)
Management Information Systems

Frankly I just want to get this degree over with which is exactly what I"m going to do.

I was going to start another study support thread, that really helped me last time.

As far as books, I ordered mine from Amazon and got them about 2 weeks ago so I'm all set.

Good luck this quarter/semester everyone!
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