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just keep my family in your thoughts, please. *UPDATE: #64* - Page 2

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Good luck!
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Goodluck tomorrow! You'll be in our thoughts!
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I'll be thinking of you! I can't believe it's time already!!! It seems like you just told us all you're pregnant.
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I'll be thinking of you and your family, including your new addition. Blessings.
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I will keep you all in my thoughts. My younger child is a blessing to ds1 and pushes him so much. I am glad that we had him quickly though because we had pretty much no clue that ds1 was autistic when ds2 was conceived.
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Wishing you strength and calm.
You can handle this with the grace that you've handled so much else.

Blessings to your family!
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Originally Posted by kchoffmann View Post
He will remain your baby, I promise. He might even get closer with your husband, too. That's what happened for us. Whatever happens, it will be OK. Will probably be better than OK. I truly truly promise you that. And remember that those hormones are definitely contributing to your feelings right now too.
Be prepared that you may feel worse before you feel better, with pp hormones and all the adjusting to the new dynamics. But it really will even out.
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Here is my mantra:

All is Well. Everything is unfolding toward my highest Self. Out of this situation only Awareness and Joy will unfold. We are Safe.

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Lots and Lots O'
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Here's lots of easy transition/ easy birth/ healthy mama/ healthy baby/ fast healing vibes coming you way honey. ::::
Keep us posted and let us know how you and Jr are doing when you are up and around again.
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Good luck, Finch!
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I hope you get some rest tonight. I'll be thinking of you and your family tomorrow.
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If I've learned anything at all about having kids it's that it's never how I think it will be.

Just remember the cardinal rules of parenting and everything will be ok.

1. never wake a sleeping baby. Ever
2. if there is no screaming/blood, everything is ok
3. if it's completely silent...RUN! Who knows what mischief they are making.

and most importantly
4. Always, Always trust your momdar.

There now isn't it so simple?

Seriously though you can do this!
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I know everything will work out and you will love them both dearly, in equal but different ways, and you better get your butt back on here and give us details as soon as possible! Like how many points the antlers have! LOL!
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To one of my most favorite MDC members..I will be thinking about you and sending you total positive vibes tomorrow. You rule mama and you will be fine
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We brought our little one home when our (autistic) twins were 4 years old, and I remember feeling similarly. I can't say there weren't any bumps along the path, but overwhelmingly the addition of our youngest has been a blessing...for him, for us, and especially for his big brothers. I hope you find that your experience is similarly happy.

I'll be thinking of you.
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You are a precious, skilled, amazing, and loving mother, and I have full confidence in your ability to balance your ds and little moosey.
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