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Originally Posted by salt_phoenix View Post

I'm 31.5 weeks, still leaking, no infections or signs of labor...

This is one race I'm not looking forward to winning!

This is VERY different than my first 2.
DD#1= 42 weeks (water broke)
DD#2= 36.5 weeks (water broke during pushing)
DD#3= 31 weeks WATER BROKE!!!!

I never thought I'd say it, but I hope I'm still laying in this hospital bed in a MONTH!!!
Glad to hear that you are still hanging in there and so is the little one!

As bad as it sounds too....I hope a month from now, your still snug and cozy in your hospital bed too!

My first kid, my waterbroke at somewhere between 36-40 weeks...no one knows because they gave me so many due dates and were so unsure of my actual due date.

With the twins I went into premature labor that couldnt be stopped at 32 weeks, and had them by section.

This little guy is giving me alot of problems already but so far no here near as much as the twins, so I am hoping he stays put til atleast 36 weeks!
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I have NO idea! This is my first pregnancy and I haven't had any complications thus far, so I'm thinking I'll probably go past the 40 week mark. I'm trying to take walks more often to get my blood flowing! I also haven't had any BH yet, so I think little Ruby Jo is very happy where she is right now!
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I doubt very seriously that I will go early. With my track record I will be lucky to deliver around my due date. DS #1 was 13 days over. DS #2 was 10 days over. DD was somewhere between 14 and 21 days over, her exact due date was never established...
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DD1 came at 38w3d, which was a complete shock to me. I was fully expecting to be pregnant to 42 weeks.

I'm once again expecting to be pregnant till 42 weeks, since I'd much rather get a pleasant early surprise than be grumpy at my due date because I thought I'd go early. But since DD did come early it is in the back of my head that my deadline for stuff to be ready really does need to be 37 weeks (last time I still had a to do list a mile long, which was okay in the end but it would be nice to be more caught up just in case).
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In my family we have three generations of late February babies - Grandma born on Feb. 24th, an Aunt born Feb. 25th and my sister born Feb. 25th. My mom was also due on March 3rd just like me, so I'm hoping that I will have the baby at around Feb. 24/25th to keep up the tradition.
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Sorry, I double posted!
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I'm guessing I'll go at the 41+ mark. With my first pregnancy I was induced at 40 weeks, 2 days and he was not ready. Still very high. So I'm expecting this little guy to take his time.
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I'm due at the end of March so I don't think I'll be first by any means. I do, however, think this babe will be a few days early. My dd was born 11 days early--on a Friday, full moon, etc. I'm due March 25th and the full moon is the Friday before. I just have this feeling that this babe will be born around March 21st or 22nd. Just a hunch though.
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I have no idea! My first was born at 39 weeks on the day with no warning, so I doubt this one will go beyond 41 weeks. But babies decide when they need to be born, so who knows I'd rather this baby have a March birthday than a February one, so a little later would be nicer.
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DD was born at 38 wks, DS at 37 wks 4 days, DD 39 wks ? days. And with her I was sure I would go early around 37/38 wks. So I was rather irritated to still be pg at 39 wks. So with this one if I have a baby by April I will be fine with that. Much past April and I may turn into a grump considering that would put me at 43 wks or so.
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My son was a little bit early, 38 weeks, but so are many babies with Down Syndrome. I would love to have this one at 38 weeks, but I am not expecting that. My plan is to have all my projects finished by March so I can at least be psychologically ready by then. Then the ball will be in baby's court as to when he feels like showing up.
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I'm hoping I go a little early. I'm already having really painful braxton hicks and some cramping. Also, I'm having a lot of pressure already. It was kind of worrying me yesterday. I have a midwife appointment tomorrow so we'll see what they say! I'm almost 33 weeks. I had my last son at 37 weeks, so maybe I will, but then again maybe I won't!
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Not me. . in fact I wonder if I'll be the last one here to have the baby.

With my DD, I went to 42 weeks with no signs of labor (no contractions, effacement, dilation, still -3 station,). I never had any BH with her or any signs of impending labor (no lost mucous plug, etc). So far, this babe is following the same course.

My hope is that I do spontaneously go into labor before 42 weeks. I'll be using every natural induction method I can because I really really really do not wish to see my dream HB go down the drain because my body just can't cooperate.
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I would love to go a little before my EDD which is 3/11 but with DS he was 3 days late and though it could be different with DD, I'm not banking on it.
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I have an average gestation of around 38 weeks, so I think I'll go early - and my "due date" is March 2nd. But who knows, I could still be pregnant in March with all the changes going on in my nest right now. Or, maybe the changes will have the opposite effect and I'll go even earlier. My biggest fear this pregnancy has been PTL for some reason. My first it was breech positioning (which didn't happen) and my second was worry-free (maybe tears a little?). So, I'm hoping to keep this lil' one cooking until at least 37 weeks. I check my own cervix, and I'm now 2-3 cms dilated and 50% effaced (VERY stretchy and soft) with a consistently vertex positioned baby (usually ROA) who's head just dropped a little lower in my pelvis. It just seems suddenly so close! I guess maybe that's because my focus has been elsewhere this pregnancy. We need to get our birth supplies stocked and start perineal massage soon . . .

Here's hoping our PROM and bedrest mommas keep their little ones in a few more weeks yet!
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Well, since my dd is the first Im hoping I will pop first!!!
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I struggled to make it to 37 weeks last time due to pre-e but my first I went to 41 weeks so if I can keep the pre-e at bay I'm hoping to make it to 40.
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My first was born at 38 weeks and my second was born at 39 weeks 2 days. I'm hoping for 38 weeks, but we'll see. I'm not due until March 24th, so I won't be the first in the group.
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DS was born at 35 1/2 weeks. So, the probability is that I'll go early. This one has been engaged since 25 weeks (even earlier than ds dropped) and I've been having LOT'S of bh and some cramping, pulling sensations in my yoni. I'm terrified of going too early. I just really want to make it to 36 weeks and from there I can chill. If I go any earlier that I did with ds, I won't be able to have my hb (obviously) and I have no insurance so that would suck in many major ways!

No watch this baby not come until 43 weeks!
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DD1 came right on her EDD. With her I was told to expect to go any time because I was 2 cm dilated and already very soft a month before she arrived.

This one - I just an u/s and the doc was surprised at how big she was and said she is measuring at least a week early. Doc looked back at the 20 week u/s and said she was also measuring a bit big for 20 weeks back then. No idea what to expect except that I'm having way more, and way more intense BH way earlier than DD1. I hope I go a bit earlier but I'm not holding my breath.
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