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Thanks everyone. I seriously considered calling and trying to get in earlier but decided I could wait. It's going to be tough but it will be worth it to be able to see a little more. We had our first scan at 9w6d with ds so I am curious to see what the difference will be. I think getting past the point of my m/c helped me settle a little and my nervous wiping has even improved a little
But, like you Megan, I wish I didn't get that joke either. Here is to a H&H 9 months
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Originally Posted by goldfinch View Post
With the twins we saw heartbeats at 6 weeks. This time I had an u/s to rule out an ectopic pregnancy at 4.5 weeks and saw just the sac. I go back in two weeks (at which point I'll be close to 9 weeks) for a follow-up u/s.

I just got back from having my first U/S. I thought i was at the end of my 6th, begining of my 7th week. The u/s only showed a sac, which now my dr. thinks that I might be only 5 or early 6 weeks. I go back in two weeks to make sure all is well. Im so scared that my baby is not growing. Please, any soothing calming wisdom that can calm my nerves
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I won't aquiesce to an US until much later and only to see where the placenta is lying. I think there is a risk associated in early pg I am not willing to take.
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