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I am not planning one but will have to prepare for one as my last labour was less than an hour from 1cm to placenta out. I will prepare for a home birth and an unassisted birth.. this is baby #4 and I know how to push like a pro this time (last two were less than 4 pushes

I figure I have to be prepared for any eventuality at this point so if anyone has good resources a place to order a homebirth kit from bring it on. My good friend is my midwife and lives close by but with babies they come when they want.

I think the what ifs go both ways, since this is my fourth pregnancy I am sure I could almost push out a transverse kidding but I think I could do a breech no problem (2nd child was almost 11 pounds and came out quickly)
My third child was born cord first, cord around the neck he was delivered with just a nurse and my husband present. *the doctor thought I'd be longer they tried to make me wait...LOL wait for what?

If I had had any assitance from a doctor the outcome might have been disasterous but would have definetly been a section. (the glamerous kind where a nurse sticks their hand up your vagina and holds the babies head off the cord... and a nice verticle incision...) Because it was totally natural - no breaking the water the water broke when he crowned so the amount of pressure on the cord was minimal and only minor strangulation...

I liked the drugs with the first two births I'll admit that but after baby three and how quickly I hopped off that bed (right after the placenta Also there was no doctor ordering me what to do or putting me on a bed....I think with a doctor there it would have been much longer for the most part it was me and my husband in the bathroom as I tried to get him to turn off the lights and lock the door....primal style.