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Dh is running off to the UPS store to fax in application materials for me for a job I'm pretty much perfectly qualified for (and it has to be received in, oh, 20 minutes, and I found the job announcment, oh, 45 minutes ago). Downside is that I'd have an hour commute (each way).

I'll say more stuff later, when I feel my time is more my own... :
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kk-wow! What kind of job? Tell us more when you can.
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The UPS Store? I loved working there! Crossing my fingers for ya!
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: for you KK. I'm already planning a great smilie parade for when you get the job. And it includes lots of hand clapping smilies for certain MMF members.
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Originally Posted by Sarah'sMama View Post
: for you KK. I'm already planning a great smilie parade for when you get the job. And it includes lots of hand clapping smilies for certain MMF members.

Good luck, KK!

I am having a carptastical night. It's one of those days where I just want to disappear for like, a WEEK and be left the heck alone. :
But I am about to go to bed so I will talk to you mamas later.

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Hope tomorrow is better, mama.
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KK- oooooh let us know more when you can about the job. Is it research or teaching? Is it specifically microbial ecology? Also, it would be very cool if you could swing by and see us in the airport, , but please only come if the fun of it would outweigh the stress and incovenience of it.

Jacq- waiting to read oy about dh's job too. My dumb computer keeps kickin me off the net today, so I haven't checked.

Renae- hopin the craptastical eve has been followed by a peaceful day!

Meesa- way to think on your feet. Mama to the rescue!

OK, it's taken me an hour to do this check. Some day I'll figure out why my computer is so finicky! Gotta call CPR students now and remind them to show up.
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I aced my chem exam!!! I'm so excited!!! I suck at science- so this is a major accomplishment for me!! WOOOOHOOO!

Here's me being healthy happy scientific earthlovin girl! :
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Danile! GO YOU! :
Part of my icky night was cominghome late after a rough childcare night (I watch some kids from a local political group while their parents meet), then being VERY aware that FRIDAY is the busiest & most stressful of our week. Most people bemoan Mondays, I am not fond of Fridays. :
Lots of running around, taking care of other people's kids, with poor Rowan tagging along not getting enough of his mama's attention. Sucks.
But oh well, we work how we can, you know?
And we have pretty much no plans this weekend. And I start yoga again tomorrow morning, for the first time in over a year. That'll be nice.

Later, mamas! Have a good day.
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shaping up to be a crazy day. hj not eating after two days of doing very well. not able to pump that well for some reason. stress maybe? carpity carp carp carp. send all your : vibes his way.
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Ooh, Heath, sending lots of calm, flowy, eaty vibes your way. C'mon, HJ...
Ferny, I'll send you a PM.

T is sick in bed with a fever. This will be the first day of school he's ever missed, poor guy.

It's a soil conservationist position for the Natural Resources Conservation Service (govt job). It aligns really well with my (academic) background... the only downside is that there'd be a killer commute. If I got it, I think I'd try to negotiate for a compressed workweek and/or some telecommuting. (In general, I've felt pretty crappy about things I've applied to; I feel like my big almost 7 year mama gap is glaring up at them. I wonder what kind of impact it will have on *this* application. And yes, now that things are settling down again, I need to get back at my dissertation.) Anyway, if I got it, I think I'd do it for a year (to get over my mama gap hump) and then look for something closer to home. I don't know if my pessimism, lack of confidence, and all-around negativity is coming through strongly enough.
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Thanks for all the support regarding the lying thing. It weighed on me all day until I talked to John about it. I'm going to be lazy and copy and paste my response from the other thread. But the short version of resolution is pretty close to what Elsanne said. It's not about me. It's about DSS and his mom and their issues. I can not and will not ever be able to change that, so let's keep it movin'!

My DH, otoh, is from divorced parents. I did speak with him about this and he reminded me that most kids do this. If their parents are split up, the kids is most likely going to try to work both the parents for what they want. And I think he's right, to an extent. I can remember growing up, my friends with divorced parents did stuff like this all the time. It doesn't make it okay, but it makes is waaaaaaay less about ME, and more circumstantial.

