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Winter is going to be the death of me.

Warning: It's gross
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Hey mummies.

I made a good dinner tonight! A few cloves of garlic, a handful of oregano leaves, a few tablespoons of butter, 1/2 cup parmesan cheese, one raw (local, organic) egg, salt and pepper in the blender, dolluped over whole wheat pasta and lightly sauteed green beans.

I, suddenly, and turning into a COOK! This is surprising, and delightful (to me)! Dh is usually the cook, but since he got sick at New Year's I did a kick-ass job making the black-eyed peas, cornbread, and greens, I've been hooked!

I totally do not have room for another hobby, what with a bazillion knitting projects going and teaching and trying to make our lives of lovable chaos into lives of ordered sanity. But until I burn out, I am liking this quite a lot.

Barcelona, that is so cool about your gig. I don't have cable, either, but if you post links after it airs, I will follow them and be happy for you! I totally should have called you over the holiday. We were in Orlando for three days. Sounds like you could have used some time off the family gunk!

Amy, the shagging poll is too funny! But the results were CRAZY! I am amazed, truly. I signed us up for once a week, I think, initiated by me, but it could have been me or dh, as it's usually some sort of an agreement that it's about that time...

Flapjack, I don't recall now what your last few posts were, but they made me laugh.
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honeytree, thanks for thinking of me....but, happily, i was not in orlando for christmas! we stayed home and kept a quiet holiday, just the three of us, while my SIL and her boyfriend joined us for dinner on christmas day. we went to orlando for thanksgiving, and it just doesn't make sense (financially, logistically, energy-level-wise, not to mention emotionally), to go AGAIn at christmas. so, i won't be visiting again until may, when one of my best friends is getting married! i'm excited about the wedding, and it will be fun and nice to have a distraction while i'm there, dealing with family gunk.

oh, and like you, honeytree, i am enjoying discovering my inner domestic goddess! while the writer's strike is very stressful and at times depressing, it is giving me the chance to focus on my domestic side. the house has never looked or felt better! i'm actually on top of things for once! and have had my go in the kitchen, too, which i've quite enjoyed.

in my dream live, i'd have bouts of domestic goddess-hood, then bouts of working on projects/gigs. maybe it'll come true??? after all, the entertainment business can work like that. (with the added bonus of not having stress or worrying about when the next gig is coming during those quiet domestic times).

helen, you continue to make me laugh! i will play with my newfound job on dsm as much as possible! my grandmother has not even spoken to me, and has barely written very cold emails, since i got the job, she is that horrified by the name of the show! (it isn't THAT dirty or sexy. it's on abc, after all, not hbo).

DiD, i have no doubt your family will be beautiful and perfect, no matter the size, and hopefully you and jim will just *know* when you are complete.

and amy, finley and i looked at your blog again today, and the quotes just CRACK me UP!!!! brynn is quite the comic and an amazing story teller.

ok, that is all from me at the moment!

hope everyone is having a lovely start to the weekend!
it's raining here, and i'm thrilled.
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Barcelona, reading your post made me re-read mine and I found that I called a fairly essential domestic task--cooking--a hobby. So apparently I need some shifting of the paradigm here! But it is lovely spending time in a home where it's obvious somebody has spent some time making it homey, even if that somebody is you!

DiD, I just read your thread on Winter and the poop. Oh, Mama, hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs!!! I loved the suggestion of the back-zipping pj's, the front zipping ones with a safety pin through the zipper, and the onesies with overalls with taped-over buckles. I seriously would have no qualms about that. It seems like a natural consequence to me, not at all punitive. And maybe that in conjunctions with the last suggestion to smear other fun-feeling things like flour-water. Man, those were some freaking clever ideas! This mamas on this Web site never cease to amaze me.

I'm the first one up today, with a few minutes to myself! Woot!

ETA: One more thing. My fellow "curvy" gal cousin just emailed me this CNN story. There are some issues in the reporting, but I thought it interesting in light of our conversation about mommy bodies!
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HoneyTree~ I think cooking as a hobby totally makes sense to me. At times it's my hobby, but I differentiate between "I need to make some dinner to feed my cranky hungry family quickly" cooking and "Taking my time to make delicious, nutritious, creative meals". One is survival, the other hobby. Where that fits into domestic goddess-hood I have no idea?

DID~ I hope you find an end to the poop smearing. And I have no idea how you've put up with it for over a year before putting Winter up for sale!

