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2008 is Great for Dingos! Running mamas January thread

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Welcome old dingos and new, runners, walkers, joggers woggers even dreamers of forward motion!
Everyone is welcome to come for inspiration, motivation and support for your forward motion goals here at the Dingo Cafe!

I'm all ready to go hit the track for my first run of '08, I just need dh to wake up and hold this really cute baby that's here with me.
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Happy 2008 Dingos

I just love new years! Our anniversary is on the 30th of December this year hubby and I went to the Bears game and spent the night downtown! It was a blast.

I have spent this morning writing down my goals for 2008. I have also chosen a "power verse" from 2 Timothy 1:6-7 reminding myself that God has not given me a spirit of timidity but of Power, Love, and Self Discipline. This is powerful for me when I run because I often see myself as a quitier, I need to remember that these three things are indeed in me. Had a great run on the 29th back to four miles.

So far Hubby and I decided to sign up for an 8K in March and yikes a 10 miler in May. I am a little intimidated by that so I know I will be looking for support here.

Take Care, God Bless and a Happy Healthy Prosperous New Year to All
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Subbing-enjoying one last day of dh being home. Will try and start a normal 2008 routine tomorrow.
Happy New Year, Y'all!
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Happy 2008!

We had friends over until 6am playing Rockband and Halo 3 last night. I must get some so I can stay awake to get my membership to the YMCA and see a friend back off to grad school.

to all!
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Happy New Year!

kate~mom, how did your race go?

I'm hoping to get in a x-country ski today as my first "run" for the new year. It's been "pouring" snow for 2 days now and I don't think I'll be driving anywhere. So my forward motion has to begin at the front door in deep snow.

We had a sweet evening with friends last night which consisted of my weak toddies (I like the idea of a drink more than the feeling of drinking.) Scrabble and games for the kids. I think all of our family & friends down South must be worried about us being snowed in b/c we rec'd books from everyone so today is going to be a book day all around. Which is my idea of a nice day to begin the year.

Have a wonderful First Day everyone!
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Happy New Year Dingos!

We had a great evening with the kids. We played dance dance revolution until 11:00pm and then we watched the ball drop in NYC before we went to bed.

I am going to attempt to run this afternoon. I can't decide how far though. I might have to wait until I get out there and see how I feel.
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Hey, all! Thanks for the Bday wishes. You guys came through for me :-) PT school pals... not so much. Eh. Oh well. Next year they better pony up, cause that will be the big 3-0.

Stayed up through midnight watching Kathy Griffin standup on Bravo. She's way funnier as a standup than any other ouvre. I was suprised! Anyway... had much red wine and got some good sleep (not a cause/effect thing...).

There is talk of going out in search of a sled to pull Nevie around my parents' property (we stayed here last night)... hmmm... fun!

And now, off to search for another cup of coffee and to look and see if I can find the latest release of "My So-Called Life" on DVD, which I didn't even know about until yesterday. MAN!!!
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Megs ~ The latest release of MSCL?! I have the box set, so what's different about the new one? I that show!
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Happy new year dingos!

I had the best run I've had in a long time yesterday on the treadmill. I also registered for my half marathon, so there's no going back now! Last year, my running partner and I spent the night before the half at her in-laws' house, which was just a few blocks from the start--so nice and easy! I hope she wants to run the half again this year . . . .

DH and I went for a moonlit snowshoe just before midnight, then came home to pop open some Christmas crackers and a bottle of Martinelli's (woo, living dangerously!). The crackers were lame--no paper hats, dumb jokes, and crummy prizes!
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The Race List and other assorted info

Here's the race list... PM me if you'd like me to add something for you!

poppywise - Zoo Run 5K - Jan 26
JayGee - indoor/outdoor tri - Jan 26
kate~mom - Lehigh Valley Road Runners' Super Bowl Sunday 10K - Feb 3
aguacates - Mid-Winter 10 Mile Classic - Feb 3
babybugmama - Frostbite 5 - Feb 5
JenLove - 5K Sweetheart Run - Feb 9
HBM - Chattahoochee Challenge 10K - Feb 9
tjsmama - Chilly Cheeks Winter Duathlon #3 - Feb 16
Runningmommy - 10K -March 1
modmom - 8K - March
mamabeth - Cooper River Bridge Run 10K - April 5
tjsmama - Platte River Half Marathon - April 6
Runningmommy - 15K - April 12
party_of_seven - Davy Crockett Bear Chase Marathon - April 12
MonikitaUT - SLC Marathon - April 19
VeganCupcake - SLC Half Marathon - April 19
CherylAnn - Wenatchee Half Marathon - April 20
kate~mom - 112th Boston Marathon! - April 21
poppywise - Music City Half Marathon - April 26
Runningmommy - Indy Mini Marathon - May 3
mamabeth - Disney’s Women Run the World 15K - May 4
babybugmama and jgmommo - Flying Pig Marathon - May 4
modmom - 10 miler - May
doctorjen & Balancin1 - Palos Bank Half Marathon - May
grnmtnmama - Swimming Hole Sprint Triathalon - Early June
bec - half marathon - June
HBM & mamabeth - Peachtree Road Race (10K) - July 4
CherylAnn - Chelanman Multisport Weekend - half marathon July 19, sprint tri July 20
Kitsune6 - Northwest Passage Relay - July 25 & 26
JayGee - Accenture Chicago Triathlon (International Distance) - August 24

The Preggo Dingo List
HollysMom - January 25 (may need to stalk earlier )
eksmom - April 18
VeganCupcake - Sept 2
muppet729 - Sept 9

Dingo Recipe Blog - send me a PM with your email address if you'd like to be added so that you can post.

