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aha. a clue. what is she drinking besides breastmilk and water? and how much and how often?

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Just thought I'd post an update. DS is doing much better. I have him on the grocery store version of the following supplements:

Cod liver oil
Evening primrose oil
C w/ sodium Ascorbate

I hope to get out to the healthfood store by myself this Friday (really hard to read all the labels with a wild n' crazy 4yr old in tow) to find baby's Jarrow-Dophilus and KE-99 Lacto. I also want to find a cod liver oil that has a purity statement (no mercury, etc).

Also, I tried flaxseed oil, but the only organic version that they had at the grocery store was in liquid form and the taste/texture is :Puke. The bottle said to try adding it to your food, so I tried putting it in our scrambled eggs for breakfast and it was even worse! I think the heat oxidized it or something because it tasted like fish! Kids don’t try this one at home. :LOL I put it in grits and it was ok, I’ll try oatmeal next time. (DS is not a big hot cereal eater, so this might be tough.) But I read that the GLAs in cod liver oil digest easier than in flaxseed oil anyway.

I’m also on a pilgrimage of better eating. DH and I were both raised in junk food houses, and it’s a vicious cycle we’re trying to break. I need to find an organic foods co-op somewhere local or who will ship to my area because organics are prohibitively expensive and I have a brown thumb. I can find the basics at our local supermarket – apple juice, milk, butter, (actually found organic tofu too! I’ll make our first tofu meal tomorrow! ) but again it’s really expensive.

Anyway, despite this crash-course in brain surgery, DS is doing better he’s been eczema free for about a week, and his allergies are mild enough that I’ve taken him off his Zyrtec and Nazonex (steroid nose spray – eeewww). And this is in the middle of ragweed season! I’m soooo tickled. I hope my luck continues.
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yea!!!! i'm so glad he's doing better!!!
you're right about the taste of flax - it's awful straight up! i should have clarified. try putting the flax oil in something to drink. my dd adores smoothies so i blended it in there. there were also times i mixed it in her orange juice or milk or even her yogurt- she never knew it was there.
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ask for Carlson norwegian cod liver oil, lemon flavor, mercury free. that's the one. green bottle. no fish flavor. check dates. it does eventually go bad. my 3 yr old loves it from spoon. rrr
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Originally posted by amnesiac
"...The trial seems to have been a deliberate attempt to prove that the use of EFAs was ineffective and was not constructed as a reasonable trial of Hansen's concepts...Yet, because the study was purportedly controlled, it destroyed for a generation any serious interest in using EFAs in treatment. "
Yeah, I caught that part and read it to DH. I was so mad when I read it I'm sure spit was flying. His take was that it doesn't "pay" to use natural medicines or diet changes for healing purposes - it can't be patented, and there are no kickbacks, and with little to no side affects, patient gets better and never comes back - go figure. GRRRR
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I have a 9 month old boy who is over 22 pounds. I did buy some powdered acidophilus at Whole Foods, planning to give it to him in a bit of yogurt, but he is sensitive to milk. Guess I could put it in a little breastmilk.

How much of the omega-3,(( and other things mentioned) would be appropriate for a baby? He has eczema, and is on antibiotics due to kidney condition. I am thinking of asking his dr. if we could try changing his med.
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rrr, sorry it's taken me so long to get back.

currently she drinks enriched soy milk sometimes at lunch and dinner, other times she drinks water. she has it on her cereal when she eats that for b'fast.

she drinks calcium fortified oj almost everymorning for b'fast. except for water, i only give her less than one measuring cup of liquid 1) because she doesn't always finish the milk and i hate to waste it and 2) cause i don't want her consuming too much juice.

i decided to get some new flax seed oil since the old seems kind of iffy.
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dear m&m

what about soy allergy?

suspect the orange juice and the fortified soy milk as sources of too much sugar. juice is so much sweeter than fruit.

i just buy it for summer popsicles as special treats and do fruit and water the rest of the time.

an asian soy diet is very different from an american one. an american soy diet is very sweet.

sweet soy milk, soy yogurt, soy everything that we used to eat dairy and meat.

a healthy asian diet is oriented more around vegetables with broths that are salty--- soy or chicken or beef.

i am most itchy when i eat too much sugar, especially milk and sugar, like cereal and ice cream.

high quality, local yogurt is a great way to get cultured as well as get minerals and protein. are you vegan?

can you make raw vegetable a part of every meal? can you have all lthe colors every day, or at least every week?

this will create a healthy intestine and provide detoxifying fiber.

serve the protein when the veggies are eaten, serve the complex carbohydrate when the veggies and the protein are eaten. if you serve them together, they will fill up on it and leave the vegetables for last when they are full. it's amazing how well a hungry child will eat vegetables.

my 3 year old nurses quite a bit, especially in the early morning, and still does not drink other milk. i try all day to get him to drink water, but he's just starting to be a little willing. he has very little soy because i aam allergic. i assume that he may be sensitive to it.

keep observing and testing for problem foods. try nursing first before offering food to increase that perfectly digestable breastmilk in the child's diet. you'll have to drink more water, too.

let us know~

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