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I would have posted earlier today but was too ashamed because I broke and did go over to the store [which is right across the street] and bought 2 of the throws last night [Thursday night] after I posted here.

sunanthem, I knew your post was meant to help me and nothing bad and I do appreciate it but unfortunately you posted and I'd already went and bought them. *lol*

What I may end up doing with the one is to make throw pillows for my bed out of them 'cuz the colors go perfect in my bedroom!

As for the first one I bought, that one is for my cat ... I put it on my rocking chair in the bedroom 'cuz I don't have the cushions for it and am not willing to pay nearly $80.00 for a set of cushions. Yikes, way too expensive!

If it helps to redeem me any, I did go all day Friday without spending any $.


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Hey, we both slipped up. It happens. Enjoy your throws! I love the idea of making pillows, that sounds like it will look good.

For me, I'm doing good this wknd so far.
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So far so good. I went to the mall with my son on Friday and saw many cute on sale clothes but still did not buy a single thing.

I looked at the clothes very closely and went home and sketched them out and plan to try to sew them.

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sunanthem, thank you so much for your encouragement ... I felt better after I read your post. *Hugs*

Elizabeth, you did great with going to the mall and not buying anything - keep up the good work!

How's everybody else doing? I hope good!

I did good for Saturday and not planning on spending a penny today either!


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I'm doing pretty well. I think I am probably going to commit for the whole year, with my same exceptions. I buy mostly hand made (which is one of my exceptions now) anyway, so I think it's feasible. I haven't even left the house all weekend so I haven't had much temptation.
I can't figure out what to do about DD's birthday, though. I've been given money from family members requesting I buy DD a present with it, from the toy store. Should I try to find something hand made rather than the toy store? If I do that though, chances are it won't come in time for her birthday. WWYD?
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How is everyone doing?
I feel like I'm doing good-- I've been watching my water usage and other than having to buy shoes for ds #3, I haven't done any spending- except groceries and I am staying within my budget for that-- so yay!
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I'm not doing too bad here I guess.

I did have to buy groceries yesterday and also while there I bought one of those canvas type store bags that are out now to hold groceries and to save plastic bags but it was only 99 cents.

Also had to take a bit of $ out of my savings for 2 of my granddaughters birthdays this month.

Other than those, I'm doing good and what a major change from usual!


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i'm doing really well.. i haven't bought anything at all for january yet. (except groceries).

dh has eaten out 2 times this month, but that's much better than 2 or 3 times a week!
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Kissum, I think either buy a nice handmade present for her, or maybe spend the money on art supplies, if you dd will enjoy them. That's a great kids gift you cant find used too often, so you'd have to buy it new. Or used books are a good present too.

Let's see. I think I had posted about needing a toy storage thingy. Well last week I completely decluttered and organized ds' room and instead of buying a new toy storage thingy, I packed up all his toys and let him take what he wanted to play with out over the next few days. Now he has out his favorites, and the rest is being packed away to swap around in a month or so. I put 3/4's of his toys away and the room looks fabulous. I love it. I also had bought these star shaped wooden pegs ages ago for his room so we painted them together to match (his room is all blue) and I finally hung them and now all his capes and swords and things have a home. Everything has a place, except his new board games he got for christmas, but I will figure a spot for them.

I have also been wanting plastic storage bins for packing up clothes/ toys, etc for the attic, but will not buy plastic, so I found a freecycler from a newpaper who is giving me 10 or so puple plastic boxes used to ship newpapers. I have to go pick them up. I want to use some for a recycling station in the garage instead of my carboard box filled/ piled high mess I call my recycling right now. I thought I'd tell you girls this b/c maybe the newspaper near you is throwing theirs away b/c they dont realise someone could reuse it; it wouldnt hurt to give a call and ask.

I did break the rules last week though b/c ds's bday party so I bought a few bday things, but the party has been postponed due to many of his friends being sick, so I think I will return most of the stuff, (decorations, favors, paper plates! I know. ) But really, do I want a bunch of 5 year old boys using my plates, and having to wash them? Well, we do have a plastic set of kids plates, so I think I will use those when the party is back on.

Other than that, I've been keeping to the compact. Since part of it is decluttering and simplfying, I've been reading about how to organize a kitchen and have learned a few ideas I never thought of and I cant wait to get started.
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I am still doing excellent on my compacting. To my surprise, it has not been that hard for me. I am really more conscious of what I need vs what I want. I still have the quick flash of desire for things but after about 10 seconds I seem to have come up with an alternative.

My current issue is I am going to begin to dread my hair and my brother ( who has had dreads) told me I needed to get a tam hat or two for the process. I do not know any other alternative than to purchase one. I am thinking of looking around Etsy for one or asking someone to knit me one. I will let my mind marinade on it a few more days and see what I come up with.

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I made a few slip-ups this weekend. I'm organizing my pantry and have been buying more food in bulk. I needed some glass containers for wheat germ, raisins, rice, etc, etc. I bought 2 new glass jars. I asked around my friends first and none of them use larger jars (and a quart canning jar isn't large enough- I do use those for some things). I don't buy big jars of food that I could eat up and use the jars later...

I also bought a new scrub brush (could have used an old toothbrush)... Ohhh and I also got something I've wanted I picked up. My shower/tub combo has a drain with holes and I'd like to take the occasional bath so I got a flat, round cover for the tub drain. Not sure what an alternative to that would have been.

All together my "mistakes" only came to $10 so I've not done THAT bad!
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Elizabeth, we have so many knitting and crochet mamas here, you could post on the TP asking to swap something for one, if you wanted. I'm sure you would get a huge response. Or, I could crochet you one.

Alaska and anyone else who needs a drain cover. I have heard recently on a frugal yahoo list that one can use the plastic lids from yogurt, sour cream, etc... to cover drains. I havent tried it, though.

Keep it up, ladies!
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