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December 2004 it's January2008!!!

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Starting a new thread... be back later to post some more
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Something in last month's thread caught my eye this morning:

Originally Posted by Kerlowyn View Post
I can't believe it!

I have not kept up with all of you through out the years, : ....
"Through out the years" Holy cow!! We've been together for nearly four years now!! This is boggling. :

Jett's latest growth spurt seems to be over. His feet grew a full size, I can't make excuses for his 2T pants any more and his mind exploded as well....all the new words, concepts, questions and oh...oh, oh, the WHYs. Not that he's settled into his new person, his pleasant little self is back. I miss it every time it goes away. Growth spurts are REALLY hard on this guy's moods.

He's fighting valiantly about colors right now. He wants to know them badly, and is constantly asking, "What color is this?" but they're just not coming together in his mind. We were really worried that he was color blind, but then he showed us all the numbers out of the color blindness test circles, so I guess the right neurons just aren't firing yet. Poor dude is so frustrated about it.
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Happy New Year everyone!

Julian started school on Thursday. He attends a special needs preschool for 3 hours a day, 4 days a week. When he got home yesterday he told me "Oh mom! School's so cool!"
It was hard to send him, and both my DH and I cried when we dropped him off. I was worried he'd have a hard time following directions and getting a long with the other children, but his teacher called me both Thursday and Friday to tell me he had a great day!

I'm happy for him (and for me! the break is nice).
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It was really hard for me to put Meg in preschool when she had just turned 3 too. It's good for him and he likes it. That's awsome!

Past- It's trippy isn't it? Nearly 4 years!!! I don't know most of my IRL friends nearly that long!

C is a wild man. He's very interested in having a younger sibling. He asks constantly if I'm "going to have a baby this year?" Or if what I'm knitting is for a baby...nudge nudge. I tell him it's for the hypothetical baby. It's sort of field of dreams knitting.

Happy Birthday to all the kiddos I missed!
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Nannymom, thanks for starting the new thread... I wasn't trying to be a smartie, was just busy at the time and forgot to come back and do it!

I check my email and this thread throughout the day while standing behind my computer chair, leaning over -- because I have had to barracade so much crap in front of my desk to keep all the little fingers out of my stuff!

Isaac started crawling and pulling himself up, all at once, at 7 months. And started walking at 9 months, 9 days. So now he is not even to his first birthday, and is up to a RUN and CLIMBING on everything. Good Lord. He keeps me busy! They all do.
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Hi, y'all! Happy Birthday to the little ones! Not so little anymore, as Marcos informs me. I have baby fever and stopped to look at a little umbrella stroller at the thrift store today. He said "That's not something for me. That's for a BABY!" He wants a younger sibling too, Jörð- "Can you have a baby for my Christmas present?"

Jaclyn, we just went through a growth spurt too- it was hell, huh?! Marcos ate everything in sight for a week or more, and nursed in between bites. He moved from 2T pants into 3T in an instant. This boy... he is wonderful and funny and sweet- reasonable, even- unless he is hungry or tired. He will hit the wall all of a sudden, and then he is a kicking, screeching, unmanageable mess. He's like Jekyll and Hyde, but it's only when he needs food or sleep. At least it's pretty easily cured when he goes haywire.

He's killing me becuase he still doesn't sleep through the night. When he wakes up, which is usually every 1-2 hours, he wants to nurse back to sleep! If I try to deny him he will stage-whisper PLEASE! JUST FOR A MINUTE! PLEEEEASSSSSSE! until I fear he will wake up his sister, and then I give in so we can go back to sleep. DP's been on vacation for 2 weeks so I have had the supreme luxury of sleeping in every morning- sometimes until 11 or 12, even. He is a really good man.

Jenelle, Marcos was an early walker too! 8 1/2 months and he was going all over the place. It looks so odd when an infant motors around like that, doesn't it?

My Lula (6) has suddenly become very sensitive to the way some articles of clothing fit and feel. Specifically, underwear, tights, socks, pants and shoes. She doesn't seem to have an issue with her top half. We had some pretty upsetting incidents around getting dressed until I realized that she truly does have a problem with how they feel, and I needed to get busy and find her some things she can wear. I had to discard most of her wardrobe. She has only one pair of shoes now, and a set of socks I got at Ross that do not bother her as long as they are inside out. I am reading The Highly Sensitive Child and am getting a clue that the clothes, her limited diet, and her personality are all related in a way I didn't put together before.

