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Originally Posted by AKA_PI View Post
What are birth beads?
Here is a link about beads and blessings...

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If we do the birth bead idea (cool!), we may need to drop the spiritual aspect of it and think more "mamas supporting mamas." I think more of us would enjoy it that way.

Back to the first trimester topic...
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Originally Posted by zonapellucida View Post
I think we can list likes/dislikes and then I will you can pm tow people you would like to swap with and I will do the final matches. Last time I did this I got so wonderful WAHM soaps and sent ginger tea, a beaded bracelet, a frame and some body scrub.
Oooh! that sounds nice!
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I'm in! Sounds like fun
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I'd like to do PAMPER MAMA jmo does that sound okay>
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