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### ~~ November 2006 Mamas - Happy New Year! ~~ ###

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Happy New Year
all you November 2006 mamas!
: :

Welcome to 2008

Our babies are all one, can you believe it???? Or, should I say our "toddlers" ? Where does the time go? In fact, they are entering their 3rd year - strange, huh? 2006, 2007, now 2008!

DD is walking most of the time. She gets up and down from our bed (up is a little more difficult). She's got 10 teeth and eats almost everything - if she feels like it. She seems to be down to one nap on most days. Oh, well! We are so enjoying every day with her and I hope the rest of you November mamas are loving life as much as we are!

We are a chatty group, so if you are new, feel free to jump on in! If you lost us in last months thread feel free to pick right back up with us. We have talked about teeth, eating, babywearing, crawling, babyproofing, dipes and other baby accessories, and trying to relate to people who don't always parent AP style. There is always someone else who is going through the same things and it is so nice to have someone who can relate! This is a really supportive group of mamas and I, for one, am so happy to have this group!

Here is our current list of November Babies! If you are new to us please post in the thread and I will add you to the list. Some more recent babies are not on the list - please post that your babe is not listed and I'll add her or him!

Sydney 7-27 (home from hospital 11-16)
Gabrielle 10/23

November 1
Aaron 11/1
Benton 11/1
Morgan 11/1

November 2
Anna 11/2
Conchobhar 11/2
Georgia 11/2
Noah 11/2

November 3
Avishai 11/3
Devin 11/3
Hana Rae 11/3
Ilana 11/3
Porter 11/3

November 4
Abbi True 11/4
Chloe 11/4
Elijah 11/4
Raphael 11/4

November 5
Alex 11/5
Atticus 11/5
Ben 11/5
Lilienne 11/5

November 6
Clayton 11/6
Eden 11/6
Ian 11/6

November 7
Florian 11/7
Jema Bear 11/7
Lillie 11/7
Peter 11/7
Ruck Turner 11/7

November 8
Ella 11/8
Millie 11/8

November 9
Eli 11/9
Guillaume 11/9
Magnus 11/9
Ruby 11/9
Kamden 11/9
Sophia 11/9

November 10
Erik 11/10
Evangeline Lily Marie 11/10

November 11
Siann 11/11

November 12
Alex 11/12
Colin 11/12
Ethan 11/12
Ingrid 11/12
Vivian 11/12

November 13
Elijah 11/13
Jaxon 11/13
Nyx 11/13

November 14
Emerson 11/14
Zeben 11/14

November 15
Dov 11/15
Elijah 11/15
Fynn 11/15
Mikaela 11/15
Miriam 11/15
Nell 11/15

November 16
Aiden 11/16
Ava 11/16
Lea 11/16
Luca 11/16
Simi 11/16

November 17
Isabella 11/17
Landis 11/17
Morgan 11/17
Nate 11/17
Talia 11/17
Gracie 11/17

November 18
Jericho 11/18
Joseph 11/18
Ryan 11/18
Seraphina Judith 11/18

November 19
Carl 11/19
Landon 11/19
Liam 11/19
Ruby Isabella 11/19
Theron 11/19
Trenton 11/19

November 20
Corbyn Jack 11/20
Fiona 11/20
Kira 11/20
Libby 11/20
Morrigan 11/20

November 21
Aidan Maxwell 11/21
Greyson 11/21
TJ 11/21

November 22
Darwin 11/22

November 23
Ambrose 11/23
Benjamin Louis 11/23
Owen 11/23
Yarrow 11/23

November 24
Carter 11/24
Lily 11/24
Maaike 11/24
Marissa 11/24

November 25
Asheby 11/25
Quincy 11/25
Liam 11/25
Dorothy 11/25

November 26
Yasmeen 11/26
Omiros 11/26

November 27
Adam 11/27
Dominic 11/27
Indigo 11/27
Mara 11/27
Mackenzie 11/27
Nicholas 11/27