So, does anyone's 3 yo know letters and numbers by sight? I realized recently that Lula knew things at this age that Marcos does not. He knows his colors but has not seemed to pick up any letters yet, and the only numbers he knows by sight are the ones on his Thomas trains! I think when I just had one child, I spent lots of time teaching her things (the number/letter puzzles surely helped) but now that I'm busier with two, I thought Marcos could just learn by osmosis...

I exposed them to chicken pox this week! :
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I am working on letters and numbers with Iris. She can recite numbers uo about 11 on her own and to 20 if you do it with her. She can count her fingers and things up to about 7 or 8. She doesn't seem to recgonize letters or numbers by site.

I am strongly considering homeschooling her for pre school. I am looking into ciciculums. There is no way we can afford quality pre school but I know with the way schools are today she needs to know a lot more than I did when I started kindergarten.

Iris has been the same size forever. She is short and super tiny. She is still in the bottom 5th percentile for height and weight. Her vocab is a mile a minute and her mind works faster than her motor skills. I have discovered through the cold weather that she needs way more physical play than she has been getting.

On that note it is in the 60s here today so we are going hiking.
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Originally Posted by Past_VNE View Post
Not that he's settled into his new person, his pleasant little self is back. I miss it every time it goes away. Growth spurts are REALLY hard on this guy's moods.
I really get the missing when the good mood goes away, it is like an entirely different kid!

It is really interesting how children at this age have different abilities intellectually, I have a hard time knowing if what Hypatia does is normal or what, she has known her letters and the sounds of each letter for quite some time and knows words that go with the sounds, she is a wonderful rhymer which I didn't even think of as something really to aim for but it is pretty funny.

I realized how much she is growing up the other day, her cousins were over, the 2 boys are aged 9 and 6 and they had a playmate with them who was 10 and she wanted to play with the boys and she tried her hardest to keep up with them, they ran out into the pasture, her trailing behind, they climbed this tree that is kind of growing horizontal so she climbed it too, then the boys hopped off and started running back to the house and I was so afraid she would fall, but she leaped off the tree and w/out skipping a beat kept running after them!!!!! She was way behind but she kept trying and eventually caught up to them at their next activity! Such a proud moment, but bittersweet at the same time
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Once again, not much time to post - but had to say that today my BABY is 1 year old! : Not sure if we're going to do anything special. He and Eli have been sick with a cold. Plus we do the big party in the summer -- for all THREE of them now.
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Wow! Congrats and Happy Birthday!
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OMGosh, wyatt is in a growth spurt, too! glad to hear that others are experiencing the constant eating, lotsa nursing, incredible overnight growth! he finally fits into his 2T stuff, and I think he might have grown, literally, 2 inches in the last month. he is still a super skinny kid. we added fish into our diet recently, and he LOVES it and I think its part of the growing.

his mind is also exploding he can barely make himself slow down or go to sleep, he just wants to learn and do more and more.

he can identify his own name, and the number 3, the letters A, B, C, O and Q. He's also really good with colors. And his verbal ability -- gheez! We read that 4 year olds should be able to string together 4 - 8 word sentences; he easily does 12 - 15 words with complex thoughts (like causality statements, though they usually aren't correct). Maybe its because his mama is a big talker?

He also seems to have finally made the good transition to school - I read something the other day in an otherwise pretty mediocre parenting book, where they authors said that by 3 years old the kids should be walking themselves into school -- I usually carry wyatt, adn I started having him walk in last week and its really, quite magically, changed his attitude about how he belongs there, about his capabilities, and about my leaving him.

shalena, i'm glad you're getting a break, and I sure do understand how nice it feels to have ds at a safe and warm place for a few hours a day!
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Gotta run, but wanted to post this Jett video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWxXoHA5Xjg

It's not the best, but the end has me cracking up, every single time.
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Past, VERY CUTE! I have never seen a LikeABike before.

Well we ended up taking the boys to the Children's Museum here in town, and we bought a yearly membership so we can take them whenever we want for free. Otherwise it would cost us $30 every single time we go! And supposedly it gets us into 250 other museums in the country for free, too.

Then we all went to Applebee's. We haven't been to a sit-down restaurant with all of them in..... I can't remember how long. Because of funds, for one, but also because it just *wasn't* an enjoyable experience anymore. But tonight they all did really really well! And we had a gift card to use from Christmas, so again, .
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Great video, Jackie! I love the sound track.

