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ds has terrible rash and prickly buttocks!:(

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He just started solids of the past few weeks... at 7 mos. We let him nibble on banana mainly...sometime he grabs his sister apple...and avocado is our other food.

My neighbor thinks it could be the banana that is causing the reaction. I think it is the apple but he hasnt had that a lot lately.

Also been incredibly hot here (he is in cloth and I am trying to do EC a bit late I know)... also could be teething (had first 2 teeth at 5 months... ).

putting breast milk on it... cream... wash daily with warm water and cloth.

any tips. dont remember dd having that terrible of a rash.

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Try a triple antiobiotic ointment like Neosporin.
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My son just got his first rash ever at 6.5 months. The pedi said it looked like yeast when he was at his well baby check up. She prescribed Neostatin cream, but before we got the scrip filled I checked on the boards for ideas, and I've been using a solution of water, a tablespoon olive oil and a few drops of tea tree oil (you can also use lavender) to wash him at diaper changes. It is so much better already. I also leave him diaperless parts of the day, or sometimes diaper on but without the cover to let the air in. It's funny, he got this rash just a day or two after my mom fed him some apple...hmm. I also mostly feed the babe banana and avacado usually.
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my 7 month old doesn't eat non-breastmilk food yet, but we've been battling diaper rash since he was about 2 months old. it goes away and reappears. after asking if it appeared more after i ate tomato or citrus (i didn't think so) his naturopath and i decided it was yeast rash and we got nystatin cream. that helped but i had to apply every day, so then she gave us baby flora and that seemed to help the most. but then a week ago i stupidly let him gum on a pineapple and he erupted in diaper and trunk rash the next day. just as that was fading i got a cold and chugged orange juice and he got rashy again, so now am thinking my citrus intake may be part of it... don't know if any or that helps you, i hope so.
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I heard berries and citrus and yeast can cause diaper rash. And of course the heat. Prickly heat is really prickly-like sand paper when you touch it. Cures: I wish I had a great solution. Everytime my ds3 gets up against nylon-the stroller and back pack or plastic-diaper covers in heat he will get prickly heat. Keep cool. Babes are so hard in the heat. Love, Kendra
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