November 28
Abhainn 11/28
Colleen Rosemary 11/28
Joaquin 11/28
Khéna 11/28
Leroy 11/28
Macy 11/28
Owen 11/28
Scott 11/28
Yossi 11/28
Kaeleigh 11/28
Melvin 11/28
Maya 11/28

November 29
Aubrey 11/29
Layla 11/29

November 30
Alex 11/30
Eleanor 11/30
Jackson 11/30
Logan 11/30
Mila 11/30
Rosalyn 11/30
Sophia 11/30

Running Total: 126 Babies!
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Wow, 126 Nov babies! Atticus is being ... well... a bit overwhelming these days. I believe he's getting a few teeth right now, so that could explain it. He's really into screaming and crying when he doens't get his way. I'm just trying to have patience and keep up my ideal of gentle discipline. Although, Ihave to admit, that sometimes I do want to slap his little fingers when he blatantly will do something I've said no to.
So far I've been able to keep myself in check, though. This too shall pass, right?
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Originally Posted by katiedidbug View Post
Wow, 126 Nov babies! Atticus is being ... well... a bit overwhelming these days. I believe he's getting a few teeth right now, so that could explain it. He's really into screaming and crying when he doens't get his way. I'm just trying to have patience and keep up my ideal of gentle discipline. Although, Ihave to admit, that sometimes I do want to slap his little fingers when he blatantly will do something I've said no to.
So far I've been able to keep myself in check, though. This too shall pass, right?
Yup, it shall!
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Happy New Year, November mamas and babies!

Jackson started walking on December 19 and he barely ever crawls anymore..he is a walking fool. It's so cute. He is in the process of getting his 4th tooth right now...he's got his 2 bottom fronts and his right top front JUST came in the other day, and the left looks like it will come through any time now. He is starting to eat more...his favorite food is little bits of fruit leathers. But he still nurses at LEAST every 2 hours, if not more often than that. He's sleeping longer stretches at night...or at least it seems like he's not on me quite as often...maybe I am just sleeping through it.

He also got his first haircut 2 days ago...it looks cute, but I am sad and wish I didn't cut it...his hair was getting long and shaggy, but now I miss his baby "feathers". I don't think I'll cut it again. Like I said, it's cute now but it doesn't look like my Jackson!
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Hi November 06 Mamas! I haven't posted in a while but just had to say Happy New Year!

Anna will be 14 months tomorrow and I just can't believe it. She has 3 teeth and has just started pulling up and cruising (she was a later crawler, too, at 10 and 1/2 months...all in good time, right?) which is exciting but terrifying as I watch her try to navigate on those unsteady legs. It is so weird to see her in an upright position after watching her crawl all this time!

The toddler tantrums have begun around here, as well and I have to admit that it is tricky for me to figure out how to deal with them sometimes. She absolutely SCREAMS sometimes and it is amazingly loud. Anna has never been shy about sharing her feelings about life, though. No shrinking violet is my little girl.

Any tips on play dates with other babes of the same age? My DD (as I just said) is not shy and is more dominant of a personality. She sometimes is a little bit of a bully and will pull toys from other babies (making them cry) and has even tried to bite or hit (I don't even know where she got this from--is this just built in from birth? because she sure as heck doesn't see this modeled from her father and I or anyone else that I'm aware of). Help! It makes me so sad. We are working on "gentle" but I think that "share" is beyond her development ability right now, right? ANy other ideas or tips? I feel like I'm just on the edge of my seat anytime she is playing with others...I don't want her to be the bully!

On the upside, Anna is outgoing and fun and full of smiles for the most part. She has even been sleeping pretty well (yay, after 13 months of pretty bad sleep she only wakes up once a night now for the most part!).

Happy New Year!


DD Anna born at home November 2, 2006
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Happy New Years November mamas and babes!!!!

We too have a screamer. Sometimes it's funny, other times not so funny : I'm sure once she can find a nicer way to express herself she will but man she's got some lungs on her, lol!

