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Better late than never! I'm joining in on an up note, because I got rid of 20 items of clothes, plus 20 items of old pet accessories for a total of 40/2008
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Total so far today: 636/2008
Goal for the rest of January 74/100

(3) old newspapers
(2) wash cloth
(1) shirt
(1) old catalog
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I'm having a very productive day today! So far I've given away on full circles (the freecycle group in my area splintered):

-family guy trivia game
-grocery bag of kids' clothes (12 items)
-moving boxes (about 15)
-a wooden shelf
-box of board books (40)
-a desk lamp

I'm on a roll today!

New Total: 200/2008
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Three more chewed up pet toys out, for 43/2008
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Originally Posted by Baby Makes 4 View Post

50 CDs, DVDs & computer games (and their cases) off to charity
3 shoe boxes of papers shredded and recycled.

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Caught DH on a good day.

87 items of clothing (some to donate, some to toss):
6 pairs of DS's pants, passed on
1 pair of slippers, passed on
1 tube of DH ointment, tossed
3 tubes of really old Lansinoh, tossed
1 plastic bowl, recycled
16 assorted baby gadgets, tossed
2 bottle of old sunscreen, recycled
4 assorted potion bottles, recycled
21 Items of my cloting to donate

142 things for a total of 236/2008.

I'm rolling now
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Yay! 60 more things today and 100 things on Saturday!!!!!

*48 pieces of fabric and fabric scraps donated
*12 random things found while cleaning our home (undies that no longer fit DD, socks that are missing its mate ect.) Donated or trashed.

Saturday, we went to our house (the one we no longer live in and are selling),
and found around 100 more things. Im actually rounding down. We went through DDs other part of her rock collection we had left there and that was probably 100 rocks alone. Feb. will be a great month for my declutter #'s. We sign the house over then. There is still a bunch of things to donate/freecycle and trash in our garage and basement before the keys are handed over.

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I'm subbing late due to holidays and this crazy idea I had that I would have a rummage sale this year. NOT. It must go.
today to Goodwill:
2 sets of rollers
20 roller clips
12 pairs of hose
48 pairs of panties (I know, what???)
6 pairs of shoes
8 ls shirts
1 dress
2 scarves
2 capri outfits (they were cute on the hanger but frumpy on)
2 camisoles
1 hoodie
and one book sold on ebay today $45 toward the goofoff fund!

so, 105/2008, and a basement to tackle......
5 nursing shirts from motherhood that got all bent out of shape.
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Originally Posted by Baby Makes 4 View Post

40 more DVDs out the door! (I am trying to slowly get rid of my DH's DVD collection which contains hundreds of DVDs.)

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Here's my weekly/total count:

1 candle
30 pairs of underwear (as if I really fit into them anymore; why on earth did I still have them? Darn bubble butt.)
1 bra too worn out to donate
1 lone sock
another pair of holey socks
9 pairs of kids' underwear
2 of those brushes for baby's gums
4 expired Desitin samples (which I've never used anyway)
old pacifier the kids played with (they never used them, but we had a couple anyway)

3 magazines
7 plastic food containers with lids (Did you know those things breed in the dark confines of the cupboard?)

2 cookbooks to my friend
1 parenting book passed on

coffee mug
1 more candle
3 hand puppets
small baby blanket
6 practically new bras
6 pairs new socks
10 travel-size toiletries

TOTAL FOR WEEK 3: 91/2008
GRAND TOTAL FOR 2008 SO FAR: 271/2008

I'm hoping to have more time this week since I had very little this past week due to being out of town over the weekend. I need to get more done and actually see some improvement!
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Well, I was finally able to get the random stuff I've been collecting out the door to Goodwill. We took at least 4 garbage bags, some large plastic toys and a box. I didn't count each item, but I will call it 300. That makes my total 300/2008

The nicest thing about getting rid of the stuff is that I was able to begin reclaiming my familyroom which has been a catch all for about 5 months while we finished remodeling the rest of the house.
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just checking in, because i haven't posted here for a week or so. i've bagged up tons of clothes (like 4 lawn bags), a box of baby clothes for my cousin, and tossed some random junk into boxes BUT none of it has left my house yet (too cold out to load up the car!) so i'm still at 189/2008. boy, oh boy, when i get rid of this stuff i'm going to be in great shape!
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: WOO HOO! Some of y'all are totally rockin' the decluttering!

After the numbers some have posted, I guess I should feel ashamed of my paltry numbers - but HEY, I'm keeping on track, and it's a big improvement for me!

I have another 75 items gone (mostly clothes, but I also finally allowed myself to get rid of the Learning Tower which was used a bunch the first 2 years we had it, but has been sitting gathering dust and taking up precious space for the past 6 months. It was hard to part with - but luckily it was snatched up within a day of being on Craig's List, so I didn't have much time to dwell on it!

SO, my new total is 248/2008!! Go me!!
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24 more cds ripped to the computer and their jewel cases tossed!

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I decluttered lots of paper stuff today. This is a huge thing for me. It is probaly the worst problem for me.

My total today is

50 paper things to the recycle bin
50 emails, blogs etc things for the computer to recycle bin on computer.

New total 375/2008

Everyone is doing great. As usual you inspire me.
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Originally Posted by CKinAK View Post
Total so far: 210/2008
either recycled, trashed, or in my car ready for drop off at Salvation Army tomorrow:

5 freezerburnt packages from the freezer
4 random things from the top of my fridge
2 sets of xmas lights
1 xmas craft kit
1 xmas decoration
2 water bottles
1 xmas tin
47 toys
4 plastic jars
1 stack of xmas cards

Total so far 278/2008

About the posts lamenting the poster's "low" numbers... don't beat yourself up- we are only in the first month! We get a whole year for this! I'm thrilled to be as far as I am. That said, you mamas who are already more than 1/4 of the way there- YOU ROCK
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Daycare was closed on Tuesday

I stayed home with a perfectly healthy DS and we got lots done.

53 pieces of clothing (rags really)
1 box with old wool projects
28 boxes (collapsed and recycled)
5 things from the freezer
3 more textile things
1 broken weather station
5 dessicated tomato plants
2 gift bags that were not reusable
2 fleeces that had to much vegetable matter

100 things for a total of 336/2008

The best part is I actually got most of this stuff to the dump.
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Sold and mailed a few things this morning.

1 doll and accessories
package for an MDC mom (we swapped )

14 items

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Originally Posted by Baby Makes 4 View Post
Several boxes packed into the van containing AT LEAST 200 items. Probably way more than that but it was too cold out there to count.

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(3) boxes of pregnancy tea - to MDC mama
(1) Roxy shoe box given to our mother's helper -- she's going to make a light out of it!
(4) expired vitamin bottles - tossed, bottles recycled

Total: 244/2008
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