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Originally Posted by danotoyou2 View Post
Is there anything you need/want? I could send you books? I could send you yarn? I could send you my phone number so you can call when you're bored? Anything?
TOO nice! I think I'm set... maybe if I am here longer than another MONTH I'll run out of things to do... I probably won't pick up another magic marker or coloring book for as long as I live, but for now, I'm ok!

Originally Posted by AllisonK View Post
How is the bead shopping going?
Oh the choices, the choices!!! I'm still waiting to order something until later in the week. I want to see if dh brings the Fimo I asked for

Originally Posted by LConrad View Post
Congrats on 33 weeks!!! Only 3 more to go to 36 or 2.5 to 35.5
I'm contemplating my 33 week belly picture as we speak! They really got a lot less creative since I've been here in the hospital. The props and backgrounds are seriously lacking.

My hb midwives stopped by last night to see me. It was a pleasant surprise to see them!!! They were very excited to see me still pregnant, and have every encouragement and hope that I can hold out til 36 weeks and go home to birth as well. They are on board with that plan, and we are all quite comfortable with the idea. They believe too, that attitude is everything. They have both had experience with babies as early as 35 weeks, and very low birth weight babies, so my (hopefully by then) 36 week, 6 lb. baby doesn't scare them any.

I had some crazy homebirthing dreams last night though, I'm sure triggered by the mw visit. I was in labor and at home and very excited to be doing it at home. However I hadn't been home for long, and called my mw's to ask if they had an extra plastic sheet for the bed that they could bring, as I hadn't even made up the bed yet!!! It was a delightful, albeit scattered labor (we had not even unpacked from the hospital) and I remember thinking the entire time. YAY! I'm at HOME! I woke up happy this morning.

I still hate to get TOO excited about a homebirth. I have to keep an open mind about how and when this baby will arrive. I have turned it over and over in my head, so I hate to start "banking" on it being one way or another... it will be how it will be, and I just have to wait and see like everyone else.
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Wow Julie. You really do have such a great attitude about the whole thing. I think about you & little one everyday & am sending lots of stay put vibes. I have a friend who PROM at 29 weeks. She stayed in the hospital until 35 weeks. Discharged that AM, went home & had her baby that night. An almost 5 lber who is now almost 4 yrs old

So, did you get baby's hat finished up?
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Originally Posted by nursinmama View Post
Wow Julie. You really do have such a great attitude about the whole thing. I think about you & little one everyday & am sending lots of stay put vibes. I have a friend who PROM at 29 weeks. She stayed in the hospital until 35 weeks. Discharged that AM, went home & had her baby that night. An almost 5 lber who is now almost 4 yrs old

So, did you get baby's hat finished up?
oh i LOVE LOVE LOVE that story!!!! Sounds like my dream! hahaha

I finished the hat AND a pair of little booties!!!
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Originally Posted by salt_phoenix View Post
I've never met such curious people! Not in a judgemental way, but in a genuinely curious way. It's like I'm some sort of anomaly!
It's mildly entertaining.
I guess I don't get out much. (even before the bedrest )
I have this experience too!

Much to you and the wee girlie.
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Just another mamas stopping by to tell you that you ROCK!

The weight loss is most likely muscle mass loss. I had 4 months of bedrest with #2 and 4 weeks with #4. I either lost weight or my weight stayed the same (depending on the time.) It was like the baby was growing at the same rate I was losing so we stayed the same. The muscle loss SUCKS but it so worth it to have your baby come out at the right time!
It sounds like you're doing an awesome job keeping yourself busy. Hang in there mama! We're rooting for you!
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yeah, it never really occurred to me about the muscle mass loss until it was mentioned here. I've never been on any sort of bed rest. Of course when it was mentioned, it was like "OH WELL OF COURSE!!!!" and "DOH! :" combined.

One more thing to look forward to come spring time... lots of wonderful walks and rebuilding of strength and muscle!!!

