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Reorganizing after moving--help!

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I've been lurking around here for a while...and I need help! We moved from a smallish apartment into a house in September, and I am overwhelmed. I am simultaneously trying to pick out/order/assemble furniture, schedule renovations, figure out which closets should be used for what, rethink all our new traffic patterns and clutter spots, figure out how to clean all the new rooms and how often. Whew! And with a toddler underfoot, it's hard to get anything done.

Has anyone else moved recently? How did you get unpacked and organized? Do I just have to live with the chaos for a while? I am just exhausted by how much time and work it takes to get settled. It gets easier, right?
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Yes, it may seem chaotic for a while. And yes, it gets easier. Try to relax a little! It always takes time to settle into a new home. What I would advise is to just put things where they seem to make the most sense for now, then wait and see how well it works. Not what you want to hear I bet But really, don't overthink it. Your instincts might seem odd if you attempt to rationalize them too much but if you just trust them you might end up surprised.

I've moved a lot and find it can take at least 6 months to get truly settled, especially when you go into a larger place than you are used to. The real trick is to watch for patterns, then make them work for you. Keep an eye out for which door gets used the most (your spot for coats/shoes/keys/etc.. needs to be near THIS door, which might not be the one with a closet near it). Do people keep opening the same wrong drawer in search of silverware? Move it there.

Also try to remember that it doesn't need to be perfect because no matter what, it will change over the years anyway. Tastes/jobs/hobbies/habits change, kids get older, and your home will adjust to reflect all that. Also, of course, it is much easier to get more done when the toddler gets older. I am shocked lately at how much I can get done with my 4 year old around.

Good luck and enjoy the new house!
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Oh, I love the setting up a new home, but yeah, definitely takes a while to get it to gel together.

What really has helped me in my past two moves (within the last 5yrs) was to draw up a to-scale plan of the rooms and furniture and then move the pieces around to find what works best. It saves heaving and moving furniture around.

We lack storage (and have done for the past two places - one was a tiny one bedroom, but no kids) so we've just had to work as logically as possible and figure the rest as we go. I hate anything out without a home, so always try to make something work or have come up with other storage solutions.

I'm also a list writer, so maybe you could write up what storage solutions you have, where they are and what needs a home and jiggle it around on paper till it feels right. Then just go for it, find a place for anything left over and deal with it at another time when your plate is cleared of more pressing issues.
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