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Healing the Gut - New Years 2008!

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old thread

new link on the origins of food allergies

How's everyone doing?

I'm eating starches again (roots, GF oats, and the occasional rice), and actually feeling much better! And I have an appointment with an "open minded" GI specialist on tuesday. Hopefully I'll start getting some answers/direction!
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wow..thanks for this article,even though I have studied immunology, I am trying to put everything in pieces. I will have to read this again to understand each and every thing clearly. Very comprehensive stuff. I wish I had thsi article during my Disease processes exam
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Oh right, I meant to put a science disclaimer with it I'm still working my way through, too.

Does anyone know more (or know where to find more) about IgM? Or better yet, a place to totally analyze poop - what different colors, consistencies, etc mean or how they're caused (lack of bile, fast transit, etc)
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Did you already check the htg cheat sheet? JaneS had a link to some stuff about poop. There is the Bristol Stool Scale, but it's pretty generic.
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on the topic of poop...... i hate how everyone thinks it's "good" when i'm constipated, just because the blood and diarrhea are so bad. that doesn't make constipation good! i feel quite ill when i'm constipated, especially if i'm getting over a flare (which is when i'm most likely to be constipated anyway).

the other thing that drives me nuts about constipation is that, before i had my monster flare that led to being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, i was told repeatedly that i had ibs and couldn't possibly have ibd because i had constipation as well as diarrhea, and with ibd i would have only diarrhea. then after being diagnosed with ibd my gi told me that constipation is typical of ulcerative colitis.

after all that, i feel like i know more about poop than any of the doctors i'm seeing.
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Originally Posted by Pookietooth View Post
Did you already check the htg cheat sheet? JaneS had a link to some stuff about poop. There is the Bristol Stool Scale, but it's pretty generic.
I thought I'd looked there, but I guess I missed that first link.

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Wow, very interesting article. I got an education.

Finally, I am properly introducing myself. I have digestive problems (mom had ulcerative colitis/gluten intolerance, dad has crohn's) and PCOS, and various minor allergic symptoms that I never recognized until recently. My son has some behavioral/mood problems and dyslexia. We both get itchy skin/mild eczema at times. He just had the ELISA + immune complex testing from Sage Labs, and came back with delayed food allergies to LOTS of stuff. I'm afraid our new rotation diet still may be too broad, but it feels VERY restrictive already. Can anyone recommend any info on total elimination diets, best core/safe foods, how to implement with kids, sources of elimination diet-friendly products, etc.?

I'm in week 2 of our elimination/rotation diet, and the kids just went back to school. I am planning school lunches, and just trying to get comfortable with this. I am still finding it pretty challenging, although meal planning has helped a ton. Any suggestions for gut healing in a dairy-free, egg-free, beef-free, gluten-free, gelatin-free, soy-free, white potato-free, garlic-free, salicylate-free family? We have eliminated lots of other stuff too, but those are the biggies. I now make almost everything from scratch, and we avoid all preservatives and additives. We are rotating almost everything except for rice and sweet potatoes. The staples in our diet are chicken, turkey, salmon, garbanzos, other beans, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, millet, quinoa, rice, flax seed, hemp seed, basil, cilantro, onions, pears, banana, mangos, kiwis, cantaloupe, pineapple, lemons, limes, papaya, pomegranate, persimmon, and I am slowly trialing some nuts like: walnuts, brazil nuts, pine nuts, almonds, and pistachios. I am planning to try lamb, but haven't yet. We use mostly olive oil and coconut oil, although I'm trying to rotate coconut products strictly as I am afraid we might be developing sensitivity to it (stomach aches, runny bowels). We supplement with probiotics, flax seed oil, vit C, moringa tree powder (a vit/min supplement), and are recently starting to do cod liver oil, but my kids aren't crazy about it. I'm also thinking of ordering chia seeds. And we'll be doing a basic multi-vitamin. I'm also planning to start including more sea vegetables.