Things are going well. I think it's common knowledge on the staff now that I have every intention of going home at 35/36 weeks if I make it that far. I haven't heard any more pressure to stay OR get induced... for that, I am grateful. 2-3 weeks sounds like forever away still, so I try not to think about it TOO much.

I can't even fathom 4 months!
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Hi there Julie,
I can't believe your thread has been around for so long and I just read it today! I just want to add to the amazing support you are getting here. I was on bedrest for PTL for 5 weeks and know all about the muscle tone issue. You have such a fabulous attitude and I can't wait to hear all about your beautiful birth at least 3 weeks from now!
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I wonder since you are in there and confined-- maybe physical therapy can stop by and bring one of these bands to do some exercises with to keep up your strength-- or maybe they have some other ideas for bed exercise..

take care
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You sound like you are doing great! I was on bedrest with my dd for much of my pregnancy, and am a certified physical trainer, so if you need any ideas for moving your muscles in bed (and they will let you) let me know, I think I have a list on this computer somewhere of what I did.
Best of luck to you- your attitude is amazing!
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thinking of you, Julie.

doing some stretches and exercises would be great for you! make sure when the physiotherapy folks come, they are fully aware of your condition, and don't insist on anything that is not safe for you (i have no idea what that would be, though). i was in a hospital with a broken foot while 9 months pregnant, and the physiotherapists, two very young guys, treated me soleley as a broken foot patient, and completely disregarded my pregnancy. there was no way i was hopping up and down the hallway on crutches the way they wanted me to!
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I myself am a 34 weeker - from 1974!

So keep on truckin'
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When I first got here, the PT came and showed me some little bed movements, but honestly, I get more exercise going to the bathroom and showering than I do with them!
I move my legs quite a bit here in bed, stretching them and bending them. I think I will request some exercise bands tho, since it seems that would be even more helpful.

I'll take any and all information offered! If it doesn't work for me, I just won't use it!

I've decided that I NEED my humidifier though. The hospital is a very dry place and with TWO WEEKS down today, it just gets more and more uncomfortable. My nasal passages, my skin... my lips... my throat. Just so very dry. They don't have/won't bring a humidifier, but I was able to request some saline spray until dh can pick me up a cheap humidifier.

I napped today, which meant I unplugged my room phone and turned the ringer off my cell phone. By the time I woke up, my mother had called 10 times, absolutely SURE I was in labor. I told her that there is a list here and she's on it... she would would be notified if things move so quickly that I can't call her.
I'm probably going to be in disbelief if/when I really DO go into labor here. Nope, no blood, pain or contractions... every exam, every day.
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Originally Posted by feebeeglee View Post
I myself am a 34 weeker - from 1974!

So keep on truckin'

hahaha thanks! *turns on ipod with grateful dead playlist*
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will they let you to keep a wet towel by your bed? (for humidity).

actually, i'm a 34 weeker myself! and i don't have a single health problem (touch wood!) aside from mild food sensitivities as a toddler. but then i outgrew them.
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You Rock!!!!

You are doing soooo beautifully! What a blessed babe to have a mama mothering her the way you are right now.
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Hope all is well
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I'm doing ok.
I was pretty irritable yesterday, and kind of down this am.
After my NST yesterday, I had to have a u/s, and my fluid level was lower than makes me happy. We "passed" the biophysical profile though, which I guess is good, so I don't know why I was still kind of upset.
I have been staying in bed and drink drink drinking lots of fluid, so I'm hoping to have more fluid again. I know my belly sure feels bigger than yesterday!
THEN I had ONE high BP reading, so then that kind of put me on the "oh, we better watch this one" list... and that kinna bummed me out. It went back down, of course, but yeah... I'm getting kind of stressed out about even the little things... which turns into bigger things... which... well, YOU ALL KNOW! :

I am feeling better than this morning though. I had a great MDC mama come see me, and remind me that all those numbers don't necessarily mean ANYTHING in the real scope of things!

It's SO hard in an environment like this, to keep things natural... It's hard to remember that shades of normal aren't even in the medical establishments vocabulary... I DO know how I feel, and I FEEL FINE!!! The baby feels great. It's just hard when your care providers start getting "concerned"... sigh... COME ON TWO WEEKS!!!

