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twin NCB video-- need your pics/stories

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Hello! Recently I saw a video from ICAN on youtube-- Question CPD-- click here to watch.

Anyway, it kind of inspired me because I feel twin cesareans are a lot like cesareans for "CPD"-- some are truly medically necessary, but some are not. So, I want to put together a little video for youtube similar to that one about natural childbirth with multiples. So, if you had a NCB with your twins (or more) and want to participate, here's what you can do.

Send a couple of pictures (one of your last preggo belly shot, and one of the babies/you after the birth) to me at scbirthandbreastfeeding at gmail ... Some of the facts you could include in the text of the email are gestational age at birth, fundal height, babies' weights, home/hospital/birth center, and any other unique facts about your births with the multiples. Obviously, I won't include ALL the facts on each set of multiples, just the ones that seem the most surprising! Anyway, I'll set it to some instrumental music, come up with a text-over-black intro and closing, and we'll see what we come up with! Also, please let me know if I can use yours and/or babies' first names, and if not, make up a cute nickname for your babies so I can introduce them somehow.

Hopefully, this will help other moms expecting multiples to know that cesarean isn't their only option.

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fabulous idea!!! I'm in! I wanted to do one for YouTube of my twin birth but don't have enough pics. DH wasn't too keen on it either but your idea is great and I'm sure that would be fine for us.
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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I have pics from 4 moms, plus me, so far, but really want more! Home or hospital births or birth center-- I just want to find some other moms to contribute so it doesn't look like we've found the only four women in the universe to have natural birth with multiples!
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Just wanted to say that I'm going to try to get all the pics in by January 15 to start work on the video, so if you want to send them in (and I really hope you will), that's the date.
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Thanks, I'd love to participate. How do I send you a picture?
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im in....just need to find time and 2 hands

greeat idea!

ds 6, DD 2, DDs 1
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Yay! You can send pictures to scbirthandbreastfeeding at gmail ...
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Last call! I start work on the video this weekend!
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Thanks for the reminder!!!
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Okay, I fibbed. I started downloading pictures to my computer, my computer whacked out, and I got frustrated and quit for a while.

But I now have all the pics downloaded into a folder, am starting to import them into iMovie, and am already *really* beginning work this time. If there are any new twin mommies who want to get in on it (4 months is plenty of time for mommies to have babies!), now's you're chance!
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Can you re-send out that email about names? I totally forgot what you were asking for...
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Subbing, saw this from new posts, I'd be interested in seeing the end result!
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DoomaYula-- you had already responded!
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<------ I'm with stupid! :
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i can email you pics if you still need them. i had a ncb with twins at 38 weeks.
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Definitely send them! So far, I'm about 1/3 of the way through editing-- have about 9 moms edited in so far, and 12 to go, but would love to have more! Just put something about the twin NCB video in the subject line.
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what does CPD stand for? i am new to abbreviations
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CPD= cephalopelvic disproportion, I think. It's when they say the baby's head is too big to fit through the mother's pelvis, and a diagnosis of it almost always ends in a cesarean.
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Here is a NCB multiples one. Did you just make this?

Edited out the link for now!
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