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Fourth baby, 3rd HB, 1st UC.
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Originally Posted by elfinbaby View Post
I have a friend who practices in NC where midwifery is illegal. I was telling dh about it and he was totally appalled. I'm the crunchy half of our relationship but it seem so absurb to him that women can't legally have mw attended births in some states. I looked up the stats just out of curiosity and it's just ridiculous. I don't know how they keep it alive here it TX - I wouldn't call it a liberal state. But it's happening AND not too long ago we even added "Conscientious Objecter" to medical and religious exemptions to vaxes. There's not many upsides to living in TX (says a native Texan) but there's mws, vax exemptions, and Austin
That is awesome. It is my understanding that in Illinois the direct entries just became legal -- but (big BUT), no regs are in place so they are not legal until the regs are issued. Hopefully, at that time women have more options. The issue in Chicagoland -- is that there are sooooo few options. There are like 5 practice groups servicing the entire area -- which is large. I am sure the the cost of malpractice insurance figures in, as it is expensive in the Chicagoland area.
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Originally Posted by elfinbaby View Post
I have a friend who practices in NC where midwifery is illegal.
To clarify... midwifery and even midwife attended homebirths aren't illegal in NC. You just have to have a CNM, and there are a only a few who attend homebirths.

I volunteer with NCFOM (NC Friends of Midwives) and we're working really REALLY hard right now to get a bill through to legalize CPMs and DEMs. We even have a sponsor!! We made a lot of ground last session and we have high hopes for next year. So, send us good vibes for making homebirth even easier and more accessible than it is right now!
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3rd pregnancy, 2nd homebirth, 1st UC!

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First pregnancy (though not our first child) and I'm planning a homebirth. Very excited!
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Thanks for clarifying BMB. That's exactly the position my friend is in - she is not a CNM. She got her credentials here in TX. So now that she's moved to NC she's going back to school to become a CNM. Frustrating for her.

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3rd pregnancy, FIRST HOME BIRTH!
and first birth where I WILL NOT BE LAYING ON MY BACK strapped to pukey monitors!!!!!!!
Home in my own bed (or bath) surrounded by candles instead of overhead lighting and enveloped by the love of my family and midwife instead of cold insensitive dr's and staff!
There is not ONE THING I don't look forward to with this birth GOSH I can hardly wait!
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1st pregnancy..
Planning a twin home birth.. hoping and praying things go my way and they stay in there until at least 36 weeks
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huh, I thought I already posted on this thread...

2nd baby here, 1st homebirth, though my dd was at a birth center and my midwife was so hands off it was practically unassisted. I loved it, but didn't love the car ride there, so the idea of laboring at home (and in my garden with fresh rasperries, spinach and sweet peas ripe!) sounds fabulous to me!
I too am trying to nail down details about my dd. I want her there asap, but not sure if during as she is pretty sensitive. I asked her about it, and she is pretty stoked about going to her bff's house for a few hours. Ideally, I'd like to labor at home with her a little, let her play at her friends, then be home as soon as babe is here. On the other hand, I liked what a pp said about setting the homebirth example for my girl. So glad I have some time left to work out these kinks...
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This will be my 2nd homebirth! The last was a water birth, so I'm thinking I'll probably do the same if it feels right.
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I'm hoping for a homebirth with this baby (my 3rd). I didn't have access to a midwife with my 2nd and chose a bc with my first. BUT I just found out that the one midwife in town is leaving in April!. I'm still looking at my options. Maybe I'll just have an apprentice or doula or someone. I feel to lazy to do the hospital thing with this one. Just want to stay home, especially since I live near my parents now and they can take the older two for a couple days. A couple days alone in my house with dh and new baby sound so nice! (of course ds and dd will come visit as soon as the baby is born or might even be around during the birth although dd is highly sensitive and VERY protective of me and I think the noises will scare her. I'd rather not have her here.
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1st pregnancy and planning a hb/uc too. in thailand... if everything goes well, I'll have the magical majikfaerie by my side. right now I'm just starting to realize what it's like to be pregnant far away from my well functioning social network, my friends, and my mom. it's not good, let me tell you.
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2nd pregnancy, 1st homebirth. My hospital experience was horrible and I would do anything to not end up there again!
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This will be our 3rd birth and 3rd homebirth! When we went to our hospital tour w/ DS#1, I walked out and said to DH, "You can't make me come here!" He knew and was okay w/ homebirthing. I wanted the birth pool, but our landlord wouldn't allow water filled "furniture." We did water birth for #2 and will again for #3...it's the way to go...I love it!

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I somehow missed this thread....

2nd baby, first homebirth here. very excited.

1st baby was in hospital with CNMs and not at all what I hoped for.......
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Second homebirth here.

For you Chicago moms.. I lived in IL for two years and you actually have a few options in your area. Dr. Mayer Eisenstein and Dr. George Elvove both have homebirth practices in Chicago. I have spoken to them both on the phone and they are great docs. I also recommend Dr. Eisenstein's books on HB and vaxes, which I have read.

Dr. Eisenstein's site

Dr. Elvove's site
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Third baby, second HB!!
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2nd homebirth for me I birthed in water with DS and will do the same again if it seems right.
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Originally Posted by elfinbaby View Post
My first was at a bc - which is like giving birth in someone else's house imo. I learned my lesson after that. Just stay home!
Me too! DD came during nyc's biggest ever snowstorm and I just kept hoping she'd pop out at home or the midwife would come to me. But no, and boy my cab driver was not happy.

Homebirth for me please!
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