The kind of support I need is:
Remind me that I'm not just a number on a screen and most CERTAINLY not a statistic!!!
oh, and anything else that you mamas think would be helpful right about now.

Now is the time I should feel even MORE empowered and strong and ready to do this LATER and AT HOME... not starting to doubt myself and my body.

I feel really good about the baby... whenEVER she decides to come... and even whereEVER she decides to be born... it's the time and monitoring between now and then that is really stressing me out right about now.

thanks mamas!!!
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Well... the low fluid I would chalk up to you needing a gentle reminder to drink LOTS of fluids. Maybe she's taking up so much room right now that you'll need to increase the amount of fluid you drink. Now you know, right?

ONE high BP reading? Oh please. We all have moments where the BP goes up, especially in pregnancy. The only reason you're aware of it is because they're hovering over you and checking it constantly. Relax. As long as there's no pattern of high BP, it's not something to concern yourself with.

You're doing great. A lot better than I could do if I were in your shoes. I'd probably have the entire staff slipping me drugs to put me to sleep, because I'd be bitching so much.

You're not a statistic, and neither is your baby. You're a flesh and blood mama, who doesn't fit in a textbook.
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Hey Mama,

I'm sorry to hear you're having a hard time of it right now. You know what, it is SO normal to feel this way on bedrest and when you're having issues with your pregnancy. But look at you, you're still hanging in there! You've already given your baby what, two weeks of good cookin' time? You have already gotten SO much closer to your goal. You are doing what you're supposed to do right now (and doing an amazing job of it, I might add ).

I can see how, in that enviornment, it would be so hard to disregard all the machines and procedures and keep that trust in your body. But you DO have that trust in your body. You're just doubting it right now and that's okay and normal and understandable. Honestly, going through stuff like this can be pretty traumatic. You're amazing for having had your spirits so high for so long. It's okay if you don't feel strong right now or have all the answers. Can someone come give you a back rub or something? Try to watch a movie that will make you laugh or, if you're up for it, visit with someone who you really enjoy talking with. Anything to help you feel better and keep you going through this difficult time.

I know you're feeling down and struggling right now but try to just get through today for now. At this moment you're helping your baby get closer to being healthy enough to be born. She is so lucky to have you as her mama, taking such good care of her. And you are NOT just a number or a statistic! I know it's starting to get to you but you know it is not true. Hang in there!

p.s. Are you taking Vit C w/bioflavanoids? They could really help hydrate you. One glass of water will be better absorbed and better hydrate and benefit you when you drink it w/some C. Also, have dp pick up some Recharge from Whole Foods (the all natural gatorade).

p.p.s. The offer of PMing still stands. :
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heh, yeah, thanks... those are EXACTLY the kinds of words i need to hear/read right now.

dh actually rubbed me for a while today (a first in MONTHS) and told me to get the prenatal massage therapists up here this week while he's at work to give me a go over.
Without my 10 yr. old with me all day, and kitties all over me and dh in my bed, I realized today after even the short rub down just how MUCH I was in need of human/animal contact!!! And I am not a touchy feely person... just goes to show you, we ALL need it!

I drink Emergen-C... but haven't had any for a couple of days, I'll get back to that starting.... NOW!

I'm feeling a little better, excited that I'm not the first or even SECOND person in the Feb. DDC to have their baby earthside yet! (and I'm actually officially due in march, but felt more at home in Feb. DDC-intuition)

'Lil girl here has GOT to be pushing 5 lbs. now. I feel pretty good about that. I measured the distance from her little butt bulge in my belly to the little foot bulge in my belly and decided that she's a decent size already!! That or has legs all the way up to her neck.

I haven't been leaking nearly the volumes as yesterday and day before... so I'm hoping all this fluid is getting put to good use.
I keep telling LO to just go ahead and cork her adorable furry head in my pelvis and hold it all in from now til birth!
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