Spughy, I'm sorry about your beaver bum, too

Amy, I haven't posted to your poll out of online shyness/prudishness, but I'm feeling pretty blessed by my sex life lately. And we both initiate

Barcelona~ Your work/life balance with bouts of working and SAHMness sounds lovely. I keep meaning to post a thread on the WOHM forum about life/work/home balance. Mine varies day to day

I am excited about moving back to Canada. My MIL just left this morning after two weeks here, and I really miss living closer to our families. We don't know exactly where we'll go- it depends on where we find work, but almost certainly back to British Columbia. Ideally Vancouver Island again (DH and I both grew up there), but we would move somewhere else if there were good jobs for both of us. The plan of moving *somewhere* but not knowing until likely quite close to our moving is a little scary right now.

And I found my thermometer and started temping again. All I have to figure out is if I can possibly get an accurate reading with a co-sleeping/co-waking toddler who wants to play with my thermometer.
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i always get so behind on catching up with you all! gotta go read up!

we're heading out to a LLL fundraiser which is at a coffee shop downtown in the next city over...conveniently located very near the local bead shop. the bead shop is owned and run by a fab API mama, too! So, i am pretty excited to go hear live music, shop for beads and sneak in (maybe split it with dh?) a soy half decaf latte, perhaps.

we're checking out a new church in the morning. we listened to one talk online and there were babes gurgling and squealing in the background. that's a good sign that ez is welcome to stay with us, which we prefer. if you've been reading about our ongoing saga with church stuff, wish us well!
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Mel, it doesn't actually matter if you get accurate readings or not. All that matters is that your readings are consistently inaccurate My charts were a mess after Skye was born, but a thermal shift tends to be a bit obvious.

Gunter, good luck with the church : The church that our playgroup is held at is concerned by its lack of younger members- theoretically, they do everything right, they just don't have the- something- of a multigenerational church.

I lost my mucus plug today, and I niggled throughout the day after DH and I spent some time in bed celebrating our anniversary, so I'm worrying that my month of prodromal hell has started. If you could keep the words "please, not 42" in your minds when you think of me, that would be a help- at the absolute latest, I'm at 36 today.
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Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
"please, not 42"

You got it, sister!
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Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
Mel, it doesn't actually matter if you get accurate readings or not. All that matters is that your readings are consistently inaccurate My charts were a mess after Skye was born, but a thermal shift tends to be a bit obvious.
I'm worried that the bazillion times that I say "no, it's not morning yet" between 5 and 6 am every morning will be affecting things a little. I would just take my temperature at 5 and not worry about it, but yesterday she vaulted over me to see what the beeping was- then was quite convinced that it must be morning! Here's hoping that at least the shift will be obvious- my charts were pretty easy to read in the past even with crazy shift work.

And please, please, please not 42 weeks!

Gunter, I hope the new church "fits" your family well.
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can i have some of those "not 42" vibes too?
i so can't be pregnant 3 more weeks!!
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Fern. No, you aren't allowed to go to 42 weeks either. Does anyone know if dziejen's had her baby yet, btw? Or Belleweather? They were due the 29th and 31st respectively...
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Well, Happy new year everyone, a bit late! We had a nice one, although didn't do anything major- just had champagne and ice cream, and watched home movies, and the kids were beyond thrilled. We were done by 9 and I went to bed. Then our neighbor had to cancel her new year's day brunch the next day, so tonight a bunch of us are going over and we're going to drink the leftover champagne and eat the party food!

Fern, thinking of you, mama! Did Ngaio get over the puking?

Helen, woo hoo! Things are moving along! Praying that this baby comes sooner rather than later- at his own perfect time! I can't believe it's getting so close!

I liked reading your list of goals- you have some pretty exciting things to look forward to this year!

Melanie- you look exactly like a college friend of mine. It's uncanny!!

Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
DiD, sod it, throw the thermometer away and just shag your husband senseless
Amy, I'm off to go check out your sex poll after this!

Barcelona- how exciting! I can't wait to hear when the show is on- I've never seen it but I've heard of it. I missed your L&O show so I really want to catch this one! It helps that I have tivo now!

Gunter I hope the church was good. We had a hard time finding a place that fit. We have settled on a pretty decent church, but even so, in 3+ yrs I haven't made any real good friends. Lots of nice acquaintances, but no one I really connect with. I have so many wonderful crunchy friends here, and a whole big church full of people who share similar spiritual beliefs, but never do the two meet. Although today a mom from my neighborhood visited, and it was so cool to see someone from my 'mom life' there!

Oh- and one of my goals for the year is also to finish the pp doula training. I'm taking the course in a few months, and am working on the prerequisites. For so long, I've been looking for what I'd be good at and interested in doing, and I have felt like I don't have any talents or areas of 'expertise'- so I'm really happy to feel like maybe I've found something I can learn about and one day become skilled at, and enjoy, and help others in the process.