This way of eating seems to be gradually having some positive impact, but my DS has developed some very mild eczema symptoms he never had in the past (his symptoms are mainly behavioral). I don't know if it is just cleansing, or maybe winter dryness, or if he is allergic to something new in our diets.

Does anyone have any advice for us as we are new to gut healing and it seems we cannot at this point do many of the suggested gut healing foods like: yogurt, gelatin, bone-broths, eggs, etc. Can someone offer details about water keffir, coconut keffir, kombucha mushroooms and other things I keep hearing about? Can anyone suggest some more fairly allergy-safe fruit (my kids love fruit)? Is their a source of dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free chocolate chips/ chocolates that I could order to trial in a few weeks? (My kids don't seem to be allergic to plain cocoa, but almost all chocolate has soy-lecithin which I am afraid they do react to). That would be a nice treat for them. Also how do I find out about raw milk (for when I am ready to trial dairy)? Would Alta Dena raw aged cheddar be a good substitute?

Sorry for the book, and all the questions. Any input, advice, info, encouragement really is welcome. I just really need to keep up my motivation and learning on this gut healing journey. Thanks.
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hey ladies. i'm in the TF grain free thread as I am on the SCDiet for Celiac Disease....a healing the gut regimen for CD, UC, Crohn's, etc. I was just wondering if any of you have tried this before. I did it about 4 years ago and it worked really well for me.
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to you harmonymama. That sounds so hard. I know there are some good allergy cookbooks out there, although I'm not sure how helpful they would be. I have the "Allergy Self-Help Cookbook" and it has a lot about rotation diets and several recipes that have ingredients by food family (several have only arrowroot and amaranth, for example, for the dry ingredients). I know that Trader Joe's has an organic dark chocolate bar that has no soy in it, and one other brand that they sell at Whole Foods has no soy in it, but I don't know about chocolate chips. You could buy a bar and break it up into chunks.

jhow3200 I was on the SCD for a year. It seemed to help my ds more than me, however. I'm still on a quest and it's been over a year since we went off SCD. But I don't have UC either, just food intolerances.
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Wow! I didn't understand half of that article, but there were some REALLY interesting points in there. Now I know, for instance, why my DD, who was delivered by C-section, ended up with more allergies than anybody else. Ugh. Not that there's anything I could have done about it. Moving on.

I have a website www.kathysrecipebox.com where you can search recipes by allergen. You can still make chicken stock as a bone broth, even if you can't use beef. That is very full of vitamins. I make coconut milk yogurt as a good probiotic to get into DD (http://www.giprohealth.com/Merchant2...y_Code=ProGurt is where I got my starter). She'll dip bananas in it, and I can put it in smoothies.

www.realmilk.com tells you where to find raw milk, state by state

My ds is milk, soy, potato, cocoa free (though he was just challenged on cocoa and seemed to do okay, white potato challenge is tonight -- he decided to challenge himself on everything at once at a holiday party before break and something didn't sit well with him, so I'm trying to figure out what it was). My dd is soy, milk... let me put it this way.. she CAN have: all grains except corn, all meats/fish, banana, almonds, spinach, carrots, celery, sweet potato, onion, olive, coconut, palm, and spices (except for the pepper family which is part of the nightshade family). She's the most restricted on fruits - obviously, which is hard. I know what you're going through though. Trying to figure out what to eat is hard, and the beginning is the hardest, and then it almost becomes "normal".

www.allergygrocer.com is a good source for ingredients. As is Whole Foods and Trader Joes and places like that. I go to an Asian grocery for things like flours (rice flour, glutinous rice flour, tapioca starch, etc) and rice pastas (WAY cheaper than health food stores).

That's a start anyway.

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thanks so much for the responses. I'm off to research!
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It is time to heal our guts.

DS2 has many food intolerances and is developing more (apples is the newest problem) DS1 only has 3

We are currently doing lots of chicken bone broths, probiotics, saurkraut, CLO.

