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My friend is in labor- NOW

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My best friend Lilly is in labor. She called this morning and sounded so strong and excited. This is her second homebirth and I so wish I could be there with her this time to help welcome baby into the world (she is halfway accross the country in Minnesota).

Mike and Eli and I said prayers for her this morning, burning sage, and lighting a big old candle I saved for this purpose to remind us of her all day long- not that I need reminding! Every time Eli sees it he says, "Lilly- baby."

I just wanted to share cause I can hardly contain myself.

Thanks for listening/reading,
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Oh how beautiful! She is now in my thoughts too. What a blessing to have you in her life and your family sending love across the country for her and her baby's journey.
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Thanks Pina,

Actually, I'm the lucky one. Lilly and Joe's oldest daughter is our goddaughter- she is 8. Through their decisions I learned so much about homebirth, family bed, extended nursing, cloth diapers, etc. Lilly was an amazing role model for me, and made my own homebirth, breastfeeding, and natural parenting so much easier.

All I've managed to do is send boxes and boxes of hand-me-downs and make this new baby a quilt. I'm so sad I won't meet this new baby till summer...

I've noticed that since Eli is born, I feel so weepy/powerful/spiritual when I think about laboring women. What a wonderful thing birthing is, what a community thing. I suppose that is why I am here today- I've been very wrapped up in work lately (while Eli is asleep, anyway) and haven't been posting but today I need this community of strong mommas and all of their momma energy.

thanks again,
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Your friend sounds like the kind we all hope for and long to have. I also have a hand-me-down boxer upper friend, who is in so many ways a mentor to me. I know even though I see her rarely she is a kindred spirit in this mothering business. I bet each of your boxes is a wonderful gift for her. I like hand-me downs best, I think they have some love left inside them (as well as milky stains!)

Let us know when this beautiful babe touchs down!
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Gaylan has arrived!

Lilly's baby arrived this morning, after only a few hours of labor! The midwife and doula just let her labor in her own way, she didn't even have a vaginal exam. She hardly even pushed and the baby was born... talk about ecstatic birth!

Momma and baby are happy and healthy and busy nursing away!

Thanks again Pina for sharing with me today,
a very weepy jeanie
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another beautiful baby brought in!

send our love and congratulations
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