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Sure looks like it... and it's so good! I got all teary-eyed!
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Yeah, that's the one! I wasn't going to start promoting it yet (since I sent an email to all the moms who participated so they have a day or so to correct me on anything I got wrong before we promote it). I've already deleted the first video and put a new one up that's already an improvement over the first one.

Anyway, please kindly wait until Wednesday (what I gave the participants as a deadline for me to get the new video up if it needs fixin') to post links, but after Wednesday, go crazy posting links anywhere you want!
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One of my moms (I was the apprentice) sent the link for me to see, and I didn't realize that it wasn't ready. I took out the link from the thread, but I do want to say that it is an incredible inspiration as is, it is so moving. It made me cry.

Thank you so much for the time and energy it must have taken to put it together.

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That's alright! I'm fixing a newly discovered typo, waiting for my program to export the movie (1 hour usually) and will then re-upload (which takes about 1/2 an hour). I really do think that might be the last version, but since I gave all the moms until tomorrow afternoon to get corrections to me, I want to be patient. Trust me, though, I'm having to SERIOUSLY resist the urge to send it to a billion people!!
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Great job Christy! I can't believe how many moms you could find to participate!
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Actually, I've already had someone email me pics since I posted the video today, so I'll definitely be doing a sequel. Anyone who wants in on the next one, let's give it a couple of months for a few more mamas to have their babies, and then we'll go for round 2!

ETA: Consider the "casting call" still open for round two. I've created a mail label in gmail for youtube2 for anything I get in the mail for the "sequel."
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The first one is barely out and sequel is already in the works. Typical Hollywood. Seriously though, I saved it to my youtube favs, I just loved it! Great job, and the mamas, wow, really inspiring!
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omg why haven't I seen it yet?!?!?!??!?

ETA: it's AMAZING! I'm sending it to everyone I know!

Christy, you are the awesomest awesome mama EVAH!
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I'm going to wait at least until this afternoon to fire it off (since I promised this afternoon was the deadline to get in any correction requests), but then I'm going crazy, too! I hope people that see it will give it a high rating, too. If you click on "statistics and data" you can view honors, and somehow we were in the top 100 in the education category over the night, in US, New Zealand, and Japan??
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If you wait until August, I can be in the next one!! Woo-hoo!!
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Just watched your video - fantastic!!
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