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Today my goal is to:

Throw the mostly empty boxes of cereal away. We get SOO much cereal from WIC that we could eat cereal for all 3 meals and STILL not use it all up! So we have a TON of it around the house. I'm also going to box up the ones we haven't opened yet and give them to the food pantry...it's not like we can't get more cereal if we need it If we didn't need the eggs, juice, milk and cheese so badly (and not be able to afford it) I'd stop getting WIC...*sigh*

So that is my goal for today. I have a box that I need to take up to the food pantry already.

Rest of my goals:

1) Finish cleaning the bedrooms
2) Fill up empty boxes with stuff to move
3) Put boxes in our closet
4) Clean off all surfaces in the house: TV stand, book shelves, dressers, computer desk, end table, kitchen cart, counters, fridge, bathroom counter, end table, sofa, James' bed.

But right now I'm snuggling a baby so I'll get to it in a bit
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11 Baby Einstein DVDs sold & 1 Box of temporary tattoos freecycled.

New total 268/2008
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One broken showerhead off the bathroom floor (was replaced several days ago) and trashed.

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1 Little People Farm
4 Little People Farmers
10 LP Animals
6 farm accessories
1 yoga punch card (got $80 for this!)

New total 290/2008
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15 expired, stale, almost empty/not a full serving things thrown out of my kitchen!

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sold some cds, cleaned out the game cupboard, getting rid of my christmas shirts (why have a shirt I can only wear a few times a year.) And a bunch of other stuff I can't remember.
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7 Things today.
2 things sold on half.com (packaged and ready for the mailman tomorrow) and the rest (donated) were random things I ran into while cleaning today.

New total
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3 Elmo's World DVDs ($10)
1 Cranium game
1 cookbook
1 book on Calligraphy
5 Calligraphy pens

New total 301/2008

I've also made $110 selling items in the last 24 hours. My goal is $350 in the next 2 weeks to pay for the new shocks we had to put on the van yesterday.
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Originally Posted by mamavegan View Post
I cleared 10 things out of the fridge.

Cleared out a bunch of old cards and paper clutter while reorganizing my closet and preparing to reorganize DS's closet.



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DH figures he got rid of 100 things over the weekend, so I'm updating the total on my siggy!
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2 metal baking pans (cheap that rusted)-thrown out!

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my dh made me a spread sheet http://picasaweb.google.com/racheljo...01288770463554 to mark off how much I've gotten rid of-- which is good, b/c I'm having a hard time keeping track!!
But I've done more since I took this pic yesterday-- so I"m at

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I like the spread sheet!

Plugging along. It's getting easier to clean now in the master bedroom. That is the only room I've worked in so far. It looks nice and tidy. I'm feeling even more motivated now to move into the MBR closet. If I don't post for a few days send in someone to dig me out of the closet. I'm scared y'all.

I sold a bunch of cloth diapers. I've decided to go with my simple and loved prefolds. So I've made another $90. We get paid tomorrow and my bank acct has never had so much money the day before pay day. Between compacting and selling junk I'm feeling rich.

I never realized how much stuff we have. We were really decluttered before Atticus came along last year. He hasn't really added much, we didn't use any baby things except for slings and an infant seat so I'm not sure why but it feels cluttered in here now. Maybe it's having 4 people and their belongings in 900 sq ft.

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Total so far today: 505/2008

(1) Shirt

Not so good, eh? Hopefully I can get more done!
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Yesterday I ventured into the basement.

4 plastic placemats
10 dried out playdough containers
1 broken toy shopping basket
72 audio cassettes
1 used sewing pattern
1 broken mop
25 hanging file folders
1 used pad of paper
1 large bag of random trash

2 dresses
1 shirt
1 audio cassette holder
3 Christmas mugs
1 Christmas ornament
1 snow globe
1 nut grinder
5 plastic platters

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I also listed almost 100 books on paperbackswap, and now I have 13 books to mail out! I'll count them towards my total when they're out of the house, but even having them listed and on the designated shelves in the basement feels freeing.
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Goal for tomorrow is 25 things!

ETA- I think I might be running out of things to declutter! LOL

Wait till I hit the storage unit!
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No progress on the count of getting things out of the house just yet, but I have 5 things ready to mail out tomorrow, 11 things waiting for payment to come through, and a bunch of baby things to go through before the clothing drive this weekend.

So it's slow going, but it's definitely going!
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I went through the bathroom today and got rid of:

old makeup

and a bunch of stuff-- it took me over my first 100-- and past!! I'm so excited!!

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I haven't posted in a long time. But I have been working...

My previous total was 171/2008

add to that:
10 items to charity pick-up (2 baby clothes, 4 board books, 1 lunchbox, 1 pair men's pants, 1 container bath beads, 1 knicknack)
2 items returned to the store (and I'm $65 + richer!)
2 old clothing items thrown away
5 Christmas decorations freecycled
4 kitchen items to my dad
8 kitchen gadgets freecycled
1 nose suction thingy that never worked thrown away
6 clothing items given away (I've decided I hate turtlenecks!!!)
1 pin and 1 necklace freecycled

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