I have betaine hydrocloride that we use for DS1 to use while eating soy, and I am now considering using it for all three of us for every meal. It was prescribed to DS1 and I by our former naturopath. I also have a multi-enzyme prescribed for me, but not DS1 and I am trying ot decide if I should use it or not. It started getting pricey when we used everything as directed.

We want to do water kefir, but haven't gotten to that point.

I have a few questions.

Why is saurkraut so good? besides the taste? :
is it just the probiotics or does it also have enzymes?

What is the difference between CLO and fish oil? what brand do you use? I use Nordic Naturals but it is expensive.
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Hello all,

I just wanted to let you all know that I have some SCD cookbooks for sale. I'm only posting the sale in the Trading Post for a week, so I wanted you all to get first dibs on them. They are $1 each plus postage. Here's the link

Hugs to all,
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I wanted to check in to share my good news with you'all...

We're about four months into this journey now. It seems that my pregnancy triggered a wheat allergy which has caused us alot of other sensitivities. All this was really complicated by the Cesarean- I had avoided abx for 13 years until the surgery! So needless to say my sweet baby got off on the wrong foot and I have been scrambling to get us well ever since.

Thanks to you all it seems we are getting somewhere good. DD has been at baseline since December 10th after I started avoiding all gluten/oats and found a naturopath to help us heal. Well, this week some exciting things are happening for me... we can tolerate celery and onions and garlic again- and TMI, my bowel movements look totally normal for the first time in almost 16 months!!!!!

So I just wanted to thank you'all for your knowledge and wisdom and support, and for walking this path with me...

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coconut yogurt?

Can someone direct me to instructions for making coconut yogurt. Can I use coconut milk in a can? Do I use the same instructions as for dairy yogurt? I have progurt starter. This will be my first attempt. Thanks,
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Enjoy Life makes Gluten, Soy and Dairy free chocolate chips. Actually, I'm pretty sure that they are free of the top eight. They are very good.
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Hi All,

Joining the club. My DD, who is 4, was recently diagnosed with gluten/dairy sensitivity. I suspect some allergies/sensitivities as well but can't get in to the allergist until end of Feb. I'm sure all her troubles are from my leaky gut and lack of understanding to deal with things.

DS, who is 5.5 months old, appears to have sensitivity issues as well. I'm currently on a TED trying to get to baseline. I give him dairy free probiotics (Natren) and I take a digestive enzyme at meals. However, i am petrified to expand my supplement routine as I'm afraid he's going to react to the supplements. Already I tried to expand the digestive enzymes & take a high protease enzyme. During that week he got progressively fussier culminating in being up almost all night one night. I cut back to just a broad spectrum enzyme & cut way back on my diet & things have settled somewhat. However, I don't think we're close to baseline.

Glad to be here in good company but sorry that we all have to take this journey.
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Originally Posted by harmonymama View Post
Can someone direct me to instructions for making coconut yogurt. Can I use coconut milk in a can? Do I use the same instructions as for dairy yogurt? I have progurt starter. This will be my first attempt. Thanks,
I want to know this, too.

I'm guessing some brands of probiotics are better than others. Can someone make some suggestions for me to feed to dh in particular though we may all start taking it.
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Originally Posted by 4evermom View Post
I want to know this, too.
Answering myself.

I don't have a yogurt maker so I just put yogurt in a large glass pyrex container with a lid and put it in the oven. I have an electric oven so I just turn it to barely on. My mom used to make it in the oven of a gas stove with just the heat of the pilot light.

I'm looking forward to trying to make both coconut yogurt and almond milk yogurt.
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hey ladies

How were you or your LO diagnosed with food allergies? with tests?
Or did you just do it by yourself?

I am new to this idea of food sensitivities, and although I know DD has a chocolate intolerence (CHOCOLAT!!!) I think there might be something else too, but have no clue what. And after reading and reading, I am getting convinved that I might have something too, but I don't know how to find out for sure.
Seeing a Dr here is very complicated. Any other ways, or place to read about it?
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