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What do you call your breasts/boobies/nips to your LOs?

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My DD is starting to make noises fr different things now and I don't know what to call them! I use chichi but sounds too close to shee shee (pee) so I don't want to use that!

what do you or your LO call them or call nursing time?
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My DD named it Bop-Bop and it stuck.....now she tells everyone that Asher eats Bop-Bops!
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before i had a baby i was sure i would say breast but now i say boob or booby
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We always called them nursies but then DD started calling them "ni" (gets confusing b/c sometimes people think she means her knee, lol) and we have no idea why. Recently she started referring to them as nursies when she is talking about my breasts but calls it "ni" if she wants to nurse.
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With DS#2 I called them nursies. When he started to talk, he called them "nur-nurs". The name stuck and now that's what I call them too.
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My kids always called them "the milks". They still do, occasionally! They know they are "breasts" or "boobs" and that people only nurse after they have a baby. (They're 6, 8 and 10, and it has been 4 years since I last nursed.)
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To the baby, all of us refer to them as booboos, but he himself sings a tune that goes like mmmm hmmm mmm when he wants them. If anyone ever watched Married With Children, the episode where Al Bundy is trying to remember a song and keeps humming a line of it, its the same sound lol.
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We've always said boobies and now I'm worried. I need to find something else to call it because I really don't need him yelling "boobies!" from across the store or something. It's so hard to know what to call them. Boobies just seems to have stuck.
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We always say boobies, too. I actually sort of hate that word, but it stuck somehow.
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while I use the term "nursies" dd has started (9 mo) to call them "bob". She grabs onto both when it's nursie time and looks at me and clear as day says "Bob".
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Port and starboard milkies.
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Num-nums. She's too young to actually talk yet but I figure the sound will be easy for her to make when she decides to use it.
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I say num nums too. She seems to understand what it means and it doesnt make anything too ackward while out in public.
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Nummies. It's what I used to call my mom's breasts when I was nursing.

I always used "nummies" with both kids, because I never wanted my kid to be the one yelling in the grocery store, "Mommy, I need BOOOOOOOBIES!"
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I call them boobies. I'd actually find it *hilarious* if my DD yelled "I need Boobies!!!" in the grocery store. But, that's me. I guess we'll see...she's just started talking, and so far boobs are "mumumumumum".
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I call them milk. It doesn't cause confusion right now since DS doesn't drink / has never seen other forms of milk. But it has occurred to me that this may be a problem as he gets older and maybe thinks that the milk in the carton = milk from mom.

I guess I would otherwise use milkies, although I've never liked that word.
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We(dh and our older girls ) called them Nummies from the time Anna was born until about 3 months ago when Anna came up with her own name , she calls them sides as in"I want this side or other side".
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Mimis. I like it much better than boobs.
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breasts, or boobs, i ask her if she wants to nurse. it seems like lately when she wants to nurse or needs comfort she says "baby".
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DH calls them boobs, so therefore milk = boob juice.
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