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Sewing machines and sergers-tell me about which you've liked best

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Well, I think I am going to purchase a serger and a sewing machine. Yes, I probably am crazy s Both my grandmothers sew(ed) and my mother, also. So I figure I must have some sewing genes in here somewhere.

Anyways, I think I know which model/brand of serger I am going to get, but not really sure which sewing machine I want. I don't need a really super fancy machine that embroiders or anything. I am thinking something pretty basic, but simple and user friendly.

I'd love to hear about which machines you love and have been a dream to use and which were an absolute nightmare and why.

Thanks for sharing
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I LOVE LOVE LOVE my White Sewing machine It was not expensive, and works like a dream, sews very fast, and the stitches are straight. I got it at Hancock's fabrics, for 199.00.
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I am at the opposite end of the spectrum as to price... I adore my Bernina Artista. I saved up for 3 years to buy it (it was $2500.00 used) but it was worth it. I feel like when I sew that it is an extentsion of me rather than a hinderance. It was designed by people who actually sew so it is a very intuitive machine to use. I do art quilting and my work has really improved with this machine. Bernina makes all levels of price of machines... I just needed (ok, wanted) all the bells and whistles mine can do (programmed embriodery stitches like alphabets is an example.)
Good luck! A new machine is a thing of joy!
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I have a babylock 9500 which is a computerized sewing machine like the Babylock espire - I bought it on ebay for 330 and it was 2.5 years old. Great machine. Then I got the Babylock Esante - a sewing machine/embroidery machine combo. Bought it used on www.freesewing.com. They have a 1 year garuntee and I knew it was only 1 year old. Bought for 999 retails for 4500. These are very nice machines. I only wish I had presser foot adjustment or a built in walking foot like the pfaffs.

I would buy a nice brand that isn't going to break down on you - and go used if necessary - I've been happy with all my used purchases.

I recently got a used brother 929D serger. My sewing friends who have this machine love theirs so I got one too. It's a workhorse and good for thick items like diapers and doublers. THe newer model 1034D I think (at walmart) is similar.

Best wishes, it's overwhelming I know!
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I recently bought a Janome MX3123 on ebay and I love it. It is the exact model I used at my sewing class. I like it because it has speed control so it doesn't matter how I pressed the pedal it will go slow or medium according to how I set it up It also has a neddle up and down so it is easy on corners. It has a one step buttonhole and 22 other decorative stitches. The manual tells me what tension to use in the bobin accordin to fabric and stitch. It comes with like 5 different attachment feet. I really like it becase it is a "beginners friendly" machine.

Good Luck!
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I have a White sewing machine, it's pretty good. I think it needs a tuneup, though, as it's running pretty rough these days.

I also have a Viking Huskylock serger. I love it! Viking makes great machines that last. My mom has a Viking sewing machine that I drool over every time I visit her. It's so smooth... compared to it, my White is like one of those little hand-held sewing machines you can buy for $19.99 on tv, LOL.
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I have a Pfaff sewing machine that cost about $1,000. I love that machine. Very nice quality. I also have a Husqvarna Viking Serger. It's a wonderful machine as well.

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I have a lower end NewHome (put out by Janome) that was 200 locally, so prob go for about 100 online for similar) that is a nice beginners machine, I also have a Craft Master 5000 (again put out by Janome) which is the equivulant of the NewHome 3000 (I believe) which can be found at Hancocks. I bought mine online for not quite 500$ but it has QUITE a bit of the bells and whistles. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE My CM5000 and it's a workhorse of a machine. I've used it almost every day for the past 8 months I've had it for MANY different projects, but mostly sewing diapers. I JUST got a Simplicity Frontier serger as a gift (and a mighty heart warming gift I may add). So far I like it, I'm still learning how to use it though, but it was awsome to make 30 hankies in less than 45 min. in rolled hemming style I've also serged 4 layers of cotton fleece (sweatshirt fabric) w/o it skipping a beat. I only wished it had a scrap catcher but I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth, this was an unsolicited, totally unexpected gift and I LOVE it) and I've even serged on elastic (it has an elastic attatcher), but that was just playing around, it would be awsome for things like the edge of skirts/panties or such where the elastic is on the edge and it's ok for it to be exposed to the skin (I use cotton swimmers elastic mostly). It'll be interesting to see what all I can do with it Luck in your search, Reese
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I've been a hobby sewer for years. My first machine was a $79 Singer from Montgomery Wards. I think that machine is 20 yrs old now. Only had like 4 stitches but it worked great for me as a beginning sewer.

For the past few years I've really been looking a new machines with more stitches and features. I didn't want to spend a huge amount of money because I don't need all the bells and whistles...I was looking for something in the under $300 range.

My DH did some research and surprised me with a new sewing machine last Christmas. It's a Brother CS-8072 (here's a link: http://www.walmart.com/catalog/produ...3A90433%3A4770). Has a TON of stitches and great features like a needle down setting, automatic button hole, needle threader, etc.. I love it! It's quiet, easy to use makes sewing much more fun. Plus you can't beat the price!

I also have a Brother serger (also sold at the same big-box retailer). You can see it here: http://www.walmart.com/catalog/produ...&xsell=1951286
It was inexpensive and I've seen several WAHMs say that it works great even with thick materials. I've serged 4 layers of hemp fleece, up to 4 layers of polarfleece, and other thick stuff with no problem. I was terrified of having to thread it, because I'd always heard how hard it is to thread sergers...but the color coding and the manual made it pretty easy. I did it the first time in about 20 minutes.

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OH and may I suggest, if you have a choice, try and go for a sewing machine with a drop in bobbin (top loading bobbin) and a `1 step button holer instead of 4, less of a pain.
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