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More books and a few bags of papers

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-- 2 boxes of old Legos sold
-- fridge sold
-- filling cabinet sold
-- 9 more kitchen items (spoon rest, trivets, etc) to thrift shop basket!!

I'm on a roll Actually, I am really excited the big stuff got picked up this weekend!!

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I am here!

Today I did a lot of decluttering in our basement, which is damp and mostly houses our tools and crap from old projects the previous owners left. I got three huge boxes of said crap out to freeze and wait for trash day. I also went through ALL our tools, which were previously DH's domain but which I am now claiming as mine also. I am reminded of Cindy's Porch and her phrase, "Shop at home first!" Yeesh, it's a good thing I did, before heading to the hardware store looking for things to use in my next big project, which is painting every room in the house. I found everything I needed except primer and paint. Also some other interesting things that I'll be able to make good use of later on.

So that was my big accomplishment today.

Last week I started sorting our photos, really getting down to the FOR REAL sorting (LOL) where I put all my photos out on a big table and sort by date and ruthlessly toss the ones I'm not keeping. I plan to cull through a few more times before moving on to the next phase, which will be...sorting them one year at a time, writing on the backs, and putting them in album pages chronologically. Maybe I will get it done in Jan-Feb. Eventually I also need to look at what I have in digital photos from when I got my digital camera (2 years ago, maybe?) and print the ones I want to keep and put them in albums, but that's less critical than dealing with the bins I've had in storage all these years. Boggles my mind.

Uh, what else? Keep maintaining/decluttering our main living space, bit by bit, and collecting things to go out for donation. Work on the basement space more, before the spring thaw floods our basement and brings the moldy smell (ick). Sort my sewing stuff and work on vaporizing my two tubs of mending that have accumulated over the past ten years. (!) That's enough for this month! Wish me luck!

Spring will bring warmer temperatures, just right for working in the garage and shed. Time for that in a few months. But I am excited thinking about it, so that is good!
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I'm at 400/500. I threw out a ton of stuff this weekend!
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I had to dig to find this thread today!!

Thrift store donation:
-- vcr w/remote
-- bag of baby clothes
-- 6 vintage wineglasses
-- man's jacket
-- camera bag
-- baby monitors
-- bag of misc household stuff (calling this 12)
-- wall hooks (2)

Much more that I absolutely cannot remember now. sigh. I'm going to count the entire donation today as 30 items.

I also gathered some stuff for the animal shelter, but I won't count that until it's gone.

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I'm at 407/500.

Oh wait! Nope, I'm way higher than that. I gave away 20 diapers, 2 covers, and 2 dresses that matched with the diapers.
So 431/500 I switched the bedrooms around last weekend (turning the bigger into playroom/office and smaller into sleeping quarters) and I need to switch the closets tomorrow, so I should meet my goal decluttering then.
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I did 53 today.

8 pairs of overalls in the give away pile (DD doesn't wear overalls, why do I have them for her??)
4 mismatched shoes that have been missing their mates since I moved from Kansas in May.
Baby socks that are way too small for my everg rowing baby.
And a few other things.
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i went to the storage building yesterday with a load of stuff from the garage

i feel like i've made a lot of progress in that area even though most of it has just gone to the storage...at least my daily livig space is clean and clear, yk

we have a lot of stuff we're holding onto for the day we get our own place, stuff that doesn't fit here in my mom's place

also filled a box of stuff today to take there

i actually convinced kurt to get rid of a couple of pairs of pants
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