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transverse lie with twins

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Hi all, happy new year. I went in for my second ultrasound, now wishing I had not. I am 32 weeks preg now w/ twins and they are saying babies are both transverse. Now I am worried. The ultrasound tech said I have a lot of fluid and the babies were moving alot for how far along I am. My midwife says I have a lot of time yet for the babies to turn to were they need to be, which I believe also, I am just a nervous nelly. I absolutly do not want a c-section. So if anyone here has experienced this and had your babies turn later on or if you know a good way to get them to turn please fill me in.
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I do not have experience with this but I have worked with families with transverse babies. I would definately get into the chiropractor ASAP and get the Webster technique done. Get your whole body adjusted to allow the most room for the babies.
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I do go to the chiropractor every week and have been going weekly since september, I have an appointment with the chiro tomorrow and I will discuss webster technique with her then. I haven't read much on webster technique. Is it successful with twins and transverse lie?
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The Webster technique isn't about turning babies, it's about balancing mom's pelvis and body so that the uterus has as much room as possible for babies to assume to best position for birth. It does work with twins, although sometimes both twins don't become vertex - in my office I recently had a mom with twins, baby A turned vertex, baby B remained breech until delivery, and she was able to deliver both vaginally in a relatively easy labor.

If your chiropractor doesn't know Webster's, check on www.icpa4kids.org and the find a doctor link for one close to you who does. I work with a lot of pregnant moms in my office (I'm a chiro), and I find that Webster's works most of the time as far as allowing baby to assume best position for birth.

You might need more frequent care than once per week until babies settle into position, but that would be a decision that I wouldn't be able to make until after seeing you.... it really depends on what's going on.

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My chiro is webster certified, she mentioned to me once about "unwinding" me, could you tell me what that is? She said she would explain it to me while she did it. Thought I would ask you what it is while I am thinking about it.
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I just wanted to say that my guys were still moving around right before they were born at 36 weeks. You still have time for them to move.
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My only experience with this is that my baby B was transverse/breech through my pregnancy and during labor. He eventually turned vertex all on his own during labor and was born that way. I know that's not the same as both being transverse now, but I do believe there's still time for them to rotate down into position. The main concern would be for baby A to get situated. Once s/he's born, then there's a lot more room for baby B to move - it just might take some time (there was 2 1/2 hours between my babies births).
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My A was always vertex, while my B moved from breech to transverse, and finally vertex just before birth at 36 weeks. I still had to have a c-section due to my pre-e.
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Both my babies were transverse for the whole pregnancy. There may have been two days or so when Raphi (baby A) was head down. I tried a chiropractor, I tried webster, I tried Moxybustion, and I still landed up with a c-section. No matter how you look at it, does it really matter how they come out as long as they are healthy and not in the nicu?
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Hi, my first baby was breech and my second baby would turn all over the place until the end. My first baby did not move at all for the last 3 months, but the second was in a different position for every ultra sound i had (which after 32 weeks was weekly), so it really depends on the baby as well. Just to let you know, I did end up having to have a c-section, but it isn't as bad as everyone makes it seem, although perhaps it was just my case. Its very hard recovery for the first few days, but after that, if you take care of yourself, its not that bad. The more you walk, the faster you will heal. 2 weeks after having my girls, I felt like I was back to normal. Remember, even if you do have a c-section, sometimes it is best, and as long as the babies come out healthy, its worth it. Good Luck!
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The clinic called me today, I talked to my backup dr's nurse, and she said the U/S report said that the first baby was coming head first and the second looked like it was coming butt first. So I am guessing the tech who did the ultra sound wasn't exactly sure of what she was seeing. I know the tech does the U/S and gives all the info to the radiologist and the radiologist looks at everything and then types up the report. Well anyway, the doc is mailing me a copy of the ultra sound report, and I have another one scheduled for the 21st, so we'll know even more then. But so far according to the u/s report and backup dr., this is good news. I did go to the chiropractor today and she started doing webster technique and this thing called unwinding me, and my midwife thinks I should keep doing that until I go into labor anyways, twice a week. I think it is a good idea also, considering ever since I've been about 23-24 weeks preg my lower back and tailbone area have been very tight, the adjustments help. Thanks everyone for all the feedback it has been encouraging.
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