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WOODEN Vintage little people

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I want my dd to play with wood toys, and I was searching on ebay. All of a sudden I saw wooden vintage little people with 30 second left to bid, and I won them. The only problem is I don't know if my dd can play with them becuase the old paint is probaly contains a large amount of lead? Does anyone know? thanks in advance
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I think most hardware stores sell lead test kits for around $10 or so.
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my son has all of my old little people which were from the 60's and 70's. everything i've tested with a home kit has come up negative. i've also tested all my old matchbox cars, fwiw. i haven't found a single "old" toy we have to contain lead. again, this is with home testing kits, so, i don't know what their accuracy is.
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I think the only issue would be that the vintage Little People are considered choking hazards by todays safety standards.
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nice score!
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Those are the little people I had as a kid, from my older siblings. THey are considered a choking hazard now, since they are thinner than the new models. But I believe the paint from that era (60s/70s) was supposed to be lead-free. Of course, there may have been some "mistakes" like the recent lead-based paint issues. But in general, lead paint had been discontinued at that time, as far as I know.
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Thanks for your answers! I think I want one of those lead testers.
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Wow! That's so cool. When I was a kid my Little People were made of wood. Then, by the time my sis came along, they wer plastic. Then they got bigger. Now they in no way resemble the LP of my youth. It's funny how they've morphed over the years.

Have fun. I always loved my LP and my kids play with my old ones at my parents house and love them too. They just feel good in the hand. And I think the PP was right in that the safety issue was choking, not the paint.
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