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Cut Dog Ear!!

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My Dh just tried to cut a dread out of our dog's ear and cut her skin! She yelped loud and it is bleeding- what should I put on it???
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oh wow...lucky you! I'm sorry. My dog got a small nick on his ear and it broke open and spattered my walls with blood for weeks and weeks....it was a pain in my patootie to get it to heal.

Does your dog have prick ears or long? How big is the cut? Is it a nick or is it clean through the ear leather? I'm asking because if it's large, it may need stitches.

If he has long ears, this is what I did with my dog. I put antibiotic ointment on the ear, wrapped it with gauze, then put the injured ear on top of his head. Then I wrapped his entire head with vetwrap to keep the ear immobilized. You have to be VERY careful to not get the vetwrap too tight, as it will interfere with breathing. I also had to get a sticky ace bandage type tape from my vet called Elastikon to secure the top and bottom of the vetwrap to keep it from shifting.

I changed this every day. Once it started to heal, it developed huge thick scabs that were very fragile, so I started putting Austin in the tub during bandage changes and directing a hard spray of water on the ear. The cold hydrotherapy helped close off the tiny capillaries and kept the scabs under control.

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Garlic oil. From a capsule, or from fresh pressed. great antibiotic.
Or straight up polysporin. We keep a tube for the beasties.
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It didn't cut very deeply. I put some tea tree oil on it and she rubbed it around in the snow a bit last night. She seems fine... she is pissed at DH, she was a little put out anyway because we flew 1000 miles away for the holidays and didn't take her with us.( She was spoiled at my moms house while we were gone) She's a bit of a diva.
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