We're unschoolers and I wouldn't have chosen to focus on letters at this age... but Charlie has different ideas! He's fascinated with letters and words. My mom gave him a nice wooden puzzle with his name in letters inset into a board for Christmas, and he was so obsessed with it that I went out and got him a full wooden letter set (on the cheap, at the local mall... ad true miracle!) The alphabet song is the only one he'll let me sing.

I just love how he sounds right now. He's also speaking in 12-15 word sentences (or longer--hmmm, wonder who he picked up the run-on sentence from?) but his diction is still very toddler-esque. Dp just made the same observation about causality statements. "It's mine because I want it and it's green and I want it" is a typical example.
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I just have to post another video....we had too much fun tonight!!

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Those videos are awesome! I watched the LikeABike one about 5 times with various members of my family. DP is now sure that we need a LikeABike too.
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Funny stuff, Kristi! Jett's actually talking about buying a new bike all the time. We're gently discouraging it. But, whenever he gets a coin, I say, "What are you going to do with your penny/quarter/whatever?" and his reply has been "Buy a bike" for a few weeks now. He wants a pedal bike. He's not ready for it quite yet, though, as he doesn't have any pedal toys and doesn't get the round and round motion. I think I need to get him a pedal car of some type, maybe a little tractor, so he can learn how to pedal. He's just got bikes on the brain, though, I think. He seems to utterly enjoy his LikeABike though whenever he's on it...which is every day.

He's been helping us tend fires all day. We're burning huge 'brush' (and log) piles outside...everything that we couldn't use as firewood. We've basically had a bonfire for two straight days, just letting it go to embers at night. Tonight too, and we'll be at it again tomorrow. We are getting things cleaned up as the new workshop is done, except for the four garage doors to be installed and MIL's art studio loft finished in the upstairs. MIL's house is all framed out and has the roof decking and tar paper on it. It gets some more concrete poured and the windows/doors ordered tomorrow. I can't wait 'til the "Gramma House" is done and she moves here. It'll be so awesome, all in all, for Jett.

Jett was really interested in reading for a while, but he is full bore on the physical kick again and the mental exercise has gone to the wayside. He's such a stereotype of 'all boy' most of the time, except he's very concerned about dirt and extremely empathetic. That works for me, though. I don't like sitting and thinking much...I prefer to be out and working. I'd be lost if I had a very bookworm, inside-loving kid. Don't get me wrong, we read constantly, but I mean the "brainiac" personality. I wouldn't know how to encourage a child like that...I'd have to really work hard to enable their talents. Jett's right up my alley, thankfully. He's all hands on and go-kid.

My brother is here visiting for 10 days. Jett is super in love with him and they get along great. Even better, this 21 year old college kid is AWESOME with him, and 'corrects' him gently as needed. (Where our other relatives let him go monster-crazy on them, then feel annoyed at him.) I'm really happy that they're getting the time together.

Well, I guess that's the major Jett update... He's so excited to go mutton busting again. Next Sat. is tied up, so it'll be at least two weeks. Besides, paying admission and Jett's entry fee every week for 3 seconds is a big hit in the budget...maybe we'll do it twice a month, if he wants to keep going. I can't believe my sweet little sling-riding, cooing nursling is riding sheep in a rodeo! Well, at least he's still my little nursling, right? Talk about growing up fast!!
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I'm not supposed to be a thread killer in my own DDC.

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Aw, you're not a thread-killer. But thank you for the reminder. I need to pay more attention to our DDC. After 4 years, we might as well hunker down and stick with it.

C is great. He was doing really well with potty learning but lately not so much. He just pees in his undies like it's nothing. I'm getting REALLY sick of the laundry that creates. I told him he's going back in diapers if he can't work on using the potty. It's really getting old fast.

He's such a little man. I feel like he's close to weaning himself. It makes me sad.. I'm not one of those women who looks forward to getting my body back blah blah blah. I like nursing him and I'll be sad but very proud of us both when he self weans. I'm worried though, about trying to get pregnant. I feel like that might push him to wean before he's ready and I don't want to do that.

He wants this Diego bike he found in the BX the other day. A pedal bike. With an older sibling, it's bound to come sooner. He's really great on his trike though so we'll see. I hate buying something like that right after the holidays. He REALLY wants a gameboy. Isn't that funny? E has one and he plays with it a lot. He's actually really good at it! They're constantly fighting about it and he hides it under his pillow at night to assure that he can play in the morning. It's good to have something like that right now. We're not used to the weather and can't stand to be outside much at all. It was -3 this morning when we took his sister to school!

I'll post some pics later today when I get a chance. You won't believe how big he is.
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