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I would like to second what the pp said up there, even if the nurses strongly encourage or insist you don't hold/ touch baby, the sheets need to be changed and the diapers changed as well, the baby needs to be touched during these procedures and it should be you doing the touching. During my second son's nicu stay (born 32/33 weeks, in the nicu for 2 weeks) some nurses were insistant I was very hands off with the baby, then there was one wonder nurse who told me here pick him up I think those sheets look dirty, I can't tell you how much of a difference that one little act made to me. this was 8 years ago and I"ll never forget how kind she was.

I hope you stay pg for many more weeks!

I've had a full term baby, one at 32/33 weeks with a two week nicu stay, one at 35 weeks who roomed in and came home with me, and one at 36 weeks who spent 12 hours in the nursery and then was rehospitalized for jaundice from days 5-10, and then my last son was born at 38 weeks and was supposed to be my home birth but had some complications in the end and needed resusitation.

I think 34/35/36 weeks is a great gestational age to strive for
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I'm so happy to hear that you are still pregnant. It really does change your perspective on everything. All you can do is make the best of your situation and do the best you can. But don't be afraid to ask questions and question authority if someone tells you that you cannot hold your baby. IME, every nurse is different and after my son's heart surgery some let me touch him and others wanted his isolette closed at all times.

I hope your baby stays in for a lot longer. Keep up the good work mama. You can still be AP with a preemie, it just looks a little different that AP-ing a full-term baby. It doesn't make you less of a loving mama.
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Just checking in on you! Glad to hear you're still cooking! How are you holding up?
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I'm holding up!

I'm crocheting a tiny little cap out of bamboo thread. It's soooo soft!

I hope these tiny things become useless QUICK!

The sensitivity of the preemie was something I had no idea about until the tour the other day... I would have never thought they didn't want to be held. Interesting how they change in only a few weeks!
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