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Originally Posted by DoulaLMT View Post
Anyone else having trouble eating well the more time that passes? I made brown butter sauce to go with my pasta today, AND I made cookies. And ate about half a dozen of them. Ugh. (but YUM)
i was just going to post that i have no appetite these days;... i ate a piece of sprouted grain toast and an egg today. thats it & a glass of juice and a few glasses of milk..
im hungry..but nothing sounds good and i have no desire to cook. im cranky (because i have low blood sugar) and i know i *should* eat but who wants to eat when nothing tastes good.. wah, wah, wah.
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i have all of a sudden this week been famished...but i don't ever really know what i want. i end up eating everything in the whole world. i bet when i go to the midwife on monday she is going to tell me i gained 10 lbs in one week. i'm serious. most of the time all i can think of that i do want is sweets.
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39w5d. I lost my mucus plug last night and today! Losing it has put me in a really positive mood, even though I know it doesn't mean the birth will happen soon. I guess I am just happy, because I feel like, yes, my body does know how to go into labor.

I don't need to think about things so much. I need to trust my body, it knows what it is doing.

I was at the beach this morning with dd and dh. A woman approached me to tell me that she "knew" I would go into labor tonight. I just kind of laughed and said "maybe". "I have a very strong feeling" she told me. Then she walked away. I don't think it will be tonight! But maybe this week?

Zahirakids: I love your affirmation too! I can really connect with the messages in the Power of Now.
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Hello All...

First of all, I just realized that I posted my last post in the December DDC! Okay, I'm really losin' it! Ha.

All you mama's due and overdue, I so totally know. I have BTDT twice. I'm oh, I don't know, like 37 weeks and change today. I am okay physically, for the most part, except nighttime is killing me. I wish I could sleep, and when I can, I still have to pee every hour. Ughh! My bones feel like they're old and rusty by the time I wake up in the morning. My pubic bone is a bit sore.

I have an appointment with mw in the morning, but I forget what time it is. I live like an hour away, so I have to leave first thing to beat traffic, which is before the office even opens. I can't even call to confirm the appt. Duh. Usually they call me the day before to confirm, but they didn't so now I'm really stuck. If I go in, I might not even have an appointment. If I don't go in, I know that I certainly will have had one and missed it. Screwed either way. Oh well. I'm having an OOOPS anyway, but I'm trying to play nicey nice, so I can keep seeing them in the future.

My affirmations:

I will have patience with my family, especially my children. I will NOT yell at them. They are innocent and precious to me. I am an adult and will act appropriately.

Also, I will Labor and Birth during the nighttime while my children are peacefully asleep. I will not be distracted or nervous about them being there and if they are there, they will be uplifting and calming for me.

My birth canal is healthy and free from obstruction and YEAST!

I have a strong uterus. My uterus will be very effecient in helping this Baby birth. Once my placenta is born, my uterus will clamp down, and I will have minimal bleeding. I am confident and prepared!
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ok, had a great day sans kids. DH and i got to watch a movie, take a nap, have a fantastic oil change, and then go out to dinner. we haven't done ANY of those things in ages, much less all of them in one day. the kids had a fine time at the ILs, and DH and i are feeling much more energized to be the parents we want to be.

i'm going to call the ped in the morning to rule out an ear infection. i'd think DS#1 would tell me if his ears were hurting, but maybe he's just kinda caught up in the emotions running kinda high in the house these days. it certainly seems like something is "wrong" with him, though we can't pin it down. he doesn't have symptoms of anything except not wanting to lay down and go to sleep.

also, as if in response to the great afternoon i had, i have been caught in one gigantic, crampy BH all evening. kinda shaking me up a bit, cause i'm absolutely NOT READY for this baby to come. i haven't even packed my bags, to begin with. guess i've got my day planned for tomorrow. i would do my normal 6+mi on the treadmill tonight, cause i'm feeling so much better, except that i truly worry that it might kickstart labor right now, and that's the last thing we need!

although... baby is welcome when baby is ready.

it sounds like a lot of us mamas are gonna be posting birth stories in the next few days!

thinking of you all,
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Hello all! I was up last night with some contractions that fizzled out after about an hour and a half. I am trying to focus on the fact that it is easier to do labor in in pieces than all at once. I got to sleep in this morning (both kids slept until 8:30!!!) and had a nice relaxing day. I am hoping for labor tonight!!!
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Hey Ya'll, sure sounds like lots of uteruses are preparing here in this DDC.

Just wanting to share after all my complaining about how dh hasn't touched me in like two months........Well after I read the post to dh about someone's dh dutifully "changing the oil", he started to check out my "headlights" and I ended up getting a "lube job" -- since then I had terribly painful cramps and contractiony feelings all night. They are now slowly petering off but geez, I hope they keep up! I want this baby to come! Now!!!

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