Originally Posted by MamaFern View Post
Wow!! That is awesome- I've got to go check it out!
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Wow, a lot of babies coming up soon from our very own DDC!!!!! It's getting exciting around here!!!! Of course, the previous ones were exciting too, but now it's kind of like it's gonna be raining babies in the next couple of weeks!! I'll be keeping you mamas in my thoughts!

I just went to a party with for supporting midwifery, and it was really fun. One of the ladies there, another midwife, just had her baby a short time ago. It's a little girl, and she looks soooooo tiny! I asked and she was 6 lb 13 oz at birth--just a couple ounces more than Ella! It was so crazy to look at this tiny little thing, she didn't even look real practically, she is smaller than Ella's favorite doll, and to think that Ella was that size just two short years and change ago!

Of course, now she just seems to be growing so fast. Our babysitter was gone for a couple of weeks for the holidays and was just amazed at how much more she is talking in just that short time--she is getting clearer and increasing her vocabulary and making more and more sentences all the time. I, for one, am feeling a little weird about nursing at times--not like I'm going to wean her, but sometimes in certain positions it just feels so bizarre to be nursing this little person who is over half my height!!! I just don't know where to put all of those long legs! She's very insistent though that she's not a big girl--she's my tiny baby.

Helen, I'm sure you will have the baby sooner rather than later. And that it will all go smoothly. Just keep up the protein and water and take it easy as much as possible! happy anniversary, too!

Fern, I read your blog, and I was really happy to see that you got your tooth taken care of. When you said that you were going to get abx, I thought about suggesting that you try to ask for some tylenol 3 for the pain too, but I didn't know how you felt about taking narcotics and I didn't want to be un-groovy! But I'm glad that someone gave you some seriously good drugs, because tooth pain is horrible. And any sort of peridontal thing isn't good in pregnancy either--you don't want that bacteria whizzing around your system either! When I was about 8+ months pregnant I had a horrible cough that was diagnosed as probably bronchitis, maybe pertussis (I'd been potentially exposed to pertussis at work) and so I ended up taking zithromax, and also phenergan with codeine cough syrup. I am loathe to take drugs like that, but I figured at the time that it was better than giving my baby pertussis or just going into labor sick as hell and exhausted from prolonged coughing fits that prevented me from sleeping at all. I found it really ironic that apparently codeine is actually one of the only safe things you can take for a cough while you're pregnant! So glad you got the good drugs and got the dental work done and are healing and out of pain. Hope you can take some good probiotics too before you go into labor, that will help prevent any thrush issues down the road!

Gunter, hope the new church works out for you!

barcelona--I actually haven't seen that show (we don't actually have any reception, we watch DVDs and the occasional streaming thing like Grey's Anatomy.) But I will have to do so now. Maybe we can have a virtual screening party with you when it airs? Let us know when it is!!! I liked the
L & O clip that you shared with us!

Awaken, what is the PP doula training like? Who is offering the course? I did postpartum doula work about 12 years ago, I actually started a little business in it after I finished college and while I was in the beginning stages of midwifery training. Actually, I imagine that since you have other breastfeeding education and training, and know how to take care of babies, you really do have all that you need to know! Honestly, it kind of cracks me up that all these things which were new ideas a bit more than a decade ago (postpartum doulas, birth doulas, etc.) are now these professions with credentialing bodies, and people take these credentials so seriously! Seriously, most of the time I spent working as a postpartum doula, I grocery shopped, I cooked, I cleaned, I walked people's dogs, I occasionally changed a diaper or held a baby for a few minutes so the mom could get a shower. Now and again I did give a little breastfeeding or infant care advice or instruction, but that was actually much less of the time than I spent doing basic household tasks. It's funny, because I'll never forget how agitated DH was about our PP doula--we were a little broke but I felt like I wanted to have a little help for a few hours, if only so I could feel a little more supported and taken care of just because there was no family to help. I remember DH just freaking out because of the nature of what she actually did--I just remember him kind of upset and saying, "Why do we have to pay someone $20 an hour to swiffer??!!! I'll swiffer!!!" But I told him that the point was that he would be spending time with me and the baby. Anyway, I am sure that you would be an awesome postpartum doula, and I don't think that you probably even have to get certified if you don't want to--unless there is some law in the state you're in, which I doubt, you can really just print up some business cards and go to it! I suspect based on what I know of you that you must have a really good reputation in your community of moms, you are such a sweet and caring person, and so I imagine that you wouldn't have any trouble finding clients at all.

