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i am a soon to be single mom (and trying to come up with a better term) papers will be signed tomorrow. i have lots of questions and am glad you are all here.
i plan to finish my nursing degree after i move away from here.
my ds is 5.5 and dd is 3.75 (they keep track of the fractions) and i am not sure how all of this is hitting them and how they are dealing. we keep going along though, and we have each other. they are the sweetest ones ever, hugging me when i cry so that i will be happy...thats all for now, but will start another thread about moving....
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Hello there!

I am a single mom of a wonderful 13-month old boy. His current favorite word is "GEEE" (with a hard "g" like "geezer"), even though he knows a couple of other understandable words.
I'm lucky that his father is a great guy, who is financially responsible (I don't know where I'd be without his generosity).
He is a pretty good dad, but we disagree on the importance of the mother. He believes that my babycake doesn't need me any more than him, and we are starting to get in heated arguments about where lovebunny spends weekends, even holidays.
I'm currently seeking legal advice, although trying to avoid the courts. I'm not breastfeeding so his father doesn't see why he can't have him 50% of the time.
This pretty much consumes my thoughts lately. I cry A LOT.
The thought of my sweet bundle being split apart.....
At the same time I'm trying to find work from home, too. In my bio I have "Childbirth Educator" but that is in process... I will be attending a seminar in a few months for certification, and then will start teaching Natural Childbirth from home. I don't know if this will be enough for a living, but would like to try my best to make it work. I'm currently working part-time (weekends and evenings), at a job that has flexible hours, but no real future that I am interested in, and I don't want to be there forever.
I am very happy to have found you guys!!!
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Hi, pleased to meet you all.

I'm a 25 yo single mum of 3 beautiful girls (1 is asleep in my arms right now ). I'm still technically married to the father of my oldest 2 although we seperated when i was pregnant with #2. The father of my youngest and I were never in a serious relationship ...she was a complete suprise and it took me a long time to accept it. Iwas planning on adopting her out but didnt really have the support to do it...and am now really glad i didnt

My xh has the girls one afternoon a week and overnight once a week also. My babys dad is very spasmodic with the contact he has. I dont mind too much right now, but would rather it be more regular/reliable. Hes a nice guy, just young and scared i guess.

I was also very fortunate to meet an adorable man nearly 4 years ago and was in a relationship with him for 2 yrs, that ended mainly because i dont think i was ready for a decent relationship!! We have started to see a bit of each other lately and im hopeful that we can reconcile. If not, then i have a great friend and +ve male rolemodel for my girls. He adores the girls and they love him to bits also...he is even really fond of my baby.
Ill keep you posted

I sleep with my dd's, breastfeed, dont vaccinate, use cloth nappies etc...

Any way Ii think ive rambled on enough here. If anyone has any suggestions on how to deal with their children spending more time with the x's new partner than the x id love to hear about them.
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Peace and Blessings everyone I'm a single momma to 14 month old Ras. I am one of the only one of my friends and family to breastfeed, and approach parenting in a natural way. So sometimes I feel isolated, but since I've found the Mothering board I feel better about my choices. I am a middle school teacher, but would LOVE to quit and homeschool. My ds's dad lives in chicago (I live in New Jersey)and has only seen him once when he was 6 weeks old. He fully supports ds financially and me emotionally (ds has had many ear and upper respitory infections). We have a good relationship as parents (much better then we did as a couple)I also have a very supportive family, who helps me in every way. So although my MOTHERING ways are foreign to them they love Ras and I enough to support us and our way of life. I look forward to lots of dialogue and advice!
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