We also have a map so we can keep track of where everyone is located. You'll need to PM me for the info if you're interested.
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Happy New Year Dingos!!

The January thread brings the return of the race list. Do I have all the preggo Dingos? If y'all feel like sharing due dates, let me know and I will add that info. It'll help with the stalking, you know.

DH and I wrote out our resolution this morning, which is basically to shift our entire schedule back by a couple of hours. We need to do everything earlier, be more consistent, and get more sleep. I'm afraid we are teaching EK the habit of lateness and that's one I really don't want to pass on to her.

As far as running goes for me in 2008, I can't set any specific yearly goals. I'm embarrassed to even say what my total 2007 mileage was. However, I hope that I get back to some kind of moderate (heck, I'd even settle for mild) exercise between now and April, and then I see C25K in my future as soon as I reasonably can postpartum. Maybe I could do a 5K before the year is out. I had some supply issues with DD and I wasn't exercising then, so that's one thing that's keeping me from making grand statements about what I will do. Still, plain and simple: I. miss. sweating.

Tomorrow I go back to full time work in the office. I am mostly glad, a little bit dreading it.

I know I had personals from the old thread, but I can't recall them right now and need to get off of here and back to doing chores anyway... hopefully later...
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Okay so I went out for a long run this morning in the snow with my new ipod (I love it!). That said, please oh ipod gurus tell me what all you listen to...

One interesting occurrence on my run this morning was I kept getting buildup in my treads. Basically it was muddy enough that mud would get in there, but cold enough that then it would freeze. So I had many stops with a stick I just carried with me to dig it out, otherwise it felt like I was running on my tiptoes. Not a comfy feeling.

While running I came up with some goals for myself. A goal of 1000 miles for the year. Plank 3x a week, and do back exercises 3x a week. Drink at least 64oz of water a day. Run 5x a week with one long run and one speed workout. I am also toying with the idea of doing 9 races in the next year. The first one would be the "frostbite five" on Feb 3. Cool race name.

So there's my goals for the year. I'm gonna update my sig for that...
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happy 2008 dingo sisters!

:lots of happy/healthy vibes for the coming year

eks - i'll pm you about my races - thanks for the list!

we went to a neighbor's house down the street and it was fun. i am feeling under the weather, but it's all above the neck with a little scratchy throat. i am due to run today so once my head stops hurting, i'll hit the treadmill.

incidentally, the woman who hosted last night is training for the disney marathon on jan 13. she's a real inspiration and is the one who ran the music city half last year and called me after, sounding so elated that i vowed to try it this year. anyway - she gave me all kinds of tips about running routes in our area and once i am up to 6 miles, is going to run it with me. she knows i like to run alone with my music but i am looking forward to having a running partner every once in a while. i won't be able to chat or anything, but it will be nice motivation, i think.
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rr~That's right--I have a running report again after my six week rehab!!! I'm back, baby! I ran an even 2 miles today in just over 20 minutes. It's a little slow for me but I can't complain after treating my body like cookie-fed veal for the past month and a half. The best part is my ankle didn't bother me at all. (Insert sigh of relief.)

jaygee~I'm on board for the sit-up/push-up portion of the workout challenge you posted. My push-ups today were pa-thetic. I guess that's the point though, right? Gotta have room for improvement. (And I have plenty.)

eks~Thanks for managing the race list. It's inspiring to see. Hopefully I'll have one to add soon.

Happy New Year, everyone!
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I have an OT question. I looked in Questions and Suggestions but didn't see anything and am too : to ask there.

Why does hale: say "Humans" and not "Whales"? I am so literal-minded, and one of EK's favorite topics of discussion is why the whales are endangered, so I was gonna show her the smiley but then got confused.
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Happy New Years! We celebrated at Janessa's house last night --lots of junk food, knitting, and good chatting. My family toasted Iceland's new years and went to bed early. I understand that the party went much later.

BBM ~ ipod: I think This American Life is great to listen to for running. I also download the Diane Riem show, NPR Science Friday, Lime and Violet (crass knitting podcast), and the audio from Bill Maher.

Originally Posted by VeganCupcake View Post
DH and I went for a moonlit snowshoe just before midnight
Ohhh, that sounds lovely!

Originally Posted by eksmom View Post
The Preggo Dingo List
HollysMom - January
Due January 25, never carried past 38 weeks.

Just call me the chief stalker.

Originally Posted by towsonmama View Post
rr~That's right--I have a running report again after my six week rehab!!! I'm back, baby! I ran an even 2 miles today in just over 20 minutes.
Yeah! Yipee!

I've got my 16 week schedule printed out -- 215 miles by 4/20, plus strength exercises 2x/week. Must hop on treadmill soon.
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Hey dingos, I have been trying to post but MDC keeps kicking me off, so this is a test...
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I'm here and preggo! 9/9/7

Don't know how much running I'll get in....
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Has anyone heard "shakin Dave's" show on npr monday nights 8 - 11? It's a blues show. I wish I could figure out a way to get it on tape, ipod...whatever.
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Hey can I join? I'd love the extra motivation! I have a relay race coming up this summer and I'm also going to relay a triathlon with some girlfriends. I'm really excited to start running again.
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