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WHen you ovulate shouldn't have anytime to do with getting pregnant (as long as you are able to know when you ovulate). The luteal phase is what is important. My cycles are long and irregular and I ovulate anywhere from CD20to CD32! I've gotten pregnant twice, both times on our first try and both times have been successful (well, the first one resulted in a healthy baby boy and this one I am currently 21 weeks along and doing well). My luteal phases though are consistenly around 13-14 days long, so they are long enough to sustain a pregnancy. That's the key, and having low levels of progesterone is a big reason for shorter luteal phases. I'd try temping and checking cervical mucus. That'll tell you when you ovulated and then you can see how long your temps are up and how high they get (if they aren't high enough that could indicate a problem wiht progesterone or it could also indicate the possibility of a thyroid problem). Good luck!
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When I ovulate, it is late in the cycle, 25-30 days. With dd I o'ed about cd 28, I think. I did use clomid with this pg because I wasn't o'ing at all on my own. With each round of clomid, my o moved later in the cycle. The first round it was cd 20, the second round it was cd 23, and the third round (successful) was cd 26.
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RE wants to start Clomid, which is an estrogen antagonist. This will not encourage a nice fertile endometrium, unless I'm missing something.
correct. So unless he also plans on supplementing with estrogen after the clomid is done, then he's probably just creating another problem.
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Yes, I argued with my RE about this. I asked "Won't Clomid make the lining worse? Isn't that my problem?" He said that he feels my problem is weak ovulation resulting in poor egg quality and poor corpus luteum and this is why he thinks Clomid will fix it. And he said that thining and hardening of the lining is sometimes a side effect, especially if you are on the slender side (which I am). He said he would monitor the lining to see how I am responding and add something to counteract this effect if necessary.

I am a little confused because I thought the endometrial lining was really built up in the secretory or luteal phase, when progesterone dominates. At least that is what those hormonal rhythm charts show. And in addition, a luteal phase deficiency is caused by progesterone deficiency and this results in a less than ideal uterine environment. I know that my estrodial is okay, as I had that tested on CD 3. But I don't think my progesterone is okay, as it was on the low end of "normal" before my last pregnancy failed. Plus my breasts NEVER get sore and I never have PMS.

kelly, that is interesting that it moved your O day back. My RE wants to use it to move my O date up!!:

NatureMama3, I started taking vitex at the beginning of the cycle. I know it takes awhile to work, but the only change I have seen so far is some spotting that began before Christmas. I am now on CD 34.

As far as the B vitamins, I guess what is in the prenatals isn't enough? I have been on them since July.

Thank you e/o for helping me think through this. This is a wonderful discussion!
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FWIW, my breasts get VERY sore, etc, but I have low progesterone. I'm just very sensitive to what small amounts ARE there.

The lining is a 2 part process with the estrogen building it up in the 1st half of the cyce and the progesterone joining it in the 2nd half to finish the job. The progesterone can't finish what the estrogen can't start, which is why many REs use something estrogen-wise after the clomid to help boost the lining.

What dose and form of vitex are you using? If you aren't breastfeeding you could use a higher dose for quicker results (don't go too high though) and if you are using an infusion or tincture it will work better than the powdered herb in a pill.

Extra b vitamins (I usually took a B-100 complex) really do help with LPD, it's a harmless enough addition.
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Hmmm, maybe the lack-of-sore-breasts thing isn't something to worry about. They used to get sore, but they kinda stopped somewhere along the way.

I take one 400 mg capsule of Vitex fruit twice a day. I tried to increase the dosage, but I would get awful headaches when I tried.

So many RE's back up Clomid with estrogen. For those people, would they add progesterone too? I know that my RE has a strict schedule of bloodwork and ultrasounds to monitor the situation, so I guess he would know how I was responding...
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I think any RE worth his money would back up with progesterone too!

You might try vitex tincture or using the whole berries in an infusion instead of the pills. They really are more effective that way and with less unsavory side effects.
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For both of the pg I charted, I got pg after day 20+. I'm pretty sure my first was similar, since my cycles then averaged 37 days. I've never had a m/c. It did take me awhile to get pg with my first, but ds2 and #3 were both conceived on the first try. I think the probs with #1 were more due to general health (I was at my heaviest) and not timing things correctly.
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Hi there, I usually had "regular" 28 day cycles, but on the cycle when I got pregnant with DD I randomly ovulated on CD21.
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currently 9 weeks into a healthy pregnancy (knock on wood)... and I ovulated around CD 21. I ovulated later with my DD too.
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I have had a few miscarriages and one healthy pregnancy.
The last 2 miscarriages I had ovulated on day 22 or later.
They were early miscarriages around 6 weeks. With my daughter I ovulated on day 18, but that isnt considered late. I was taking Vitex, Red Raspberry leaf tea and Vit B50 for a few months before I conceived her. I also have ovarian cysts which I believe interfered with my cycle the last 2 times.
Its weird, my body goes through this period about once a year where I get cysts and my cycles get all screwed up.
I had blood tests (didnt have thyroid checked though) and everything was normal.
My intuition tells me it is a result of late ovulation.
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I used to O around day 21 or 23, but I had a 12 day luteal phase, which was fine to support pregnancies. Both of my first two children (which were conceived easily) were "late O" in that manner.

