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I moved from New Braunfels. It is near San Antonio. Salli Gonzalez from the Family Birth Center in New Braunfels was my midwife. She also works as a doula and has been doing that much longer. She was awesome so if anybody in the area needs a midwife I highly recommend her. :

Also about being on call with a baby. I figure it will be a few months before I actually find a midwife willing to take me on and by then he'll be a little older. And I've spoken to quite a few women who worked when theire babies were this age and they told me that they just left the baby with their husband and either left pumped milk to be given when the baby woke up or had their husband bring the baby to them to feed and then took the baby back home. One midwife I spoke to said she also took her kids with her becuase she didn't have any one to watch them at night. So I know I could make it work when the time comes.
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Hi Katana,

Yep, I thought I knew of you. I am apprenticing with Amber who owns the Birth Center in New Braunfels. It is too bad you moved because there are a lot of midwives around San Antonio that take on apprentices. I am almost finished and will take the NARM in February. It is good that you are making contacts in your area. Just keep at it and everything will fall into place when the time is right.

Take Care,
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Originally Posted by feminine_earth View Post
Hi! I just got back from a phenomenal birth doula training with Rae Davies!! Was she your trainer? Oh my goodness, it was amazing!! :

Anyway! About FSTM, yep, I will be starting in August, God willing. I'm going crazy trying to figure out ways to raise money. You can read more about that in my blog, if you're interested. Basically, I simply don't have $20,000 laying around in a bank account somewhere! So I'm saving money from my day job and will hopefully raise enough for at least the first year through donations, sponsorship, and fundraisers...but there's no guarantee so I'm pretty darn nervous!

I really liked that they said there's a possibility of state funding starting next year. If I quit my job and my husband is the only one working, I can definitely get some Pell Grant money, hopefully. But again, she said there was no guarantee on that either.

Yeah, if you wouldn't mind pm'ing me with the schedule info, that'd be great.

Good luck with your math pre-reqs! I've got my AA, so I'm okay on pre-reqs, but I'm taking A&P 1 and 2 this spring and summer, and I haven't been in college in four years, so I'm hoping it'll be easy to get back in the swing of things! Good luck to us both!

Glad you loved your training! My trainer was Rayna Degree, also with dona, but I've heard great things about rae as well.

I'm so hoping I can get the pell grant also- that would be wonderful. I don't know what your living situation is like, but we're planning on renting a room in our home to help fund my midwifery school. We're especially hoping to finish the MIL suite we plan on adding to be able to rent that out- that would pretty much pay for everything. I'm also going to be teaching some CBE and doing PP and birth doula work as much as I can to pay for school- and also doing what we can to save now. My husband is still in school (going back to get his bachelors), so that makes us elligible for student loans through him- so worst case we can just do that.

I read your blog- I'm always wanting to create one, but haven't been able to yet! Maybe I'll be able to work on it some this month.... I'm excited to read more about your sponsorship opportunities, that sounds like a very cool idea! I'd love to get a birthwork-friendly job in addition to my doula work, but they're hard to find. I'd need to be able to leave at the drop of a hat pretty much, especially once I'mn assisting, so potential employers aren't too keen on that! Maybe I just won't tell, and I'll get a job for the holidays, then if I need to walk out I will. But that is also bad karma.

For now I'm just trying to work on all my trainings and widining the field of what I can do. Doula work is helpful- but I'd like to do more as well.
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congrats Reha.

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Ok Michelle....spill it! What's going on!?

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Originally Posted by 636Jen View Post
Ok Michelle....spill it! What's going on!?

Check out her siggie Jen.
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Congrats :
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Awesome! One great thing after another with you Reha!! Congratulations!!!

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How awesome, Reha!! Congratulations!! :
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I have a question about the NARM application. I am applying to take the NARM in February and the deadline to submit the application is December 1st. I noticed on the NARM website where you send in money to have the application sent to you. There is also a link to download the application. Do you have to buy an application or can you print it off from their site and send that one in?

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: Yeah for July surprises Reha!!!
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Congrats, Reha!!!
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Thanks everyone! I'm pretty excited!! It was a bit of a surprise, but welcomed none the less. I was thinking we'd get pregnant in Feb or March, but a July baby sounds just fine to me, too!

Georgetown HB Mom, you can go ahead and print it out and mail it in (that's what I did), but you have to pay an extra $25 with your application, since people who order the packet from them pay $50 (I think, maybe it's less, I never ordered it myself). So, you pay $725 if you print the pages yourself.
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congratulations! :
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Congrats Reha!!! :
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Congrats Reha!!!

I think you all have helped sort things out. I have no hopes of moving. It's not an option. Our house was on the market for 4 years, we moved to IL 30 days ago. Dh will work and eventually own/run his father's business which is third generation and will never move out of the Chicago area. So my feet are planted. I recieved acceptance today to a University with a BSN program. I guess I have an option now. I just wonder how hard it will be to find someone to get hands on experience with. I'm not connected well here to keep my feet grounded and not become tainted by the system. I'm waiting to hear how muich of my credit transfer and exactly how much pre-req. work I have before actual nursing school and of course I have to figure out financial aid and how i am going to pay for this. I've also possed some serious work to my husband to figure out if he can emotionally be a wife to a nurse and /or midwife and handle the hours and unpredictability.

I'm feeling very confused. I wish I'd jsut get a sign. I feel like this is the only thing i have ever been called to do and yet....I'm not sre if it means I am "suppossed" to do it. Does that make any sense?
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Yeah, that makes sense. Maybe you are just not meant to do it right now? Maybe you are supposed to study for now and prepare and in a few years the laws will change or somehow you'll move... If you really believe that you are meant to be a midwife and if you don't want to be a nurse, than stick to that. Do what you can now and sooner or later the rest will fall into place, if its meant to be. Anyway, thats my :twocents:
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Floridians (and everybody else who is interested)!!!!! The Florida School of Traditional Midwifery has just been approved for FINANCIAL AID AND STUDENT LOAN FUNDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : : :
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That is such a good thing to hear. I am beyond happy right now.
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