So yeah, DH was really great when I talked to him about it. He reminded me that HE appreciates everything I do (he really does and is very good about letting me know all the time ) and that I should let go of expecting any appreciation from my DSS or his mom. DSS, well, he's just a kid and kids don't usually appreciate their parents, birth or step, until much later in life. And as for his exwife, she can not appreciate me because it's just too hard for her. She can't handle caring for her son, and I can and do, and that's difficult for her. I can understand that. And it makes me feel a bit more empathetic towards her.

As for letting mom know she is being manipulated.... well, she already knows she is. She is well aware of DSS's lying (it's well documented in his IEP at school as a major area of concern) and there's nothing to report to her, really. She has actually said she thinks it's "cool to see his brain work" when he is lying, as there was a time in his life (due to medical issues) they did not know what sort of cognitive abilities he would have at all. She takes a certain pride in knowing he is capable of manipulating, because it was once questionable that he would walk, talk, or live any kind of normal life. So basically, she already knows he lies and she is choosing to believe him under certain circumstances. We can not change what she chooses to believe, especially since in this case, she is emotionally invested in believing I am doing a sub-par job. She knows deep down that's not true, but it makes her feel better to believe it on the surface. These are her issues, not mine. And to be honest, I don't want to get involved in that conversation with her.

That day, when DSS got home from school, I very calmly told him that I appreciated his honesty with me earlier about lying about me to his mom. I said I feel very sad and disrespected by him when he does this, and I would never do that to him, because I care about him and would never want people to think poorly of him. I also told him that he is free to talk to his mother however he chooses, there is nothing I can do to control that. But I would hope he would choose differently in the future. He was a little stunned that I was so calm (this is my new tactic ) and I think he was mostly embarrassed. I didn't shame him, but I did let him know how I felt about his actions. I don't know if he got it or not, but I can only assume a little bit sunk in and move forward.
KK, good luck with the job! Sounds right up your ally.

Heather, hugs on the feeding issues. Blech. Can't a sister get a break????
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Oh my goodness... my sleep deprived new mamaness is totally a moron. I just reread KK's post and realized she meant that she was using the UPS store to fax something... not applying there...

Forgive me KK... Crossing my fingers now for a job that SOUNDS much better since I've had a little sleep now...
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Danile, great job on the chem exam!

Sherri, at your clapping hand smilie threat.

Mia does not go to a co-op preschool, and I must say, I'm glad. They don't even allow parents in the classroom. They are pretty strict Montessori and parents are too distracting of the children's work. Fine by me.
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fingers crossed on the application, KK

and congrats on the great chem test danile! and such a short time after giving birth...you're amazing!
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So much I wanna say, so just not able to do it right now.

HJ, :

Sherri, your smilie art actually brought tears to my eyes. Thanks!
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: about the chem exam! I saw your thought about kk applying at the ups store and I have to admit, it made me giggle. kk, why don't you just apply for a position there so that the commute is much shorter? : I totally gave you credit for new-mama-in-school brain, Danile.

Meg, so glad it came to the resolution it did.

I'm just biding time until viet comes home while amara screams on me. Get. These. Kids. Away!

I am hoping for a couple hours to myself tonight...
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i forgot to say : to HJ

i'm hoping for a few hours of sewing time to myself this weekend. i have deadline pressure to get a baby pressie done! arrrgghh. last night was luckily better on the bedtime front. isaac has been sleeping in my bed ever since jasmine came home from the vet. he said he likes to sleep with her and i have her confined to our bedroom to recover. last night i left him up there and this morning he told me 'jasmine won't share the bed with me!!' (read: jasmine was not into a cuddle with a 3yo boy). funny

i love the bat for lashes song what's a girl to do
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:Happy Birthday Caitlin!! :
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Thanks : I can't believe my first babe is SIX years old today! So far we've had a blast - six girls painting toenails, making bracelets, generally running amok. The guests have gone home and now it's quiet time...
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