Mel--so, does this temping mean you are gearing up and getting ready for when you are moving back??? When are you planning on starting trying for #2? Hey, wait for me! Let's try to work it so that we are due the same time again!! I think we were buddies on the TTC onethread the first time, but it's so darn long ago now and so much more has transpired since then that I can barely remember!!!

HoneyTree--I am, all modesty aside, a pretty great cook and baker. (Although I, too, distinguish between food preparing as an art, and as a survival necessity--I love the former, I loathe the latter.) I am also a pretty decent housekeeper/decorater/domestic engineer type too, and pretty good at stuff like decluttering and organizing. However, and this is a big however, I sometimes wish that I was more athletic/outdoorsy/easygoing. You seem to be fairly relaxed and down to earth, and it seems like you do fun stuff with Woody and your family. Sometimes it's harder for me to really enjoy the moment and be spontaneous and just do stuff like play in the mud or painting with Ella, especially if it involves a mess that I will have to end up cleaning up! I want to be a young, fun, hip mom, but I sometimes feel more like an old, exasperated, uptight mom!! So, I guess what I mean is that there are benefits and drawbacks to both ways of being, from being more domestically inclined to being more creative and spontaneous and funloving. So, I'll send you some of my 50's housewife domestic vibes : if you send me some :::good vibes:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Kavita View Post
I'll send you some of my 50's housewife domestic vibes : if you send me some :::good vibes:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, , we go back to work today--teacher planning day. Woody's been asking for the kids, so I'm sure he's ready for it, but, as we've all mentioned here before, there are some serious benefits to being SAHMoms, even temporarily, and those I will miss.

I think if I'm aiming for TTC in the next couple of months I have to figure out what's going on with my cycle. Woody's frequent night waking and super-nursing sessions is responsible, I think, for my 30 to 45 day cycles and on-and-off thermal shifts. Was it Helen who said sod the worrying and just shag like mad until a ? That's my plan, provided dh's up for it!

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hello everybody

happy new year

i am so excited, dh and i have decided to ttc another baby

i am hoping for a baby by christmas - and my sil is expectin her second in may, so we may have 2 more people in our family by christmas, i am sooooo excited
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Brynn slept through the night last night!! And the night before was pretty good too - I think she slept til around 4:00. I'm starting to think it's the bedtime snack that is making all the difference: peanut butter bread and a banana seems to do the trick! (Or at least I'm letting myself believe that today!)

And since it's going to be ridiculously unseasonably warm today (like,73), Brynn and I are going to the zoo!

Kavita, you can come over to our house to watch barcelona's show. We have rabbit ears so we get all the networks.

Helen, thinking of you and sending BABY COME OUT! vibes. You too Fern!
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to helen and fern's babies: don't stay in there too long!

amy, YAY on the sleep!

oliversmum, your ttc news is so exciting!!! hope you have fun in the process, and hope you have a bfp soon.

honeytree, thinking about you as you return to work...

and kavita, a virtual screening party sounds great. i think it'll be on in february, though who knows, really. you seem to know so much in the world of midwifery and all. there is so much i do not know. and don't we all need to find balance in ourselves, while also recognizing and appreciating our strengths, instead of letting our weaknesses beat us down.

finley was insane last night, nursing nonstop, and has been wanting it all day, too. thankfully, dh was able to take him out for a bit . and on top of that, i have a bit of a stomach bug, and don't feel so well. i'm sure, with rest, i'll be fine tomorrow.
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Still here, still happy. I'm doing this, I'm doing this! Do you even have "The little engine who could" over there- a book about a little steam train who had an obsessive interest in going up really big hills? I used to love it when I was little. Baby will come when he's ready, regardless of how much I contract between now and then, and in the meantime I have MDC and not enough sleep

Fern Your baby will be out before you know it. I'm fascinated to know how much she weighs, though, after all the u/s malarkey.

Kavita, you have no idea how cool you truly are, even if you do do the washing up after being all creative in the kitchen.

Does anyone know which button my daughter is pushing on the computer that shuts it down immediately? It's getting quite annoying...
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Hi oliversmum! Good luck with the TTC!

Kavita, I would love to share TTC times and a DDC with you again. We don't have immediate plans for TTC, but I've been wanting to start charting again out of curiousity and cycle familiarity. We TTC for over a year for Neela with really long irregular cycles. But before we make any baby plans we have to deal with moving, new jobs, etc. So right now the charting is just back-up TTA

Helen, I'm hoping for a January babe for you. We have little engine that could here, too. And Fern- I'm watching for your announcement any day now! This baby boom is so exciting

Amy, congrats on the sleep!

barcelona, sending you some restful vibes. Is Finley getting his two year molars? Neela's first one popped through over Christmas.
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