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January Decluttering Challenge!

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Happy New Year January declutterers! I am going to get rid of 500 items this month. After the holidays, my place is a wreck.

Who is with me?
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I am; we are preparing for a move in early March, so I'm in a major decluttering mood.
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I am going to try and start today, since I have the day of work!
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I'm having a hard time keeping these threads straight! : Is this the 2008 in 2008 decluttering monthly thread for January?

Either way, my plan is to declutter my clothes this month. Ten years of kids clothes, stored in bins that we've been living out of. I stacked them in my room so I coudn't "forget" about it, so now the disaster is in my room - at least its contained, and not all over the house, though.

I should be getting started, instead of sitting on the computer...
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You are a bit more ambitious than I. Though in my defense, dh is home on break from work and I don't get nearly the same things accomplished with him home. Though, we did say we wanted to go through the garage before he headed back to work, so there is some hope.
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I'm in for another 150. I'm going to add this with my 2008 stuff, so right now it looks like 61/2008, but I'll need 211 to reach my goal.
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I'm going for 100. Let's start slow.

But I just got rid of 2 things I freecycled - if the person shows up!

So it's a start.
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I am in! I did not hit my dec goal because I got cought up in the holidays but we are looking to move in March too so I need to get going! I am gonna go in for 300 items!
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I'm going for 100. Not sure if I'll make it that far before baby arrives, but I'll give it a shot
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I'm in! I'll start off with 350 items.

And I can already start counting!
Out to the trash pile today:
1 horrible broken hand-me-down chair
1 broken window fan
1 tv satellite (the stupid co. won't take it back and we have zero use for it as we couldn't get service since we have too many trees : )
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I'm in!

I was planning to join the 2008 in 2008 group, but I'm not sure how much I can realistically get done with a newborn this year. So, I'll take it month by month!

I'm in for 200 this month!

Yesterday I got rid of:
- 2 stained shirts
- 1 broken toy
- 3 ornaments I hate
- 3 old throw pillows

I'm listing some items today on Freecycle and on the TP, so hopefully I'll have a lot more to add this week.

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I am a decluttering fool. I've already decluttered a TON of clothes, probably 50 or so items? I don't know if I want a tangible countable goal this month. Instead, I'd like to have certain areas of my house presentable without a ton of clutter, so that's what I'll work on.
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I want in, mamas!

I pledge 200 in january

bit of a cheat cuz i just freecycled two computers monitors and keyboards.....

edies toys are going to the resale shop....appointment next wednesday

and i have a large box of mama clothes going off to a mama on MDC

I have my eye on all those empty jars....really, do I need to save them? I get new ones all the time with pasta sauce and salsa

and i have a few things for CL.

I am seriously sick of ALL THIS STUFF!!!!

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Started yesterday in the laundry room. 13/2008
Will do more tonight,when the kids are in bed.
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I just cleaned out the attic and slimmed down the kid's toys and gone and redid the kitchen cabinets...500 items done! I'm not stopping though. I've had it up to HERE with all this stuff!!! Next stop, my closet and then the storage room...look out local charities...here I come!:
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- 1 NEW tablecloth that shrank :
- 3 tablecloths that don't fit table w/leaf (and since we never take the leaf out, why have the tablecloths? )
- 1 knick-knack
- 1 double-sided towel holder

All of this, plus some stuff from the garage is going into my car today, to be dropped off at the thrift store tomorrow. It doesn't sound like a lot, but then, the pile in my garage is quite tall

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I'm going for 1000 this month! I'm up to 613 so far! See the 2008 in 2008 thread
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165 more clothing items to various family members and to Goodwill!
20 more books to Goodwill


Might up my goal to 1500!!!
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Hi I have been lurking on here for awhile..... browsing the threads for motivation.... & most of the time I find myself reading the decluttering posts. I have some serious decluttering & organizing to do. We are a family of 6 in a rowhome & we have too much stuff!

Count me in I have never counted when going through things.... but I'd like to set a goal of 500 too!
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I did the bathroom vanity last night and the entire third floor today. I tried to count, really I did. I got to 44/2008, but I just couldn't keep up.

Plus, its not totally accurate - sometimes I count total objects, sometimes I count bags of the same item or trash. So I'll post my progress, I'll even try to do pictures, but I find counting slows me up. Plus, my goal isn't really a number - its more like getting to a certain point in my house.
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