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Another lurker...

She's perfect!!! Congrats! You are such an inspiration
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Originally Posted by FancyD View Post
Look at that hair! Congrats!
am i the only one who missed the picture? where? where? in the siggy????
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Originally Posted by FancyD View Post
Look at that hair! Congrats!
am i the only one who missed the picture? where? where? in the siggy???? i thought all of you were saying she was beautiful based on her good weight! but the hair comment threw me off.
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Yup, in her sig.
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Can't wait to see the whole store!!! Beautiful little girl! YEH NO NICU!!!!
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Another lurker who's been following the thread - Congratulations! Can't wait to hear the story!
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I've been keeping up on you 2 too! Congratulations.. I don't even know you and I feel so proud for you!! Well done Mama!
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Originally Posted by FancyD View Post
Yup, in her sig.
found it! what a beautiful baby!
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OMG! Delurking to say congrats!!! And she has my b-day.

I can't wait to read the whole story!!
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Oh mamas... I don't even know where to begin... seriously...
Her birthday was so filled with what my husband can only describe as serendipidous events (hell, i couldn't even get THAT far in my words to describe) that I am seriously having some issues processing the night and days events that led up to that beautiful and perfect little girl.

I will give you some more pictures to look at, and tell you some basic facts, but how it all played out, is still getting pieced together...

Basic facts:
monday night/tuesday early am: severe contractions that kept me up all night AGAIN.
Early morning heavy red bleeding that indicated an abrupting placenta.
Being convinced I was headed for a c-section anyway, surprised they would still "allow" me to try for an unmedicated vaginal birth.
Going from the same 2 cm. I had been for DAYS to 6 cm in 2 hrs.
Finding a rare and unusual few minutes when the 8 people that were in the room just moments before, happened to be GONE. Ob's, midwives, family members...
Apparently going from that 6cm to fully dialated in... literally minutes...
Reaching down and feeling her little furry head in my palm in one push, feeling her crown in the second, and then with all my might, letting her entire body out of me, until she was just out of reach... I looked up and saw dh reaching for her, and I then let go of her head and lay back on the bed, knowing she wasn't going to fall on the floor or anything else, I could finally and ultimately and fully, relax for the first time in over a month.
Everyone rushed in immediately. But I already had her to my chest, and I was given amazing skin to skin mama time with her before they needed to get her rubbed up and going.
She had a true knot in her cord.
My placenta (after this "abruption") was then retained. I was able to stave off intervention for almost an hour and I started to hemmorage. I did nipple stim, squatted, everything... The midwife then went in and manually removed it. I got a little dizzy, but never went out. I lost 2 liters of blood.
There is so much more to the story, so many little details that I will NOT forget to include (dh & well baby nursery excitement) and even NOW still fending off things they want to do to our perfect little baby...
And wow, I do mean perfect. She's breathing, she's nursing, she's warm, she's chunky, all without NICU. I am honestly and amazingly astounded...

The ob's i've dealt with for a month now all came in and laughed and laughed, saying, "we might have known you'd end up delivering your own baby! we just thought you'd bar the door to do it!" All in good humor and as much astonishment that everything so far, is as perfect as it is. I had to give them grief though. Reminding them that if I delievered on THEIR time schedule, it would not have been with the same perfect results... that we were "able" to squeeze just the right amount of time out of her.
The midwife teased US about "I don't even know why I came to work today!"

All in all, there is still an amazing story to be told, and how everything lined up the way it did is still reeling in my head. JUST how close I was to an epidural, JUST how close I was to a c-section, JUST how differently things COULD have gone. If we had tried to plan it, it would have never worked... as it was, it really was, and dh expressed in just one word: Serendipidous.

More to come mamas.... thank you more than words will EVER express, for all your cheering and support... It's meant the world to me.
Oh, and I'm doing well... Extra tired, sore, typical post partum recovery stuff, no transfusions or anything. I'm glad I was healthy to start with! ;-)

Thanks again mamas, more to come!
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What an incredible story! I've been following your thread for several days but haven't posted before Congratulations! She's beautiful!
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she's so precious!

You look like one proud mommy!

I'm SO glad that it turned out well for you!
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Congratulations!!! She is so beautiful and her name fits. What a great story. I am so happy everything turned out so well.
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What a wonderful ending to your amazing journey to give Ember the absolute best start in life. You are an inspiration. Congratulations!
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Wow! Speechless.
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What an incredible story...serendipitous indeed! And congrats again on being such a strong mama & holding out to let little Ember come out on her own time. Just incredible.

& those pictures? Omigosh...totally delicious! They made me get all teary
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What a great story! and I LOVE that "first suck" photo! Amazing energy in there!
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Congrats again!
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Coming out of lurkdom to wish you a heartfelt congratulations! I have been reading your thread for a while and have been so inspired by your stick-to-it-iveness in listening to your body and your baby :-) Way to go, momma!
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