But for #3, I had a bit more trouble. My cycles were all over the map from wonky hormones. I finally started taking Vitex. The first cycle I saw no difference at all. The second cycle I O'd on CD 17 (!!!) and had a 13 day luteal phase instead of my standard 12 day. I didn't get preg that cycle, but then the next cycle, I O'd on CD 15 or 16 (FF says 16, and that's the last day of fertile CM, but the lowest part of my temp shift started CD 15). For once, I'm pregnant with a due date that somewhat resembles my LMP-based date.

For Vitex amounts... I think I was only taking one capsule the first cycle, then upped it to 3 a day for the 2nd and 3rd cycles, but bumped it down to 2 after I O'd. I'm still taking 2 a day right now (almost 8 weeks preg), and I plan to continue that level.
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I don't have any advice to offer-just my experience with getting pregnant this time. I am currently 5 months pregnant.

I had cycles that were 34-44 days long, but regardless of their lenght the luteul phase was consistantly 8-9 days. I knew from TCOYF that this was too short for fertility, and added to my somewhat dry mucous- at most I was getting creamy at ovulation, I thought that I was temporarily infertile- I was breastfeeding a 1 yr old. Imagine my surprise when my luteul phase of one cycle stretched to 14 and 15 days long with no temp drop! Sure enough- I was pregnant!

So it seems against all odds, my body found a way to get pregnant with a 'too short' luteul phase and minimal cervical fluid, as well as an extra long cycle (which doesn't really make a difference).
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Here is the chart for my current pregnancy. I ovulated on cd 34 and got pregnant. It was my first cycle on progesterone supps for LPD though.


I was also taking soy isoflanes (sp?) and false unicorn root this cycle (and the 3 cycles before this one w/o progesterone and no pregnancy).
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This post is nearly a year old, FYI. Looks like the OP is actually pregnant.
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After my missed miscarriage, I had longer cycles. I'm now 21 weeks pregnant with a baby conceived on CD 23. Good luck to you in finding answers!
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Originally Posted by nighten View Post
This post is nearly a year old, FYI. Looks like the OP is actually pregnant.
Yup! I am currently 32 weeks pregnant with a thriving baby boy. After 3 miscarriages (2 of which all followed late ovulation and unsuccessful attempts at progesterone supplementation, vitex, acupuncture, and soy isoflavones), this pregnancy stuck! Interestingly, I did take clomid during this cycle but it did nothing to up my ovulation date (we conceived this little guy on CD 30!) and was deemed by my RE as "ineffective" at that dose. I have to wonder if it might have adjusted my hormone levels just enough... Whatever happened, we are counting our blessings. Miracles do happen.

Best wishes to those of you on this journey.
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I agree, do more testing before jumping into a treatment, especially if you're in a hurry. Sounds like your LP might be more of a problem. Your RE sounds like she's trying to fit you into standard cycle plan rather than take the time to diagnose fully. My first RE did that, giving me a preprinted plan and long list of medications - clomid, both estrogen and progesterone, hgc shots through LP, an IUI on the first cycle, and I think 5 blood draws. I questioned the need to be so agressive right away. DH had an off the charts great SA, so why did we need a IUI? She had never done a progesterone test post O (or even induced an O yet) so how did she know I needed it? When I asked all this, she said it was standard and I was rushed out the door. Anyway, I switched REs to one that let me pick what I wanted to do.

First cycle I did just clomid, had ultrasounds on day 12 and 14 that showed no follicles, and was waiting out the month to restart prometrium. Then what do you know, I had a temp shift on cd30 (charting is so awesome), the day I was supposed to start the progesterone to bring on a period. First egg in 6 months is now a kicking baby.

Where's JSMa? She was another cd100 something pregnancy. That was exciting.
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This is a little OT, but I ovulate a little late (with my first successful pg I was having 45-60 day cycles, and did take clomid for 2 cycles), and with my second successful pg, I was taking Fertility Blend and Papaya enzyme to make conditions more "friendly"- it worked!
almost 34 weeks into pg 4 (baby 3), and My cycle was about 35 days, with o about day 20, I think. hth!
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I've had some mild luteal phase shortness and usually O around CD 17-19. I had no trouble getting pg and gestating #1. This time around, I needed a little something more. I read "Fertility, Cycles, and Nutrition" by Marilyn Shannon, took her advice (started taking higher amounts of certain vitamins), and well, here I am, pg with #2! So, if you are uncomfortable with taking clomid and want to try something more natural, I'd see if you can get a copy of FCN and try following her advice.

Whoops! I guess you're all set now! Glad to hear you are having a baby! : )
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