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What is going on w/ me?

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I am a little freaked out by my cycle this month. I have always been like clockwork... always 31 day cycles. Before kids I had terrible cramps, heavy bleeding, all that ick. After kids I had less bleeding, no cramps and a shorter duration of bleeding. After I had my first baby, everything went back to normal... 31 days and no cramps, etc. After my second, things took a bit to get back to normal. I have had cycles that were 28 days, 32 days, 31 days... the last few have been back to 31, but the last 2 I've had bad cramping the first day (I had to take ibuprofin). : Now this one has been 26 days, but no cramping. What is going on???

Sorry if this was tmi, but I am so confused as to what's going on and if this is ok and normal.
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I've also been freaked out by clockwork cycles becoming a bit irregular, but look at "irregular cycles" in something like Our Bodies, Ourselves, or talk to someone who has a 26 day cycle followed by a 44 day cycle and you'll feel better! i have wondered if it's not some underlying health problem, too. But it could be your age, diet, rest, exercise, stress, more frequent nursing than your first baby, almost anything. Or nothing, just what is normal for you now.
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Thanks Liz. I feel a bit better... it's just strange to have happen! I appreciate the reassurance.
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Hi pb_and_j:

It sounds to me like your cycles are still within a normal range. LizD, I think you are totally right, there are a number factors that can influence our cycles. What you are most likely noticing is a change in the pre-ovulatory phase of your cycle. Luteal phases (basically, from ovulation on to menses) are pretty static overall. Stress, lack of sleep, great exertion may delay your ovulation on any given cycle.

My cycles are about 31 days, too, and I had my own freak-out experience back in May. My CM never really dried up like it usually does around day 20, and I waited for a positive sign that I was in the infertile part of my cycle. Well, my period arrived on day 27. All my other signs were normal. When I reviewed my chart, I found that my luteal phase was my normal 13-day range, but that I had ovulated earlier than usual. Funny, isn't it A first in almost 3 years of charting.

Only guess I had to the cause was a favorable annual review at work around the beginning of that cycle. Maybe that helped me to relax more : )

HTH, Palmetto
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Palmetto~ Thank you too! That is interesting. I didn't realize that about the luteal phase. Thanks for the info and reassurance!!!
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