We have 4 teeth and got a whole week of peace until last night. She woke up at 2ish and was up for about an hour, crying most of that time before we got settled back down. I think she's getting 2 more in on the top and I'm hoping once they pop through we'll get a bit of a break again!

On a positive note, DD is all about kisses with the "mmmmm" sound, so sweet, i could just melt all over the place

Hope the New Year finds everyone in good spirits!!!
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Happy happy new year! Poor old DD won't settle in bed tonight - she keeps crying and crying. We think it's teething...
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Hi everyone!

I've been out of the loop for a while, but thought I'd try to jump back in. Simi has become a typical toddler- messy, demanding, tantrums, etc. But she's still her silly and sweet self for the most part. She seems to have no real interest in walking. She will practice standing, but looks like she's going to be one late walker, for sure. She has about 15-20 words and seems to be learning more every day. DH & I are really watching what we say now b/c she's getting pretty good at repeating things.

I guess that's all. I'll try to keep up this time!
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DS discovered the hallway about a month ago, and all he ever wants to do is go walking (dancing, crawling, being carried, spinning - -whatever variation) up and down the halls all day long. He yanks me by the finger to the door and cries if I don't let him out -- then once he's out, he cries if I don't follow him around. If I do he's happy and giggly, though, so I can't complain too much.

Last night he woke up at 9 and decided he was up for the evening. When I wouldn't go outside to play with him (already undressed) he had a minor breakdown. Then a few minutes later he tried to get me to go outside again, and I wouldn't do it -- this time he just pretended to have a breakdown. As long as I was looking at him, he cried huge crocodile tears (though I could hear the effort in his voice) and every time I looked away (DH was watching) his face went back to normal. I didn't want to laugh at him, but it was very hard not to! By 11:30 pm, though, I was past the laughing stage... I was thinking that he might be getting teeth, because he hasn't had any in a while and he wasn't sleeping too well after that either, but he wasn't fussing or unhappy -- he was just UP.

DS doesn't usually scream to get his way -- he'll just fuss for a while or cry a little bit. HOWEVER, we spent some time yesterday with a 15 month old screamer, and for the next few hours, DS screamed when he didn't get his way. MIL promised to watch that boy for a few hours a week this upcoming month and I'm a little apprehensive that DS will decide he really likes screaming. He's a real imitator nowadays and I have no doubt that his screaming yesterday was related to being around the other baby. That baby doesn't walk yet, and DS was also imitating his way of crawling on his knees.

He started giving kisses last week. He used to make kissing noises, or kiss random things (books, papers), but he never kissed a person until just a few days ago, and it is so sweet!

I was complaining to DH about how tough I'm finding it to get down and up from the floor so often, and I was saying that I didn't remember being this uncomfortable last pregnancy. Then I remembered -- that's probably because I didn't have any reason to be getting down on and up from the floor last pregnancy -- I didn't have a baby to chase around! Part of me is wishing for this baby to be born already (I am term today) but my rational side argues that things are only going to get much more complicated and difficult.
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oh dov's mom that is so cute and funny with the crocodile tears. I probably would have been laughing my butt off. Keep us posted on your new addition, I'm sure it will be a challenge but you will find your groove before long.

Omiros still hasn't got his tooth through yet, so he's still a fussy pants. But my migraine is gone!
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Hi, I just found this site not too long ago. My DD was born Nov 17th. Her name is Gianna. She currently has 11 teeth and is working on her last molar.

Our current biggest challenge is her sleep (or lack of). She is waking up after every cycle, so every 40-120 mins, all night long. DH and I are trying a new plan starting Thurs. I do bed time, then from 8 to midnight (or when he goes to bed) if she wakes, it is his job to get her back to sleep, unless she freaks out. It is just too much to expect me to nurse her back to sleep 5+ times every night, then work the next day. The last time I got more than 4 consecutive hours sleep was the first week of Nov.

