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OMFG I just saw this! Congratulations Julie and Mark! Welcome to the world, Ember! I'm looking forward to reading you birth story WHENEVER you feel like writing it and can read between the lines enough to have some idea of what must have happened! You're so lucky to have been able to catch your own baby; I'm afraid I'm just not "there" with trusting myself enough to do that (well, maybe next baby if I can still conceive when I'm 45 or 46) and admire you so much.

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Congratulations! Welcome baby Ember!
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OMG!!! Wow!!! This is the best news I've heard all year

Welcome to the world, sweet baby Ember!!!
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I'm just a lurker, but, CONGRATS!!!

I've been following this thread and I was so excited to read she was born and is doing well! Can't wait to read the birth story
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OMG OMG CONGRATULATIONS!!! how AWESOME!!! can't wait to read the story!!!!
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double post, sorry!
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CONGRATULATIONS! Beautiful name! Can't wait to hear the story!
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Wow, congratulations! Welcome, baby Ember. I've been checking on this thread from time to time and thinking about you. That's incredible that you were able to be so strong during all those weeks leading up to the birth. Especially in a hospital setting!

Sounds like you rocked their world, mama!
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Yay!!! Congrats to your entire family.
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That's awesome! I'm SO glad no NICU and no interventions!! Go Mama! And congratulations on a journey completed and one begun!
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I am SO happy!!!

I can't wait to hear the whole story
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Salt Phoenix, you are MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Congratulations Julie!!!!! Oh I am so excited for you, welcome Ember!!!
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A HOSPITAL UC!! I HAVE NEVER EVER EVER HEARD THIS BEFORE!!! I am literally laughing with excitement!!

Julie, you are so freakin awesome!!! Welcome baby Ember!! Congratulations Mama!! OMG, how totally cool!!

Cannot WAIT to hear more, but you just relax and enjoy your baby! How wonderful!! Sooooo happy for you!!!!!
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That so totally rocks mama! Congrats! You have sooo much to be happy and proud of! Yay!!
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Fabulous news!!! Congrats on your sweet baby and beating the odds at the hospital! I've been silently following your story and rooting for you the whole time.
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Jumping for joy at this AWESOME news! :

Welcome baby Ember (gorgeous name!) I'm so happy for you - she's an awesome size too!

Oh congratulations! This made my day! :
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YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so so happy for you all! And so glad no NICU--yippeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I've been reading this thread daily and sharing it with my husband too. He'll be happy to hear about Ember's safe/healthy arrival.

We've both been impressed by how things have unfolded and your determination to keep your power intact.

Blessed Be!

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De-lurking to say:


I've been following your story and you've truly been an inspiration to me! Can't wait to hear all the details!

Hooray Ember! : Yea Mama!
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