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Writing At Associated Content **January Edition** Please read first post! Join US!

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From Heather's Original Thread for AC:
In accordance with the UA, please adhere to the following rules: Please do not post links to your Content Producer page or your articles, in your posts or signature. Please do not spam users in private with these links unless they have asked. If someone asks you for a link, send it to them in a private message. Swap links only in private and when solicited.

You may tell us when you have a new article posted and what it is about, but again, do not link it. There is no need to say "See my CP page for it" or "PM me for a link" and so on to self-promote, because we all know that we can check your CP page or PM you. Keep self-promotion to a minimum. All we need to know is that you wrote something new and what it's about, and if people want to, they will take the initiative to find the peice and read it. Telling us the exact name of the piece is not recommended, because that's about the same as posting the link.

Welcome to the Writing At Associated Content Thread! We love to have newbies, just join in!

Everything above from Heather's First AC Thread is important, so please read and understand!

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

If you would like the link to the yahoo group, pm me to ask for it!!

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Ladies, I went ahead and got this up before the holiday!

What are your goals for this YEAR?
What are your goals for this MONTH?
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Girls, remember today is the last day to post your nominations for CP of the Year and the notable articles awards. If there's a CP you think worthy, or an article that blew your mind, go nominate it over in the AC General Discussions forum in the 28-page thread.

My goal for this year is one article for every business day. I'm going to try to write on holidays and weekends, too, but I'm not going to hold myself to it. I think that's a reasonable, doable goal for me.

My goal for this month is to make clout 9! I think it will be soon, unless my PVs dwindle suddenly. They were lower in December than usual for some reason, so hopefully January will be better.

If anyone new will please PM me their CP pages, I would appreciate it. You can find me on AC by searching my name, Heather B. I would like the link to the Yahoo group as well.
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Happy January AC Writers!

December was my first month writing for AC and I'm starting to get the hang of it, so-to-speak.

I'll be taking 17 credit hours in the Spring semester plus I'm also writing for Suite so I'm not sure how much time I'll have so my goals may be revised.

For January my goal is 4 articles/week for AC.

I hit Clout 4 in my first clout update but I know it slows down from there. I'd like to hit Clout 6 in January - we'll see if that pans out.
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As far as 2008 goals for AC, I really want to be making $100+ a month with them. I won't right away because of the baby, but hopefully, by summer, I will be up to that and can maintain that for the year.

For a January goal, I think I will make it to a clout 8 by the end of the month, but I'm not really doing anything more to get there. I need less page views than I've been averaging a month in order to make it, so I think I should without too much trouble. I have one article that's been on my mind that I want to write for them and I plan on doing that in the next day or two. That's it for me and AC for a month or two.
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Hi mamas! I've been around, just not much, lol. My goals for 2008 are to edit my nano novel, and write one article a month. I know that seems very doable, but I have about 4 other projects that I want to be working on also.
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Things have been very busy for me so I haven't been writing a lot. I am planning on having a new website up in a month or two and I hope life will calm down a little... Yeah, right.

My goal is to write one article a month. Doesn't sound like a lot but I could really use the non-tech writing practice. As it is, my writing sounds too scripted.

Is there any activity on the yahoo group? I joined but my membership is still pending.
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PVs are updated. I hit clout 5. It shows it on my main page but my CP page isn't updated yet. I've had about 1600 PVs since the last update. Now on to my January goal of clout 6.
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My PV update wasn't too good, which I attribute to it being the holiday season, but....

I made clout 9!!!!!!!!!!!
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Congrats Heather!

I am going to be honest- I haven't been at AC other than to log on to check my messages and to check my stats. I haven't written anything since mid November.

I am focusing on learning as much as I can from Suite. Once I *think* I have grasped some of the major web-writing concepts, I plan to start writing back at AC on occasion. So I can't say I have any quanititative goals currently. I am stiving toward more qualititative goals.

- improve SEO
- improve the writing of titles and subtitles
- focus on a narrow topic
- quit being so darn chatty in my article body
- hit the first page of google searches for 90% of my articles (lofty goal, I know)

Some one asked about the yahoo group, I am afraid there is not much going on there. At least I am not getting any notices of activity there.
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I haven't written anything lately. : been busy w/ holiday stuff, then sick and resting (if that's possible with 2 preschoolers! )..I would like to get to 100 articles by the end of the month though if possible (my 1 year anniversary at AC! )
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What I'm going to do:

1. Start writing for Helium, Suite 101, Ehow, and Constant Content. Try each for at least a month, submitting one article a week.
2. Try to get published in American Baby, Baby Talk, Parenting, Parents, Cookie, Mothering, and other parenting magazines.
3. Try to get published at online venues and in E-zines, even on blogs and small sites.
4. Write one article per business day.


1. Reach clout 10 in 6 months.
2. Get published in ONE magazine by the end of the year.
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I been hoping some of my articles will get accepted by one of the websites I'm trying to figure out how to write about but need to have it sound good not full of mumbo jumbo
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Heather - those sound like great goals! Good luck in 2008.

I should probably ask this on the AC forums but I am working on a multi-part technical piece and in order to make sense, I really need to link from part 1 to part 2 to part 3. Since I cannot edit the articles, how do I add links after the different parts are accepted? Or are these not the type of articles I should post?
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For all those that are no longer writing with AC, why?

I posted an article on the Yahoo group and I would like opnions if anyone has time.

We need more people to put articles up to be read, so let me know if you have one.

What do you ladies think about the new look of AC? I'm not liking it too much right now.

Oh and is anyone using Yuwie.com?
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Triple post
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triple post
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I've never heard of Yuwie.com. Is it another writing site or a bookmarking site?

I'll check out the yahoo board to see what you posted.

I like AC's new look. I think it looks more professional and I am so thankful that they got rid of the top rated articles section.
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Originally Posted by ErikaLeigh View Post
For all those that are no longer writing with AC, why?
It's not that I am not writing for them anymore, I am just stepping back from there and focusing on Suite.

I think writers need to consider their needs and desires when choosing a company. For me, Suite matches my needs so much better. I never started writing because of the money. I was looking more from the aspect of self-improvement and building self-esteem. For me, Suite meets those needs in a way AC never has. I learned more in publishing just a few articles at Suite than I ever learned for the 2 months I was at AC. Honestly, I had NO CLUE about web-writing when I first started out. (I wish I could go back and edit my articles at AC! I cringe when I read them now. I am proud of my writing style, but really it wasn't writing well for the web, KWIM?) And I have to admit that I was hurt by some of the mean-spirited nature when all of my content was down-rated. Even though I knew that ratings mean nothing, it did nothing for my already low self-esteem. The editors at Suite have provided constructive criticism while also really complimenting me on specific aspects of my writing. I am a much more confident writer because of the support of the editors and my fellow Suite writers. I have a great deal of respect for the type of business Suite is running.

My intention is to learn as much as I can through the resources and ever-so-helpful editors at Suite, and then start applying what I learn to AC. I don't want to start writing for them again though, until I feel like I am a *good* web-writer, and not just a mediocre writer. Since you can't edit at AC, I want to write when I can produce quality web-written pieces.

I'll say this again, I don't want this to sound like a bash against AC. AC and Suite are just very different businesses, and Suite is meeting my needs better than AC at this time. I will be back eventually.
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i'm using yuwie not much cents
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