SHe is starting t otalk more, we thing. She has said mama and dada for a while. I think we got dog (du), up, hot, and santa (tan-ta) (not sure how she got that as we didn't really do santa). She is much more into physical stuff than verbal things. She has been walking since 10 months old. I kinda wish she would slow down with all that though

Gianna is in day care full time right near my job. We drive an hour each way every day to work/ day care. Some days she will sleep in the car, others she is awake and pissy. We are still RF in her seat and plan to stay that way at least till winter is over (so May in Chicago .

G has a lot of allergies (see siggy) and since I am BF'ing, most of them I avoid too. My health and weight has taken a hit as a result. Over the last month i have managed to gain some weight back, but I am still about 10 lbs under where I think I should be. i give the credit to holiday treats, though I have been trying to up my good fat intake.

Bullying babies: Yep I understand what you mean. My DD has always been the take charge kind of kid. i do follow her around when we are around other kids. She has a certain love of hair and since she doesn't have any she like to pull other kids'. I am sssllloowwly seeing an improvement. Play dates kind stress me out really. I don't get any adult time since I am constantly monitoring her. I do GD her and the other kids pretty regularly when we are out. Sharing is not in her vocab yet, but taking turns is. i just be sure to have 2 toys at all times, that way no one is without something to play with. She enjoys older kids much more. We had my 2.5 /o nephew over Sat ans she has a blast. I was very concerned since he doesn't usually do well with kids, but they did really good.

This is my bubba girl last month.
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That's one cute kid you've got, Mrsboyko!
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Have any of you successfully night weaned, or thought about it? Atticus, for the most part sleeps in his crib now, but he's up2-4 times. I also would like to ttc in the spring/summer, and still no return of AF.
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Oops. Forgot to sub. Subbing.
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I was just going to ask about night weaning. Asheby sleeps in his own bed, down at 7:30, dreamfeed at 10, then he wakes at between 3-5am to nurse again, then up by before 8am. I would really like him to drop that early morning feeding because I am having a terrible time getting back to sleep after it, if I do at all. And I am EXHAUSTED.
Just today I started by putting him down for his nap and bedtime with no nursing right before, just a little humming and rocking. He is almost always awake when I put him down after nursing at night, but I thought maybe this would help. Ugh, I don't know,
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I have tried putting Atticus to bed awake; he just cries! I'm kinda at my wit's end because I don't want to let him cry, but I really want to stop the night nursings because he's not happy in my bed anymore, and I hate getting up so many times a night to rock and nurse.
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I have been thinking about night weaning, but I don't truly think either of us are ready yet. Lately, Simi's sleep has been beyond awful. She's teething so hopefully that's why. She really doesn't fall asleep on the breast anymore, but she sure wants to nurse all night long.
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Any biting issues?

DD has started biting me while nursing. She bites and watches me, and laughs if I react in any way. It really hurts, and is difficult to catch her at ahead of time. I try not to react, but sometimes it is impossible not to. I have tried unlatching her and turning her/setting her away from me, but she doesn't seem to mind. I have also tried telling her, "That hurts Mommy. Please stop." Again, she doesn't respond to that either. Any ideas??
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Atticus has always been a biter. I just take him off the breast when he starts biting. We're done nursing at that point. Most of the time, he's like "Whatever." Still, though, the biting has gotten better.
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Gianna is traumatized if I end a nursing session before she is ready, so popping her off and sitting her on the floor makes an impression on her. I do end up letting her finish after she has been off for a few seconds (and thus bawling for a few seconds).

Night waking:
I have a thread going in night time parenting right now about our efforts. I am not really trying to night wean as much as just getting her to sleep for longer at a time. She is waking up just so much. I can't handle it, so I am not. We (ha, I) have decided that if she wakes before midnight, she is DH's problem. If she sees me, she will only sleep if she is fed.

We started this last night. Boy, was she pissed when she was DH walk in to her at 10:40 last night, but he got her back to sleep w/o me!! My theory is that if she figures out that she is not going to get fed (not all night, just the first half) maybe she won't be up every hour. Then, maybe, that good sleep for the first half of the night will carry over to the rest of the night ..... maybe?
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