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Plastics and Contractions

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I've got a theory, and wondered if any of you have noticed something similar, or seen any corelation between high concentrations of plastics (such as shopping at Target or blockbuster) and initiation of contractions...

This is partly crossposted from my DDC:

Here's my reasoning, it may sound a little nuts, but I think it's worth considering. TMI begins: Both DP and I get the severe urge to poop when out somewhere shopping that has alot of plastic (blockbuster, for example tends to set either of us off, even sans pregnancy). I've noticed the past two weeks that I can't be in any store (grocery, target, blockbuster) for a few minutes without that plastic hitting me, I think I'm more sensitive. (Maybe most pregnant women are?) Then I'm overwhelmed by an intense urge to go and BH's for as long as I'm in that store (and I haven't really had any BH's to speak of besides this). My theory is that the plastic fumes work like castor oil, or any other agent that gets those lower gut/pelvic floor muscles a-squeezing. I wouldn't be surprised if your being out and shopping had some effect on your contractions as well. I have no idea if there have been any studies on this, but considering my own non-pregnant and Mr Toona's reactions to plastics, I wouldn't call it too far fetched to extrapolate extra ctx's from it.

Anyone have any experience or any ideas on this phenomenon?

I told Mr Toona that if my labor stalls, we'll just go to Target and walk around awhile to get it cranking again? heh
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I have never heard of this before, BUT.......now that you mention this. I worked at a plastics factory for a little while and it seemed that I was constantly have BM's at work. I never did have to go at home lol. I just thought that maybe it was because I was standing for such long periods of time or something. I didn't work there long because I know how bad those fumes are for people and I quit, but while I was there I did poop a lot!
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