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It's January 2008! - Page 2

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i was thinking the same thing! this board is going to be really busy the next few weeks!
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I can't believe it is January! I am so happy to have made it to 2008! Gotta finish taking down the holiday decorations and getting organized so hopefully the babe stays in a bit longer!
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I am totally with the mamas who feel it could be anyday now OR weeks away. I am really trying not to put any pressure on myself or baby. I *want* to birth before my parents leave (when I am 40w4d) but I really don't know if that will happen. I am trying to just be at peace with when it will happen, that this baby knows when to be born, but it is hard.
Today I am feeling a little down: not sure why...
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Originally Posted by mama_y_sol View Post
Today I am feeling a little down: not sure why...
mama, you sound exactly how i sounded in my posts the day before i went into labor with my other two. the day before labor i go ointo gloom mode, lol. here's hoping it's soon!
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I still can't digest this January thing!
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I know YAY! January is here...I still have a couple weeks left I am due the 19th ..I do not feel prepared at all even though everything is all set and we are now waiting but it will be nice to have a little babe to hold in my arms soon and maybe sleep a few hours at a time....the kids are sooo thrilled they can not wait...
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January 08? What is this January 08 you all speak of? Isn't it still November 07? :

I just need to get my birth box. The holiday decorations are still up and my dining room is a nightmare, but the bedroom and bathroom are clean and that's what really matters : So as soon as I get my birth box, I will feel totally comfy going into labor. :
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Yes, I can relate about the feeling of "any day" or "weeks!" I'm due tomorrow!! But I have told myself this whole time not to get my hopes up until mid-Jan. This pregnancy has been really awful for most of the time, so time has dragged by so slowly for me. Even so, I am very grateful that the baby didn't come in the days before Christmas, or even all of last week. Now that Christmas is over, our decorations are put away, I feel better about the timing of the baby. Actually, next week will be perfect! (I say this as I'm having some regular back cramping going on! )
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